The 15th episode of Supergirl is called, “Solitude”. The episode opens with a flashback to the Phantom Zone 13 years ago. Nothing happens, as it quickly cuts to the present. Alex visits Kara to give her some donuts. This would be a good time for her to tell Kara the truth about what really happened to Astra, but instead, she lets Kara continue to believe that Hank was the one who really killed her aunt. Kara is still upset about all of it and has little desire to come back to the DEO to work.

Regardless of how others feel, I’m glad to see Lucy popping up every now and again, to remind us that she is Cat’s lawyer. During a staff meeting, someone sends Cat a thumb drive with important information on it and Cat wants it burned but Lucy wants the truth to come out. I think this might have something to do with her conversation with James last episode. Anyway, we cut to the DEO where Alex and Hank are working out some anger issues via fighting. Alex is still guilty for letting Hank take the fall for her killing Astra.

James still wants Kara to let him tell Lucy about her being Supergirl, but Kara isn’t willing to do that as she doesn’t have much trust in anyone at the moment. However, all that is put to the side when the person who gave Cat the hard drive appears on all the computer screens at Catco and chastises Cat for not using the information. She then tells everyone that there will be chaos in the streets and no sooner does she say that that the traffic lights all turn green.

Cat is determined to get to the bottom of this and so she makes it a point to have all hands on deck. James, Winn, and Kara all go to work immediately. Winn has been working on a counterattack but the hacker reveals herself on the screen and then literally comes flying out of the screen to attack all three of them. Kara says she recognizes the symbols on the woman’s (who sort of resembles Mystique) face. I think that earlier flashback will come back into play here. Hank and Alex come to the rescue but Kara is none too pleased with Hank and still refuses to come back to the DEO.

The hacker is having a meeting with none other than Non because of course. Apparently, they go back a ways. She says she’s calling herself Indigo these days and I think there might have been a reference to Brainiac in there. Indigo has a plan in motion and I’m getting the feeling that Non doesn’t want anything to do with her. It involves some sort of apocalypse in which both she and the Kryptonians survive while everyone else perishes.

Winn is drafted to the DEO and James and Kara head to the Fortress of Solitude. Once there, Kara finds out the information she’s looking for. So everything seems to be going well, save for the fact that James stood Lucy up (he was doing important work, but you know). Kara, trying to help, tells Lucy a story about how committed James is, only James never told Lucy that story. I don’t think it’s going to end well. Both the DEO (with Winn) and Kara (with Lucy and James) discover the same thing at the same time: Indigo needed a high ranking official to launch nuclear codes. I have to say, I liked the way that scene played out. Indigo strikes, starting up the sequence to launch.

Kara gets there in time to fight Indigo. The nuclear weapon is almost ready to be fired. Kara rushes to catch up to the missile. Knowing she can’t shut it down alone, she calls Hank and together they work out a way to stop it. Meanwhile, Winn has a way of stopping Indigo. Kara comes back to stop Indigo. Winn manages to upload a virus to stop her, but she tells Kara that she’s the reason she made it to Earth. She then disappears into thin air.

I don’t know how I feel about Siobhan to be honest. Most of the episode, she spent being humbled. She told Winn some story about how her father was a serial cheater (I’m still not convinced that was the truth), and it prompted Winn to open up about his own family. They share an impromptu kiss.

Kara gives James permission to tell Lucy that she’s Supergirl, but it comes too late because Lucy is done. She thinks that James is in love with Kara, and she might be right. Still, I love Lucy and I want her hanging around. So, needless to say, Lucy is still in the dark about Supergirl, sadly.

Back at the DEO Kara is there wanting to come back because she knows that they work better together. However, the guilt is too much for Alex and she FINALLY comes clean. In earlier episodes, Kara might have lashed out at Alex but instead, she silently hugs her. Hank, wanting to give the Danvers sisters some space heads on out to leave, but Kara stops him and they also have an imitate moment. I like this family unit so much. Their friendship is the heart of the show to me. I only wish Kara and Cat’s relationship can be repaired.

In the final minutes of the show we catch up crazy Non, who appears to be in the final throws of Myriad. However, he has another trick up his sleeve, as it is revealed that Indigo is still alive, which I totally love because she was a formidable villain for Supergirl.

 Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.


On the Season Premiere of Freeform's "Stitchers," Airing March 22

The Procedural Drama Debuts in its New 10 P.M. Time Slot

Kirsten’s feelings come flooding back on the second season premiere of “Stitchers,” airing TUESDAY, MARCH 22 (10:00–11:00 p.m. EDT) on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.

