After a week off, we’re back. The nineteenth episode of Supergirl, is called, “Myriad”. The episode picks up nearly right where “World’s Finest” left off. Non has his list of demands from the DEO, and Lucy complies. He wants all the prisons freed, except the White Martian. Good call there. At first, I thought Lucy was agreeing because she felt she had no choice. However, it becomes clear that she’s under the influence of Myriad. As she frees Maxima, a Fort Razz detainee, Supergirl comes to the rescue and the two duke it out. While she gets the upper hand on Maxima, the DEO agents, Lucy included, go after her, forcing Kara to flee. However, she figures out a way to disable the containment field before all the prisoners are let out.

Seeing no other option, Kara heads to the Fortress of Solitude, hoping to find her cousin, but he is (conveniently) not on Earth at the time. Instead, she’s greeted by one of the protocol droids and demands to know about Myriad. From her mother’s AI, we learn that Myriad is a mind control device that forces those to bend to someone else’s will. This time, instead of Astra, it’s Non. Once started, Myriad can’t be stopped.

We finally get to see what Alex and Hank have been up to. They’re in disguse. Kara heads to Catco, as Supergirl, to try and snap Wynn and James out of it. She’s unsuccessful, Cat, however, doesn’t appear to be affected. I have no idea how Myriad targets its victims. Superman texts Kara (cute…) that he’s on his way, but something drags him down. I’m not entirely sure if that really was him or an illusion or something. The show has gone out of its way not to show him at all. That’s when, Maxwell Lord randomly shows up.

We learn why Lord and Cat weren’t affected (tech stuff), why Superman was affected (something about environmental stuff), and what he intends to do (kill everyone). Alex and Hank are back at the old Danvers house, where they meet up with her mother. She learns, quickly, that the real Hank was the bad guy. Non arrives at Catco. He lays out his vision. Dare I say, he has a point, even if he’s enslaving people to achieve it. Even if he makes good points (…they really are good points…), he forces Kara to choose between three people. She’s fast enough to save both James and Wynn after they jump from the building, but not fast enough for the last person.

Hank and Eliza Danvers have a heart-to-heart, where she asks about Jeremiah and his Martian composition. Alex speaks to Kara, who tells her to stay away from National City. Hank decides to return, but makes Alex stay to try and get to Cadmus, as well as locate her father. Back at Catco, Kara is weighing her options after Lord tells her what his plan is. He wants to drop a Kryptonite bomb onto National City, therefore wiping out the Kryptonians, but also killing 8% of the city’s population, which is roughly 300,000 people. Those numbers versus 7 billion puts things into perspective a little.

Lord tells Kara the truth about his parent’s deaths. He had warned them about their Hazmat suits, but no one listened. So this is his way of trying to save the world, by preventing large-scale deaths. Non name drops a lot of famous cities that some of our DC characters are from. Indigo, his cohort in all of this, is non-too pleased. She’s urging him to think bigger, to use Myriad for the universe, not just Earth.

Hank and Alex are heading back to the city, while Kara is having extreme doubts. Her and Cat have a heart-to-heart. She tells Kara about hope being stronger than fear. And remember, the S symbol actually means hope! So Indigo finds Hank and Alex and bests them. I know I should call him J’onn, but it’s difficult. Anyway, he’s not at his strongest because he’s using his telepathy to shield Alex from Myriad. Indigo delivers what looks like a fatal blow to J’onn, and his old on Alex is now gone.

Lord, Cat, and Kara head to one of Cat’s first jobs: an old, broadcast style radio station. There, they hope to jam the signal and get hopeful messages across. Indigo, meanwhile, has plans for Alex. Non, using Alex as his vehicle, wants the two to fight. Kara tries desperately to change his mind, but he has no interest in listening to reason. And, the episode ends with the two sisters looking to come to blows.

I like how Supergirl inspires hope in both Cat and Maxwell Lord; it's a trend I hope to see continue.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS.


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