David Lindgren Makes Triumphant Melodifestivalen Return

David Lindgren last competed in Melodifestivalen with "Skyline" in 2013. The number was the best presented and performed in the entire final line-up, as it combined David's seasoned showmanship with groundbreaking camera work, lighting, and clever choreography. But now we see him return to the contest to deliver all of his strengths that make him such a strong competitor.

"We Are Your Tomorrow" is less hard-hitting of a song than "Shout It Out" and "Skyline" as the melody is less aggressive and the production is more subdued to reflect the song's message which subtly addresses ongoing current events. But when performed live, David's showmanship paired with the choreography, numerous lasers, and journey of the number all elevate it to the point that it was one of the strongest numbers of the semi-final. Sweden saw this clearly as they voted David Lindgren through direct to the finals for the third time, despite his only having been predicted to qualify to Andra Chansen.

With a background in musical theatre, David Lindgren displays great stamina when performing, as his voice never waivers even when the choreography kicks in. He performs to the people in the back of the arena just as much as those closer to him. He fully embodies the character of the songs he sings and "We Are Your Tomorrow" is no exception to this. He is far more polished in his performances than the male 20-something-year-old 'heartthrob' pop artists often seen in Melodifestivalen. Any newcomer viewer would never know that David had been on hiatus from making pop music for the past three years. David Lindgren is back and better than ever. Hopefully more of his own music, perhaps even an EP, will follow his run in the contest.

David Lindgren will next perform at the Melodifestivalen finals on SVT on Saturday, March 12.


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