After Kirsten successfully brings Cameron back from the dead, she experiences an unexpected side effect: her temporal dysplasia is gone and she has real emotions for the first time since childhood. When a mystery involving Les Turner (Oded Fehr) forces the lab to go on lockdown placing a cloud of suspicion around Maggie, the team must find out what really happened, and fast. Kirsten’s latest stitch leads to a shocking discovery and an important memory involving her biological father.  Meanwhile, Camille tries to cheer up an unhappy Fisher as he recovers from his wounds.
“2.0” is written by Jeffrey Alan Schechter and directed by Steve Miner.

During its first season, “Stitchers” ranked as cable TV’s #1 scripted original series in the hour among Adults 18-34, Women 18-34, Viewers 12-34 and Females 12-34.

“Stitchers” is executive-produced by Jeffrey Alan Schechter, Jonathan Baruch and Rob Wolken. The series stars Emma Ishta as Kirsten Clark, Kyle Harris as Cameron Goodkin, Ritesh Rajan as Linus Ahluwalia, Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Maggie Baptiste, Allison Scagliotti as Camille Engelson and Damon Dayoub as Detective Quincy Fisher.


Carrie Fisher & Tim Miller Join the Star-Studded Lineup at SVCC


  • Silicon Valley Comic Con Adds More Star Power: Carrie Fisher, Bonnie Wright and Vic Mignogna Scheduled to Attend
  • Tim Miller, the “Overpaid Tool” that Directed Deadpool Will Ruin Reveal the VFX Magic in the Blockbuster Film
  • Disney Interactive Talk: Bringing Marvel and Star Wars™ to Life with Mobile Games
  • Fans Can Purchase a Piece of Film History with ScreenUsed Live Auction - first preview of expected items


Carrie Fisher is set to make her first public appearance following “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at Silicon Valley Comic Con. Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter films) and Vic Mignogna (acclaimed voice actor best known for his work for English dubs Japanese anime shows, including Fullmetal Alchemist and “Dragon Ball Z”) are also scheduled to attend. They will join an already packed celebrity appearance roster that includes: Sean Astin, Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter, Nathan Fillion, Michael J. Fox, Karen Gillan, Jon Heder, Stan Lee, Christopher Lloyd, Ray Park, Jeremy Renner, Adam Savage, William Shatner, Lea Thompson, Alan Tudyk and Andy Weir. 


Tim & Friends' Tips on Winning the Deadpool
Hear from Tim Miller, the "overpaid tool" who directed the orchestra of awesome that brought us our beloved antihero Deadpool, despite the numerous odds against them. Tim will be joined by VFX masters who helped make the magic seamless. This will be an exclusive SVCC peek behind the scenes to see VFX secrets revealed, but stay the heck away if you can't stand seeing how magicians put the rabbit in the hat. Although rest assured that the process is a little more humane than how Deadpool would do it.
WHEN: Saturday, March 19 @ 4:00pm PT in Room 2

Bringing Marvel and Star Wars™ to Life With Mobile Games
Star Wars™ and Marvel are two of the most iconic brands in the world, and millions of fans engage with these characters and stories every day through mobile games. Nathan Etter, VP of Mid-Core Games at Disney Interactive, was tasked with building unique games that fans of the films, comics and universes would recognize and enjoy. In this session, he will share a behind-the-scenes look at the process of working with the Lucasfilm and Marvel creative teams to develop two of the most popular franchises in mobile gaming- Star Wars™: Commander and Marvel Avengers Alliance. He will also share new hints on what’s in store for these titles, and invite members of the Marvel and Lucasfilm game production teams to join him.
WHEN: Saturday, March 19 @ 2:00pm PT in Room 2


Fans can bid on real props and wardrobe items used in their favorite movies at Silicon Valley Comic Con. ScreenUsed, one of the world's leading movie and television memorabilia companies, will hold their live auction during the event. The live auction will be held at 8am on Sunday, March 20, 2016. This is a very rare opportunity to literally own a piece of your favorite movie, and become the caretaker of a piece of history. Hundreds of original movie and television props and wardrobe from many iconic productions will be available in the auction, for example:

