The twelfth episode of “Supergirl” is called “Bizarro”. If you know anything about Superman, that name should ring familiar. The episode starts off three months ago. Maxwell Lord is with his mysterious patient, the one we’ve been wondering about for some time now. It looks like he’s in the final stages of whatever it is that he’s doing and we come to see that it’s creating life. In this case, a life that looks eerily similar to Supergirl.

Cat Grant seems to be in a good mood. I can only guess it has something to do with her son coming back in her life. She even gets Kara a latte. While in a powwow trying to figure out this “rogue Supergirl” issue, Kara comes up with a suggesting saying it might not even be Supergirl. This catches Cat’s attention more than anything anyone else is saying.

So things are really awkward between James, Winn, and Kara once the other two learn that she’s going on a date with Adam. Maxwell Lord is brainwashing this Fake Supergirl to kill Kara. Adam and Kara are cute together. Like, I like Kara and James (and James and Lucy), but I really like the added layer he brings. He doesn’t know she’s Supergirl (like Winn and James). All he knows is what he sees and that’s Kara. As soon as they were getting close, an accident forces Kara to leave.

She’s soon confronted with her doppelganger. They duke it out, with the people in the train car almost dying in the process. Kara is convinced that it’s a clone. Alex suggest using Kryptonite to try and weaken the Fake Supergirl. The next day, Kara is confronted by both Adam and Cat. Adam still wants to try again with Kara and Cat has named Fake Supergirl, Bizarro.

Winn learns that Maxwell Lord has taken seven different comatose girls to perfect Bizarro. When asked why she didn’t kill Supergirl by Maxwell Lord, Bizarro responses that Supergirl is good and helps people. Alex confronts Lord and he all but admits to what he’s done. She doesn’t know that he knows she and Kara are sisters, but he threatens her (and those she loves) nonetheless. Back at the DEO they try and come up with a plan to take down Bizarro using Kryptonite. Kara is hesitant, wanting to go after Lord instead. Alex mentions to Kara that Lord insinuated that he knew Supergirl and she were sisters, but both seemed convinced that there was no way he could know.

Alex and Kara continue to have the strongest relationship on the show and the scene where Alex urges Kara to still try and have a life outside of being Supergirl all but proves it. Winn and James are having a drink, commiserating on both losing out to Kara. It’s actually a pretty good scene. We know why Winn is upset, but James is tricky. He’s with Lucy and for a while seemed happy to be back with her. But there’s still those lingering feelings that he might have for Kara. Winn, learning to open up with his emotions, questions why James hasn’t told Kara how he feels. In typical gentleman style, James claims he wants Kara to be happy and that he’s in a relationship himself, but Winn isn’t convinced. I like seeing the two of them getting together outside of Kara being around.

Adam and Kara are on another date and she opens up to him about her family as well as not feeling normal. The scene is shot like a CW show, but that’s okay because it works. Anyway, they finally kiss and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m rooting for them, although I have a feeling it’s not going to last. While they’re kissing, Bizarro kidnaps Kara thinking (and knowing…) that she’s Supergirl. At first, Kara plays dumb, but when Bizarro uses her eye lighting thing, Kara has no choice but to defend herself.

The two are fighting, using all of their arsenal. The DEO show up, pelting Bizarro with Kryptonite to weaken her. Instead of weakening her, the Kryptonite does just the opposite and strengthens her. Bizarro flies away, but Kara and Alex now knows that Lord knows who she is. Kara wants to take out Maxwell Lord. In the meantime, she and Adam break up before they even get started and I have to say, I’m a tad disappointed. We just got to know Adam and if that’s the last we see of him (I doubt it since he’s so tied to Cat), I’ll be gutted. It’s one of those classic superhero tropes of the hero not being able to be happy.

Alex bursts into Lord’s place and arrests him, while Bizarro kidnaps James. They take Lord to the DEO. I don’t know if that’s a good idea. He’s a smart guy, after all. Bizarro kidnapped James because Kara loves him. James, in an effort to get into Bizarro’s good graces, tells her why he loves Supergirl. However, it was something of a ruse, just so he could call Supergirl. The two fight until Alex gets the shot to weaken her. The DEO take her back and put her back into a coma, as she was before Lord got to her.

Speaking of which, he’s in a cell and goading Kara, mentioning her adoptive mother. But both sisters leave him be for the time being. Back at the CEO it’s clear that whatever good mood Cat was in has disappeared since Adam left. The relationship between Cat and Kara looks to be back at square one. I think Cat was really warming up to Kara and was disappointed that she ended things with Adam (this all could have been avoided if she knew the truth).

The episode ends with Kara flying into her apartment and finding a strange substance on her table. There’s some sort of creature hanging on the wall and we don’t know the outcome until next week.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.


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