After a week off, Supergirl returns with its 14th installment entitled, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”. Kara is still dealing with the death of Astra. It’s a death I wish the show hadn’t made, personally. She’s also still under the impression that Henshaw was the one who killed her aunt, when we know it was actually Alex. Alex was in the process of telling Kara when they are interrupted by Non. He wants her to help bury Astra in Kryptonian custom, to which she agrees. Technically, Non is her last link to Krypton (and he vows his revenge in two weeks).

The guilt of killing Astra is weighing heavily on Alex. It’s only a matter of time before it boils over. In the meantime, Maxwell Lord and Kara have a chat. He’s in a bit of a situation because he knows way too much to be let go, but he also did help save Kara’s life. I have no idea what the DEO is going to do with him.

At Catco, Cat has hired another assistant. This is where her learning Kara’s secret would have come in handy. She’s still clearly upset at how Kara handled things with Adam. The new assistant, Siobhan, is clearly going to go out of her way to ensure her own job security. Kara is jealous, needless to say. Cat believes that Maxwell Lord has been kidnapped, as he hasn’t been heard from since the last incident at Lord Technologies. James is tasked with trying to figure out what happened. The problem is, he already knows and the lying is getting to him. He and Kara have a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to that situation, as Lord is being held against his will.

The DEO have a new Fort Razz escapee, a shapeshifter, on the loose. Alex and her team are tasked with trying to bring him in. However before they could apprehend him, they get ambushed by a figure in a mask who promptly abducts their target. Kara is still hostile with Hank. We cut to the masked figure, who now has the shapeshifter in some sort of jail cell. From the looks of it, the figure is something of a bounty hunter or jailer.

Alex and Hank head to the local police department to try and find out more information. Apparently, this figure has been decapitating “weird” (aka alien) people all over the city for a few months now. It’s being kept quiet by the mayor. Kara is struggling at work. She’s having a hard time being both Supergirl and Kara and Siobhan is showing her up at every corner. James is also not having a good time, as he inadvertently lets it slip that he knows about the DEO to Lucy. It should be noted that Siobhan was listening in on some of the conversation. Unfortunately, Lucy takes it to mean that he’s close to Supergirl and she storms out.

Alex and Hank figure out the pattern of the serial killer; he’s killing them in the order that they escaped Fort Razz. Just as the figure was about to capture his next target, Supergirl arrives on the scene. After a lengthy battle, Kara ends up losing the whereabouts of the masked figure. James is drinking in solitude until Cat shows up. The two haven’t really did much bonding, so this is a good scene. Whereas she’d normally be talking to Kara, she’s now talking to James. She tells him about the time, back when she was still writing gossip columns, about an actor who was actually abusive. She didn’t tell that side of the story. It’s little tidbits like this that help make Cat a real, fleshed out character. Her words of wisdom are always wanted.

James comes back to the DEO to try and confront Kara. He believes that holding people hostage is part of the reason why Maxwell Lord hates Supergirl. She’s not being held accountable. James makes a valid point, in that it’s really going to be her values that set her apart from her enemies, not her smarts or strength. The two end things strained, as Alex brings Kara some much-needed good news. They find out the identity of the jailer, and it’s one of the cops Alex and Hank had met earlier in the show.

While confronting the two cops, both Alex and one of the cops is shot by the jailer. Luckily, Alex is alright, but the same could not be said for Kara, who was abducted. We learn more about the jailer, who was a guard at Fort Razz, the only one who got away after it crashed. He’s trying to continue the work on Earth. Alex storms what she believes to be the jailer’s hideaway but it appears to be empty.

However, it’s not! Alex quickly realizes that his lair is beneath the floorboard and quickly comes to the rescue of both Kara and another prisoner. After throwing down hard, Kara is able to get free thanks to Alex firing shots into the sky to let out the sun. Kara decides to let the professor go and subsequently, Maxwell Lord. I have a feeling this is going to come back to bite everyone in the ass. It’s sort of a Cold War thing they (Lord and DEO) have going on now.

Kara and Siobhan have another confrontation. We learn that Siobhan wants to be the next Cat Grant. If that’s the case, she’s going about it in an interesting (and horrible…) way. James and Kara have a chat as well. He wants to be able to tell Lucy the truth about Kara. At the DEO Kara confronts her hologram mother and asks about “Myriad”, to which the hologram freaks out and almost self-destructs. Kara finally tells Hank that she doesn’t want to work alongside him because of what he did to Astra. At some point, the truth will come out. I don’t envy Alex.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.


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