  • Back to the Future - Doc's Mind Reading Helmet (Christopher Lloyd)
  • Back to the Future - OUTATIME License Plate from the DeLorean
  • Back to the Future 2 - Hoverboards
  • Click - Light-Up Remote Control (Adam Sandler)
  • Elysium - Kruger's Exo-Hulc Suit & Samurai Sword
  • Spider-Man 3 - Spiderman's Boots (Tobey Maguire)
  • X2: X-Men United - Wolverine's Adamantium Claws (Hugh Jackman) 
Along with other artifacts from the Star Wars original trilogy, Star Trek productions, Terminator series, Jurassic Park, and many others. Many iconic props and wardrobe will be on display throughout the event at the ScreenUsed booth. The auction will be a fast paced, exciting event with a live auctioneer, as well as online for those around the world that can't attend in person. The auction has no reserve pricing, so the highest bid will own the artifact. Every item comes with a signed ScreenUsed Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing it was used during the production of the movie or television show. For information on how to register for the auction, please see Attendees of the Silicon Valley Comic Con will be able to register in person during the first day of the event at the ScreenUsed booth. 

Silicon Valley Comic Con will be held the weekend of March 18-20, 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center. To be the first to hear more details as they are released, sign up at and follow @SVComicCon on Twitter. Silicon Valley Comic Con welcomes exhibitors who want to join the Woz in uniting pop culture and technology. Companies and artists who are interested in exhibiting can request details on the Silicon Valley Comic Con website. 

ABOUT SCREENUSED ScreenUsed was founded in 2003 by Desi DosSantos, a computer center automation specialist and Jeff Castillo, a quality, custom home craftsman & fabricator. What began as a hobby for the pair, blossomed into a company now world renown as an industry leader in the field of original Film & Television production memorabilia sales (props, costumes, miniatures, special make-up effects artifacts, production artwork, rare documents, etc.). With a combined 34 years in the business of brokering historic Hollywood artifacts, ScreenUsed offers a wide range of special services to its clients, including research, preservation, exhibition, and to corporate clients specialized marketing, promotion & auction services. The company's established international network of collectors and entertainment industry sources is highly regarded by the field, museums and the media. ABOUT SILICON VALLEY COMIC CON Silicon Valley Comic Con celebrates the Age of the Geek by bringing together America’s two greatest superheroes: Pop culture and technology. Featuring top celebrities, comics, independent artists, cosplay, video games, consumer electronics, music and apps, Silicon Valley Comic Con is where entertainment and our electronic worlds intersect. The inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con will be hosted at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA the weekend of March 18-20, 2016. To be among the first to receive updates as they are announced, sign up at 


Ferry, David, McCrea, DeMatteis Headline Artist Alley At Wizard World Las Vegas, March 18-20

Pasqual Ferry, Peter David, John McCrea, J.M. DeMatteis Headline Artist Alley At Wizard World Las Vegas, March 18-20
Bob Camp, Jorge Molina, Tom Cook, Michael Golden, Arthur Suydam, Phil Ortiz Also Among Superstar Artists And Writers At Las Vegas Convention Center
PasqualFerry1.jpgLAS VEGAS, February 23, 2016 – Eisner Award winners Peter David  (“The Incredible Hulk,” “Wolverine”) and J.M. DeMatteis (“Spider-Man,” “Moonshadow”), as well as standouts John McCrea  ("Hitman," "Transmetropolitan"), Bob Camp (“Ren and Stimpy”), Jorge Molina (“X-Men,” “Captain America”), Pasqual Ferry ("Wolverine," "X-Men"), Miguel Sepulveda (“Green Lantern,” “Red Lanterns”),  Tom Cook (“He-Man,” “Superfriends”), Michael Golden (“Batman,” “Spider-Man”), Arthur Suydam (“Marvel Zombies” “Army of Darkness”) and Phil Ortiz (“The Simpsons,” “Muppet Babies”) are among the leading comics artists and writers scheduled to attend Wizard World Las Vegas, March 18-20. It is the second visit to the Las Vegas Convention Center for Wizard World, Inc. (OTCBB: WIZD) and the fourth event on the 2016 Wizard World comic con calendar.

