The 15th episode of Supergirl is called, “Solitude”. The episode opens with a flashback to the Phantom Zone 13 years ago. Nothing happens, as it quickly cuts to the present. Alex visits Kara to give her some donuts. This would be a good time for her to tell Kara the truth about what really happened to Astra, but instead, she lets Kara continue to believe that Hank was the one who really killed her aunt. Kara is still upset about all of it and has little desire to come back to the DEO to work.

Regardless of how others feel, I’m glad to see Lucy popping up every now and again, to remind us that she is Cat’s lawyer. During a staff meeting, someone sends Cat a thumb drive with important information on it and Cat wants it burned but Lucy wants the truth to come out. I think this might have something to do with her conversation with James last episode. Anyway, we cut to the DEO where Alex and Hank are working out some anger issues via fighting. Alex is still guilty for letting Hank take the fall for her killing Astra.

James still wants Kara to let him tell Lucy about her being Supergirl, but Kara isn’t willing to do that as she doesn’t have much trust in anyone at the moment. However, all that is put to the side when the person who gave Cat the hard drive appears on all the computer screens at Catco and chastises Cat for not using the information. She then tells everyone that there will be chaos in the streets and no sooner does she say that that the traffic lights all turn green.

Cat is determined to get to the bottom of this and so she makes it a point to have all hands on deck. James, Winn, and Kara all go to work immediately. Winn has been working on a counterattack but the hacker reveals herself on the screen and then literally comes flying out of the screen to attack all three of them. Kara says she recognizes the symbols on the woman’s (who sort of resembles Mystique) face. I think that earlier flashback will come back into play here. Hank and Alex come to the rescue but Kara is none too pleased with Hank and still refuses to come back to the DEO.

The hacker is having a meeting with none other than Non because of course. Apparently, they go back a ways. She says she’s calling herself Indigo these days and I think there might have been a reference to Brainiac in there. Indigo has a plan in motion and I’m getting the feeling that Non doesn’t want anything to do with her. It involves some sort of apocalypse in which both she and the Kryptonians survive while everyone else perishes.

Winn is drafted to the DEO and James and Kara head to the Fortress of Solitude. Once there, Kara finds out the information she’s looking for. So everything seems to be going well, save for the fact that James stood Lucy up (he was doing important work, but you know). Kara, trying to help, tells Lucy a story about how committed James is, only James never told Lucy that story. I don’t think it’s going to end well. Both the DEO (with Winn) and Kara (with Lucy and James) discover the same thing at the same time: Indigo needed a high ranking official to launch nuclear codes. I have to say, I liked the way that scene played out. Indigo strikes, starting up the sequence to launch.

Kara gets there in time to fight Indigo. The nuclear weapon is almost ready to be fired. Kara rushes to catch up to the missile. Knowing she can’t shut it down alone, she calls Hank and together they work out a way to stop it. Meanwhile, Winn has a way of stopping Indigo. Kara comes back to stop Indigo. Winn manages to upload a virus to stop her, but she tells Kara that she’s the reason she made it to Earth. She then disappears into thin air.

I don’t know how I feel about Siobhan to be honest. Most of the episode, she spent being humbled. She told Winn some story about how her father was a serial cheater (I’m still not convinced that was the truth), and it prompted Winn to open up about his own family. They share an impromptu kiss.

Kara gives James permission to tell Lucy that she’s Supergirl, but it comes too late because Lucy is done. She thinks that James is in love with Kara, and she might be right. Still, I love Lucy and I want her hanging around. So, needless to say, Lucy is still in the dark about Supergirl, sadly.

Back at the DEO Kara is there wanting to come back because she knows that they work better together. However, the guilt is too much for Alex and she FINALLY comes clean. In earlier episodes, Kara might have lashed out at Alex but instead, she silently hugs her. Hank, wanting to give the Danvers sisters some space heads on out to leave, but Kara stops him and they also have an imitate moment. I like this family unit so much. Their friendship is the heart of the show to me. I only wish Kara and Cat’s relationship can be repaired.

In the final minutes of the show we catch up crazy Non, who appears to be in the final throws of Myriad. However, he has another trick up his sleeve, as it is revealed that Indigo is still alive, which I totally love because she was a formidable villain for Supergirl.

 Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.


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