The eighteenth episode of Supergirl is called, “World’s Finest”. If memory serves, that is the name of some famous comics from way back when. This is also the episode that officially puts “Supergirl” in the “Arrowverse”, along with “Arrow”, “The Flash”, and “Legends of Tomorrow”. If you’ve been watching “The Flash”, then you know that Barry Allen (The Flash) is able to travel through time. He’s also recently discovered that he can travel through different dimensions. Unfortunately, I believe that Supergirl takes place in one of these other dimensions, instead of the same dimension as the other CW shows.

The episode picks up right where last week’s episode left off. Siobhan is with the DEO, where they’re running all sorts of tests on her. Kara is still dealing with the fallout from her attacks on the public. No one really knows why Siobhan suddenly got her powers and she’s frustrated. We also see Lucy interrogating Livewire, who we haven’t seen in months.

I’m pleased to see Cat and Kara back on seemingly good terms. They ponder over Kara’s love life before Siobhan, plagued with her new powers, waltzes in. She has some sort of sonic boom and uses it on Kara, which knocks her out as she falls out of the building. However, before she hits the ground, something (or someone?) stops her, speeding off. As soon as I heard the theme music, I got all excited! After catching up with The Flash, Kara and he both realize that neither has heard of the other. Again, if you’ve been watching The Flash, you know that there are alternate universes. It’s the only way they can explain away the “where’s Superman” issue in those CW shows, really. Also, if you’ve been watching The Flash, you’re going to scratch your head because currently, it makes no sense for Barry to even be wherever he is right now. They better explain this pronto!

So, Barry’s explaining the “multiverse theory”, which is one of those popular DC Comics things, really. You can totally tell that James is jealous of Barry, who is the “fastest man alive”. For someone who left Metropolis because he was tired of living under Superman’s shadow, this one has got to sting a little. Siobhan visits an aunt, who seems to have an idea as to where her power might be coming from. After talking with her aunt, Siobhan gets the idea to team up with Livewire. Knowing that she can’t take both on by herself, Kara asks Barry to take care of Livewire. He agrees.

So, the two of them, after finding out where Livewire is located, try and take her on together. Barry is used to a plan, Kara just sort of punches her way through things. You can already tell it’s not going to end well for the two of them the first time around. And sure enough, Barry makes the mistake of using her lightning to charge Livewire. Siobhan has transformed into the Silver Banshee. Still, Flash and Supergirl aren’t enough for Livewire and Silver Banshee, so they retreat. I do want to make a quick mention of the fact that Kara tried to help both Silver Banshee.

So, Barry and Kara have a bit of a pep talk, where Kara admits that she rushed in without a plan all because she wants to prove herself to the people of National City again. Barry, after benefiting from the same kind of wisdom, tells Kara that she needs to slow down. While all that is going down, Livewire and Siobhan reappear at Catco. Winn tries desperately to appeal to Siobhan’s better nature. It doesn’t work. They kidnap Cat and taunt Kara. Barry, being the Good Samaritan hero that he is, tags along.

So, the four of them duke it out. Livewire and Banshee eventually get the better of them, however. Using her electricity, Livewire electrocutes Kara, but not before she saves a group of citizens. It’s the people of National City, however, who really save the day, as they surround Supergirl and eventually use Livewire’s abilities against her.

It’s time for Barry to try and go back to his earth. Using Kara’s speed as well as his own, she slings him back to his earth (like those pesky breaches from earlier in the season of The Flash). He seemingly makes it back to his earth. It was an offhand comment, about Infinite Earths, but according to the theory, if two earths manage to vibrate at the same speed, then they can be one, or something.

Kara and James share their first kiss. However, his reaction is less than enthused. Eventually, it’s shown that that Myriad thing is to blame, as James isn’t the only one affected (they’re like mindless zombies). I have to assume that this is due in part to Kara not being of earth. We are greeted by Non once again.

World’s Finest was a very good episode, if you’ve never watched The Flash. Kara was able to win back public support, and we learned about more earths. I’m hoping that this crossover wasn’t a one-time deal and that it has lasting impressions on the rest of the Arrowverse, namely, finding a way for Barry to get back to Earth-2 (what better way than to use Kara again). And if we can get a world where both Kara and Barry exist at the same time, we get much closer to a Justice League on TV!

 Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.


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