Other superstars in Artist Alley in Las Vegas include James Robinson (“Scarlet Witch,” “Fantastic Four”), Victor Dandridge  (“Vantage: Inhouse”), Jeff Greenwalt (“Rabbit Ears”), Dr. Travis Langley (“Batman and Psychology”),  Greg Luzniak (“Marvel Comics”), Des Taylor ("DESPOP," "Titan Comics"), Sean Hoade  (“Zombie School Confidential”), Tim Lundmark (“Hell Has Become Our Home”), Brockton McKinney (“GingerDead Man”), Stephanie Miller (“Read to Your Pets”), Magen Mitchell (“Obake Style”) and many others.
Top celebrities attending the event include Matt Smith (“The Crown”) and Karen Gillan  (Guardians of the Galaxy), Jewel Staite (“Firefly,” “Stargate: Atlantis”), WWE® Diva  Paige, Mark Pellegrino (“Supernatural,” “Lost”),  Elizabeth Henstridge and Brett Dalton (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”), Sean Maguire  (“Once Upon a Time”), WWE® Diva Paige™, Michael Rooker ( Guardians of the Galaxy, “The Walking Dead”), Barry Bostwick ( The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Spin City”), John Schneider (“Smallville,” “Dukes of Hazzard”), Eddie McClintock  (“Warehouse 13,” “Bones”), Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,  Clerks), Ian Ziering (Sharknado ), Charles Martinet (voice actor: “Super Mario”), Amber Benson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and more.
Wizard World comic con events bring together thousands of fans of all ages to celebrate the best in pop-fi, pop culture, movies, graphic novels, cosplay, comics, television, sci-fi, toys, video gaming, gaming, original art, collectibles, contests and more. Las Vegas show hours are Friday, March 18, 3-8 p.m.; Saturday, March 19, 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sunday, March 20, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Wizard World Las Vegas is also the place for cosplay, with fans young and old showing off their best costumes throughout the event. Fans dressed as every imaginable character – and some never before dreamed – will roam the convention floor and participate in the famed Wizard World Costume Contest on Saturday night.

For more on the 2016 Wizard World Las Vegas, visit

About Wizard World (OTCBB: WIZD)
Wizard World, Inc. ( produces comic cons and pop culture conventions across North America that celebrate the best in pop-fi, pop culture, movies, television, cosplay, comics, graphic novels, toys, video gaming, sci-fi, gaming, original art, collectibles, contests and more. A first-class lineup of topical programming takes place at each event, with celebrity Q&A's, comics-themed sessions, costume contests, movie screenings, evening parties and more. Wizard World has also launched Wizard World Store (, CONtv, a digital media channel in partnership with leading independent content distributor Cinedigm™ (NASDAQ: CIDM), and ComicConBox™ ( ), a premium subscription-based monthly box service. Fans can interact with Wizard World on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media services.

The 2016 Wizard World comic con schedule is available at:


Shadowhunters S01E10 Synopsis: This World Inverted (3/15)


Clary finds herself is a strange reality in “This World Inverted,” an all-new episode of “Shadowhunters,” airing  TUESDAY, MARCH 15 (9:00–10:00 p.m. EDT) on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.

Clary and Jace get a tip from Meliorn that they can find Valentine by locating a portal in another dimension, but only Clary can venture into this new world. What Clary finds in this alternative universe is that life there is as if the threat of demons no longer existed and Shadowhunters were no longer needed. While she realizes that this dimension is the life she always dreamed of, Clary must act fast or she will lose herself in the alternative world forever.

Meanwhile, Alec and Isabelle must face the consequences of the Downworlder attack.

“Shadowhunters” is produced by Constantin Film and executive-produced by Ed Decter and McG. The series stars Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray, Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland, Alberto Rosende as Simon, Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood, Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood, Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Garroway, and Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane.

About Freeform

Part of the Disney|ABC Television Group, Freeform is distributed in 94 million homes. The network connects to audiences and goes beyond entertainment with bold original programming and immersive social engagement. The network delivers a unique mix of quality original and acquired series, plus fan favorite movies and the holiday events “13 Nights of Halloween” and “25 Days of Christmas.” The Freeform app is a service that allows viewers with participating TV subscription services access to 24/7 live viewing of the network, as well as continued on-demand access via a wide array of devices.


Togetherness- March Episode Synopsis'


            Episode #11 (season 2, episode 3): “Advanced Pretend
            Debut date: SUNDAY, MARCH 6 (10:30-11:10 p.m. ET/PT)
            Other HBO playdates: March 6 (12:45 a.m., 4:00 a.m.), 7 (1:15 a.m.), 8 (2:35 a.m.), 9 (4:20 a.m.) and 10 (10:00 p.m.)
            HBO2 playdates: March 7 (8:00 p.m.), 9 (midnight), 10 (2:10 a.m.) and 13 (noon), and April 2 (7:00 p.m.)
            Brett (Mark Duplass) and Alex (Steve Zissis) get out of town, while Michelle (Melanie Lynskey) and Tina (Amanda Peet) juggle the kids, and Christy (Ginger Gonzaga).
            Written and directed by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass.

