The thirteenth episode of Supergirl is called, “For the Girl Who Has Everything”. Last week’s episode ended with Kara being attacked by some creature. Tonight, we open with her seemingly fine, but back on Krypton? Her mother is there, but Kara isn’t an adolescent anymore. We cut to Cat, who is clearly upset at Kara for driving Adam away, but when neither Winn nor James know where she is, they both immediately call Alex.
Alex busts Kara’s door open and we find the organism attached to Kara’s unconscious body. She’s quickly rushed to the DEO medical facility. Unfortunately, no one knows what’s going on with Kara. Alex believes that Maxwell Lord set it up but when she goes to confront him, he pleads innocent. I like seeing Alex angry like this.

Non and Astra are discussing the recent solar flares when Kara comes up. Non used what is called a Black Mercy on Kara, giving her “everything” she wanted. It’s symbiotic parasite that can’t be removed by force. In an effort to protect Kara’s job, Henshaw shapeshifts into Kara. Somehow, I have a feeling that this isn’t going to go over well. And naturally, it doesn’t.

Back at the DEO, Alex confronts Audra’s hologram, trying to figure out what the Black Mercy is. She receives very little help. But in the process, we learn a bit about Alex as a young girl. She resented Kara; we knew she was jealous. We are treated to an extended scene back at “Krypton”. We even see a young Kal-El (Clark Kent/Superman). The longer Kara stays, the harder it is for her to reject what she is presented with; she’s even having a hard time remembering Earth. Astra confronts Alex, wanting to help.

The DEO ends up asking Lord for helping building a virtual reality device that would help Alex bring Kara back to reality. At the same time, Non is questioning Astra’s faith. I think she might be having a moment of crisis. I’m not entirely sure her heart is still in whatever it is that they’re planning. In any event, Alex is now on “Krypton” and she’s encountered Kara, who doesn’t recognize her. When Kara attacks her, Alex weakens and Henshaw wants to immediately pull the plug but James stops her (Alex begged him to).

We have our big moment with Alex persuading Kara that the life she is living in “Krypton” isn’t real because life isn’t perfect. I like seeing this side of Alex. We already knew she cared for her sister deeply, but this is a side of her that we never see and it was nice for it to finally happen. Both Kara and Alex make it out, but Kara is clearly traumatized and wants Non to pay for it.

They find out where Non and the other Kryptonians are going to be. Kara is angry. She is fighting Non, while Alex and J’onn are fighting Astra, who also echoes my own sentiments that her heart isn’t in it. Alex puts the finishing touches on Astra. Henshaw covers for Alex, lying about killing her. I only think Astra dying is going to make Non worse.

Kara explains to everyone why Krypton was her go-to perfect, happy place. And considering all that she’s been through the last few episodes, it makes sense and her answer made a lot of sense. I’d die to see an interaction between her and Superman, who is her blood, after all! Anyway, Kara, Alex, James, and Winn are all over Kara’s place bonding over their friendship. I live for things like this, it should be said!

 Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.


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