The seventeenth episode of Supergirl is called, “Manhunter”. I have a feeling the ending of last week’s episode and subsequent fallout will come into focus here. And I was right. The opening sequence shows the public still afraid of Supergirl; her trying to lend a helping hand is met with fear. Winn is talking to a bitter Siobhan and honestly, I have no sympathy. The reason Kara lashed out at Siobhan is due in part to her personality. I know they’re setting up Siobhan for her villainous turn, but honestly, I really am not invested in her character. I don’t even see what she sees in Winn, or what he sees in her. I guess as long as he’s not pining for Kara?

In other news, the public is wondering about J’onn. J’onn meanwhile wants Alex to disassociate from him, something she is unwilling to do. The military has, predictably, come back to the DEO. Lucy is back in uniform, but so far her father remains to be seen. There’s another head honcho barking orders. His name is not important, but he has a device that prevents J’onn from shapeshifting. Both he and Lucy are interrogating J’onn when we cut to flashbacks from 10 years ago. Jeremiah Danvers returns. It’s obvious that the real Hank Henshaw was obsessed with hunting the “Manhunter”. I don’t like the real Henshaw.

Anyway, they head down to the Andes, where intel tells them that’s where the Manhunter is located. Their orders are shoot to kill, something Jeremiah is not too thrilled about. Jeremiah runs into the Manhunter and the two of them strike up a bond. Even though the two of them grow closer, it isn’t enough to stop the real Henshaw from coming in and shooting down the Manhunter. However, Jeremiah takes matters into his own hands and the two of them get into a fight. Henshaw stabs Jeremiah and Jeremiah, in turn, pushes him off a cliff. However, he’s dying and makes J’onn promise to take care of his girls (Alex and Kara). The military takes J’onn away to an undisclosed location, promising that Alex is next.

Siobhan somehow manages to break into Catco, I guess with the intent to ruin Kara. Petty. Now it’s Alex’s turn to be interrogated. I have to admit that Lucy is looking incredibly uncomfortable; I’m still holding out hope that she becomes a Team Supergirl ally. Now we get a flashback of Alex 3 years ago. She’s at a party or club of some sort and drinking a lot. However, the police catch her before she can drink and drive. While at the jail cell, J’onn as Hank comes to her, trying to convince her to join the DEO. The one guy buys Alex’s story about her never knowing J’onn’s secret, but Lucy knows better. In the end, she’s carded away like J’onn to a placed called Project Cadmus.

A distressed Kara returns to work (having missed a day) and confides in James about Lucy, J’onn, and Alex. At the mention of Cadmus, James’ body language changes. We learn what it is, and also, why Superman refuses to work with the government. Apparently, Cadmus is like a dissecting lab. In an effort to save both Alex and J’onn, Kara enlists James’ help. He brings Lucy to Kara’s apartment where she finally reveals her secret. Lucy is not too surprised but does want to know why Kara and J’onn have lied. I thought it would be pretty obvious.

Now it’s time for Kara’s flashback to 12 years ago. She’s at a new school, with new people, and I think it’s the beginning of her new powers activating. If you’ve ever watched Man of Steel, this’ll all be familiar. She’s cast as the odd one, but her powers activated pretty quickly and she hears the sounds of those in need: a mother and child. Without thinking, Kara rushes to their aid. Jeremiah gives her some advice, saying that she doesn’t have to be like Superman, she just needs to be Kara Danvers. He makes her glasses that help with her x-ray vision and we find out that 2 years ago (her interview for Cat), she’s still wearing them at Catco.

We sort of find out the reason Kara is still at Catco all these years later. It’s sort of a small, moment, but she says she wants to be useful to someone. Since she decided not to be a hero like her cousin, she’s got to make the most of what she can. We cut back to the present, with Kara making her case to Lucy. We all know Lucy isn’t as gung-ho as the rest of those military types, including her father.

While in transport to Cadmus, the truck is distracted by two people on a bike. They manage to get the truck to stop. It should also be mentioned that in the ensuing struggle, the device keeping J’onn locked up breaks and he is free. The two figures take off their helmets (we knew one was Kara because of how quickly she moved). The other? Lucy. This was something I’ve been waiting for since she was introduced on the show. I love Lucy Lane so very much. And I desperately want her to play a bigger role on the series. Wishful thinking, I know.

So Hank was going to mindwipe that military guy until he saw Jeremiah’s face, which means that he is still alive! The secrets we keep! Alex and J’onn are now fugitives, but they’re determined to find Cadmus and Jeremiah. Curious to see how this turns out. In other news, we see Siobhan and Cat having a chat. Cat is a lot smarter than she looks. Siobhan should have known better. In the end, it was Winn who determined that the letter “Kara” sent to Cat couldn’t have been her; it was Siobhan. And just like that, it’s game over. This is only going to further her antagonistic feelings towards Kara, however.

So, back at the DEO, with a missing Hank and Alex, Lucy finds herself in the position of being the new director (thanks to that military guy resigning and asking for Lucy to be the director). This was a pleasant turn of events. I just hope it means we get to see more Lucy!

Siobhan is on the roof drinking and lamenting her bad choices. Still no sympathy. Winn comes to her aid, thinking she’s going to kill herself. However, what happens is a bit weird. She accidentally falls off the roof, but instead of falling to her death, her scream prevents it. Metahuman, anyone? Maybe this is the reason why The Flash is coming to National City next week, perhaps?

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