            Episode #12 (season 2, episode 4): “Changetown
            Debut date: SUNDAY, MARCH 13 (10:30-11:00 p.m.)
            Other HBO playdates: March 13 (12:30 a.m., 3:30 a.m.), 14 (2:20 a.m.), 15 (10:45 p.m.), 16 (3:55 a.m.), 17 (10:00 p.m.) and 19 (4:05 a.m.)
            HBO2 playdates: March 14 (8:00 p.m.), 16 (midnight) and 17 (4:30 a.m.), and April 2 (7:40 p.m.)
            Brett and Alex throw themselves into a new passion project. Michelle bonds with Anna (Katie Aselton), a new ally in her charter school effort. Alex is disappointed by major changes at work and is confronted by a slighted Christy. Tina gets a crash course in parenting.
            Written and directed by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass.

            Episode #13 (season 2, episode 5): “Just the Range
            Debut date: SUNDAY, MARCH 20 (10:30-11:00 p.m.)
            Other HBO playdates: March 20 (12:30 a.m., 3:30 a.m.), 21 (1:45 a.m.), 22 (11:30 p.m.), 23 (4:05 a.m.), 24 (10:00 p.m.) and 26 (5:30 a.m.)
            HBO2 playdates: March 21 (8:00 p.m.), 23 (12:15 a.m.) and 24 (3:00 a.m.), and April 2 (8:10 p.m.)
            Brett struggles with the challenges and unexpected perks of a new side gig. Tina and Larry (Peter Gallagher) discuss life goals. Alex initially bristles at an unstable new director, but warms to him and finds they have common ground. Anna proves herself indispensable to Michelle.
Written and directed by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass.

            Episode #14 (season 2, episode 6): “Geri-ina
            Debut date: SUNDAY, MARCH 27 (10:30-11:00 p.m.)
            Other HBO playdates: March 27 (12:30 a.m., 3:30 a.m.), 28 (2:00 a.m.), 29 (11:00 p.m.), 30 (1:55 a.m.) and 31 (11:00 p.m.), and April 2 (3:30 a.m.)
            HBO2 playdates: March 28 (8:00 p.m.), 30 (11:45 p.m.) and 31 (2:15 a.m.), and April 2 (8:40 p.m.)
            Alex recruits an unwanted face from Brett’s past to help with their project, and later considers a career choice. Tina becomes more proactive in trying to get what she wants. At a fundraiser for the school, Michelle challenges Anna.
            Written and directed by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass.

            TOGETHERNESS was created by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass & Steve Zissis; executive produced by Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass and Stephanie Langhoff; producer, Jim Kleverweis; consulting producers, Amanda Lasher and Steve Zissis.




After a week off, Supergirl returns with its 14th installment entitled, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”. Kara is still dealing with the death of Astra. It’s a death I wish the show hadn’t made, personally. She’s also still under the impression that Henshaw was the one who killed her aunt, when we know it was actually Alex. Alex was in the process of telling Kara when they are interrupted by Non. He wants her to help bury Astra in Kryptonian custom, to which she agrees. Technically, Non is her last link to Krypton (and he vows his revenge in two weeks).

The guilt of killing Astra is weighing heavily on Alex. It’s only a matter of time before it boils over. In the meantime, Maxwell Lord and Kara have a chat. He’s in a bit of a situation because he knows way too much to be let go, but he also did help save Kara’s life. I have no idea what the DEO is going to do with him.

At Catco, Cat has hired another assistant. This is where her learning Kara’s secret would have come in handy. She’s still clearly upset at how Kara handled things with Adam. The new assistant, Siobhan, is clearly going to go out of her way to ensure her own job security. Kara is jealous, needless to say. Cat believes that Maxwell Lord has been kidnapped, as he hasn’t been heard from since the last incident at Lord Technologies. James is tasked with trying to figure out what happened. The problem is, he already knows and the lying is getting to him. He and Kara have a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to that situation, as Lord is being held against his will.

The DEO have a new Fort Razz escapee, a shapeshifter, on the loose. Alex and her team are tasked with trying to bring him in. However before they could apprehend him, they get ambushed by a figure in a mask who promptly abducts their target. Kara is still hostile with Hank. We cut to the masked figure, who now has the shapeshifter in some sort of jail cell. From the looks of it, the figure is something of a bounty hunter or jailer.

