Samir & Viktor Get Wet In Splashing "Bada Nakna" Melodifestivalen Number

Photo: Lizel Strömberg

Water, Stripping, Explosions, Oh My!

Samir and Viktor were arguably the biggest break-out stars of Melodifestivalen 2015, with their song "Groupie" being the second-most commercially successful song of the contest (after the winning "Heroes"). It also solidified that they were more than just a one-hit wonder after their first single, "Success". So it was little surprise that they'd return in 2016. This time, they have teamed up with Melodifestivalen veteran-composer, Fredrik Kempe.

Their 2016 song is called "Bada nakna" which translates to "Swim naked". On concept alone, it would be easy to dismiss a song about skinny dipping as having little competitive value. But in observing their rehearsals, we saw some serious work ethic from the pair. From singing and re-singing lines in-between takes, advising each other about remembering to breathe at the right moments, we sense that they're taking this more seriously than some might assume.

As for the staging and presentation, it truly lives up to the 'Samir & Viktor' brand. There's a team of singing-backup-dancers, and a break dancer deploying a head-spin during the song's first dance break, all the way to the end when the boys strip their tops off and splash around in the water designated just for some extra visual flair. It's all the fun you want and expect from a Samir & Viktor number, but all-in-all, things are more polished this time around.

There's a genuine chemistry between the two that has even been worked into the show, when Samir wraps an arm around a singing Viktor and flashes a smile to the camera during rehearsals. Though the two were heavy favourite to qualify direct to the finals, they ended up in Andra Chansen once again (the show's second-chance round). However, as this meant that their song would be made available for release to the public, it quickly shot to number one on iTunes, Spotify, and hit number one on the Swedish charts.

When the boys were approached by us to be interviewed, they were anxious and self-conscious about their English-speaking abilities. But with their high energy, big personalities, and sense of humour, they were joys to interview from start to finish, as they displayed great determination and effort to communicate in English.

Samir & Viktor will next compete in the Andra Chansen round taking place on March 5.

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"Bada Nakna" here:

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