Albin & Mattias Deliver "Rik" Chemistry for Melodifestivalen

Albin & Mattias have paved a career path for themselves through their collaborative efforts of Albin's lyrical compositions and Mattias' musical productions. With their Melodifestivalen entry "Rik" ("Rich"), listeners can enjoy the bright energetic charm of the melodic hook, which is made all the more convincing by their unmatched chemistry showcased in the live performance. There's also some excellent use of moving lights, making it all-in-all a worthwhile experience. The chemistry shared between these two is perhaps the best we've ever seen in Melodifestivalen, and they admit that it was "love at first sight".

Watch our exclusive interview with Albin and Mattias below, as they discuss the meaning of "Rik" (it's not about money), their bond, creative process, and so much more!


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