Alex and Hank head to the local police department to try and find out more information. Apparently, this figure has been decapitating “weird” (aka alien) people all over the city for a few months now. It’s being kept quiet by the mayor. Kara is struggling at work. She’s having a hard time being both Supergirl and Kara and Siobhan is showing her up at every corner. James is also not having a good time, as he inadvertently lets it slip that he knows about the DEO to Lucy. It should be noted that Siobhan was listening in on some of the conversation. Unfortunately, Lucy takes it to mean that he’s close to Supergirl and she storms out.

Alex and Hank figure out the pattern of the serial killer; he’s killing them in the order that they escaped Fort Razz. Just as the figure was about to capture his next target, Supergirl arrives on the scene. After a lengthy battle, Kara ends up losing the whereabouts of the masked figure. James is drinking in solitude until Cat shows up. The two haven’t really did much bonding, so this is a good scene. Whereas she’d normally be talking to Kara, she’s now talking to James. She tells him about the time, back when she was still writing gossip columns, about an actor who was actually abusive. She didn’t tell that side of the story. It’s little tidbits like this that help make Cat a real, fleshed out character. Her words of wisdom are always wanted.

James comes back to the DEO to try and confront Kara. He believes that holding people hostage is part of the reason why Maxwell Lord hates Supergirl. She’s not being held accountable. James makes a valid point, in that it’s really going to be her values that set her apart from her enemies, not her smarts or strength. The two end things strained, as Alex brings Kara some much-needed good news. They find out the identity of the jailer, and it’s one of the cops Alex and Hank had met earlier in the show.

While confronting the two cops, both Alex and one of the cops is shot by the jailer. Luckily, Alex is alright, but the same could not be said for Kara, who was abducted. We learn more about the jailer, who was a guard at Fort Razz, the only one who got away after it crashed. He’s trying to continue the work on Earth. Alex storms what she believes to be the jailer’s hideaway but it appears to be empty.

However, it’s not! Alex quickly realizes that his lair is beneath the floorboard and quickly comes to the rescue of both Kara and another prisoner. After throwing down hard, Kara is able to get free thanks to Alex firing shots into the sky to let out the sun. Kara decides to let the professor go and subsequently, Maxwell Lord. I have a feeling this is going to come back to bite everyone in the ass. It’s sort of a Cold War thing they (Lord and DEO) have going on now.

Kara and Siobhan have another confrontation. We learn that Siobhan wants to be the next Cat Grant. If that’s the case, she’s going about it in an interesting (and horrible…) way. James and Kara have a chat as well. He wants to be able to tell Lucy the truth about Kara. At the DEO Kara confronts her hologram mother and asks about “Myriad”, to which the hologram freaks out and almost self-destructs. Kara finally tells Hank that she doesn’t want to work alongside him because of what he did to Astra. At some point, the truth will come out. I don’t envy Alex.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.


SXSW 2016 | SLASH is here.

Written and Directed by Clay Liford
Starring Michael Johnston, Hannah Marks, Missi Pyle, Jessie Ennis, Peter Vack, Sarah Ramos, and Michael Ian Black

Acquisition Title/XYZ Films
Section: Narrative Spotlight

Media Opportunities
Cast: Michael Johnston, Hannah Marks, Peter Vack, Missi Pyle, Michael Ian Black
Writer/Director: Clay Liford

Festival Screenings:
World Premiere: Sunday, March 13, 4:15 PM (Topfer Theatre at ZACH)
Public Screening #2: Monday, March 14, 5:15 PM (Satellite Venue: Marchesa)
Public Screening #3: Tuesday, March 15, 7:45 PM (Alamo Lamar D)
Public Screening #4: Saturday, March 19, 11:00 AM (Topfer Theatre at ZACH)

Neil (Michael Johnston, Teen Wolf) is an introverted, questioning high school freshman. Lacking any friends IRL, his main social outlet is the steamy fan fiction he writes about Vanguard, the brawny, galaxy-hopping hero of a popular sci-fi franchise. When his stories are exposed in class Neil is mortified, but the slightly older, effortlessly cool Julia (Hannah Marks, Awkward) comes  to his defense. An erotic fan fic writer herself, Julia pushes Neil to publish his stories to an online “adult” forum, where they quickly grab the attention of the site moderator, Denis (Michael Ian Black). When Neil is invited to present his work at a comic con live-read event, he has to face the fact that Denis’ interest in him may be more than simply professional… perhaps like his own feelings for Julia.

