Ben McKenzie On Jim's Rejection From Leslie: "He's living a very solitary and lonely life." ("Gotham" SDCC 2016 Interview)

Season three of "Gotham" picks up six months after the events of the season two finale. Jim has attempted to rekindle his relationship with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, and failed to salvage their relationship. According to McKenzie, instead of returning to his job at Gotham PD Jim will now be working as a bounty hunter to track down the monsters that descended on Gotham city. As Jim has often demonstrated a lack of a true sense of self-preservation, McKenzie shares how Jim's military background has developed his appetite for danger.

"In our version, he did serve overseas and he did see war, he's kind of one of those guys that once that's in his blood, he can't help but seek it out. He needs that adrenaline to feel alive. He's anything but cautious."

Tune in to our full interview with Ben McKenzie here:

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