TRT: 100 mins
Country: USA
Language: English
Premiere: World
Section: Narrative Spotlight
Sales: XYZ Films
Director: Clay Liford
Writers: Clay Liford
Cast: Michael Johnston, Hannah Marks, Missi Pyle, Jessie Ennis, Peter Vack, Sarah Ramos, and Michael Ian Black


Morgane Polanski Vikings Interview

Vikings just kicked off its new supersized fourth season, and the Princess Gisla promises to be just as fiery as we saw her last season. The most surprising character of season three, and a quick fan favorite, Gisla is sure to tame our rough and tumble Rollo. Morgane Polanski was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to do a little phone interview, and let us know what we can expect from her character this season.

Your character Gisla is amazing and you are just on fire on the screen, and especially the premier. How difficult has it been for you to get into that character and to film those scenes, like your wedding scene and the [scene, that fire?] Was it hard to get emotionally in that and just how did you get yourself ramped up for that?

Yes, thank you so much. Yes, it was hard. I mean, every emotional scene, especially emotional scenes when like 300, 400 people are watching you and she was being emotional in public. So that’s even harder because I feel like you try to find the balance between your emotion that you kind of hide yet you’re in public. So, that was hard but I just, yes, trained myself before to get there, yes, to get there. But definitely emotional scenes are harder when you’re in the public space rather than intimate.

Without spoiling anything, can you tell us if the two of you, Rollo and Gisla, will have a relationship moving forward?

That’s hard to say without spoiling. Let’s just say that there’s a journey going and ups and downs and yes, there’s some – let’s just say that stubborn people don’t stay stubborn forever. There’s stuff going, happening, going back and forth, so yes.

So we got to see the first four episodes, can you talk a bit about the relationship with Rollo and the Princess - her going from being completely disgusted by him to being maybe more accepting him or trusting him, but can you just talk a bit about the whole transformation?

So, yes, in season three we sort of left it where her father after Gisla’s been defending Paris and basically saving her – doing what her father was supposed to do, he is behind it, accepted without even asking it to her for her to marry Rollo in order for him to defend Paris if his brother attacks. So I think for her like that was the biggest slap in the face, that was humiliating just because he even accepted without consenting of her or asking to her. So I think, yes, so that was her ego it seems is completely smashed.

So in season four, we pick up at this wedding which she doesn’t want to, but has to happen, and then they’re going to go on a journey from there. Stuff is going to change, twists and turns and ups and downs. And yes, there’s been really cool stuff to discover so I’m really excited for you guys to see it.

Do you have a favorite scene or episode so far?

[Humming] The wedding scene was pretty epic to shoot just because like - first of all, I never went to a wedding so that was my first ever wedding.

Wow. [Laughter]

And like the veil, the whole thing, I mean, yes, that must be to look at. There’s some really amazing stuff I’ve shot after that, but that must have been – and especially the – I mean, I’ve never met anyone that will go in a wedding like sobbing, like they’re walking to the death chamber or something. Yes, that was pretty epic. That was my favorite I think.

Last season you had that wonderful speech, rallying the troops and then last night’s premier, you guys have already talked about it, Gisla stood up to Rollo. Tell me about playing a strong female character in this, what has historically was not really a world friendly to women, or to strong women I guess.

Well, I mean, I think with Michael Hirst, we’re pretty lucky to have - he likes to write for strong female characters. And I mean, it’s so exciting for me as an actor because although you think you have the fairy tale of the princess she is, she basically does the job her dad is supposed to do and it’s so brave and ballsy and will not – she has so much it seems and she’s so humble that she just won’t allow people to walk on her, yet she has to be the face of the people.

Especially this season, my character goes through such a journey and going from adult to a woman and taking a completely different direction and it’s just so interesting as an actor to have that sort of material to bite on and especially as a woman. Yes, it’s really exciting.

Rollo doesn’t know much about the political maneuverings within the French court but Gisla probably does, so I was wondering if you could…

Yes. Behind every strong man stands a stronger woman. [Laughter] So I think she’s smart and she knows if she doesn’t [contradict] for her father, she’ll do it through Rollo.

[Laughter] Okay and so she’s going to be the one sort of pulling the strings do you think? Or I guess you can’t really tell us that.

No, she takes her title – she will defend her county until the death. Like if she could be on battle, she would but she can’t. But she would – so she will defend this country until she dies, so.

Did you feel any extra pressure playing this historical French figure from maybe your French history teachers in the past? Did you say, “I want to make sure I do everything right by them,” or anything?

[Of course] the pressure is definitely not from my French history teachers. [Laughter] No, obviously it’s always pressure playing someone that existed, but I think there’s so little on that time and I think Michael really appreciates like him giving up us the script and us taking the freedom to just do it as we would do it. At first I really, you know, but then I took ownership of it and, yes; there’s so much you can do, you know?

Can you talk a little bit about how you’re shooting your scenes? Like are you guys shooting kind of apart from the rest of the cast and how is to work with Clive Standen?

It’s not that the shoot apart, it’s just a lot is on location and a lot is in the studio in Ireland. So the studio where France is, is not in the same set of Vikings so I get to see them a lot but not just work with them a lot. And working with Clive is absolutely amazing. He is so easy to work with, we get along really well. He’s a very good friend and it’s very easy. Yes, really, really cool.

Do you think at this point that Gisla is underestimating how ruthless Rollo can be or do you think she understands who he is at this point?

I think it’s hard for her to understand without them speaking the same - like before they start speaking the same language. I think she’s definitely fascinated by those Vikings and what they are and what they represent and she I think is sort of in her deeper, inner soul, she feels close to them yet completely doesn’t understand them.

Rollo seems to have finally met his match. Your character has been quite disgusted with him, but I was wondering if her feelings will change when he does turn his back on the Vikings or does she think that he has other motives other than trying to win her over?

I definitely think he will have to work – I mean, always inside her there will be that, “Does he really mean it? Will he turn on me?” It’s not even to trust the [blood]. So I think that always will be, but I think he will have to, depending on his actions and how hard he works and how much he proves, I think she’ll, you know. You sometimes you try to fight it but you just allow the benefit I think.

It kind of sounds like that. We’re going to see your character become a little more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen her in season four.

Yes. Well, she’s going to put the guards down a little bit. Or, well, it’s just that you will get to see her – as you just think about it in season three you mainly see her in public or rarely see her in an intimate space or somewhere where people aren’t looking, so you will get to definitely see her surrendering.

I know you were talking earlier about strong female characters and one of the many positives of the show is how strong all the women are. In the past three seasons most of the strong female characters are the Vikings and they’re really strong physically and are fighting and things like that. But Gisla has been very different. Your character fight as we've seen the other women, but she’s really strong mentally, she’s intelligent and she uses her intelligence and her will in ways that we really haven’t seen on the show lately. In ways she's reminiscent of Siggy with her use of her intelligence. Can you talk about her intelligence and how she’ll use that going forward.

Yes, I definitely think she’s – yes, you said it brilliantly. I think she is as strong as the Vikings but in a completely different way. I think that’s what Michael tried to represent with the difference of culture of the Vikings culture and of the French culture and actually she I think a lot of the times she just – I think the main thing with Vikings is they are as they come. I think the French have – what he [tries to is] there’s much more layers, there’s much more I think agendas and look over your shoulder. And I think she just adores how straightforward Rollo is, or they are, and I think she is just careful that he – she just teach him the different rules. Yes, the rules are sort of different I think in France and I think she just got used to that, and is very witty and she just knows how to take people. Like she just even with her dad and him and stuff, she just knows how to work around it.

Is she going to help Rollo maybe learn how to play the court a little bit?

Well, let’s [Laughter] just say that behind a strong man is always a stronger woman. He can lead because she can play the card. [Laughter]

Yes and definitely Rollo needs some smoothing out. He’s the hammer and he needs – he’s not always really good. He’s the blunt instrument. [Laughter]

Well, yes, but I just think in every – opposites attract and I think that’s what’s so brilliant when you’re opposite someone that’s so different than you. I think if you’re both open to just learning, you can both take from each other and just sort of meet in the middle. Yes.

What has your experience been like working on Vikings, just the whole experience of it and what do you like about it and what have you learned from it?

I mean, it’s been an amazing experience. It’s been so good to be just able – I think you only get to do this on the TV shows, to just have the same character go through so much different emotional journeys. So that’s been amazing, and as a character, to go from a girl to a woman and to just explore the different aspects of her and like not in public spaces and to just see how she would be behind closed doors.

What I’ve learned is I mean working, it’s just I’ve learned is it’s just very quick how you work for TV. So, it’s been the best training and just to have amazing costumes and those sets and Ireland is the most – I mean, I’ve never been to Ireland before and I had the most amazing time there and everyone works so hard and they’re on it, so it’s really been lovely. Really, really been lovely.


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