Cory Michael Smith: "I don't think Ed sees himself as having done too much horrible stuff." ("Gotham" SDCC 2016 Interview)

Cory Michael Smith has rapidly risen as a fan-favourite for his role as Edward Nygma/"The Riddler" on FOX's "Gotham". In season two, he spiralled further down the path of psychopathic behaviour as he killed Miss Kringle, the woman he had attempted to romance from the show's beginning, and conspired to frame Jim Gordon. In entering season three, Ed will be released from Arkham back into "Gotham" with the opportunity to somewhat start over, though now the world will be aware of his crimes. Smith shares how Ed will be inclined to operate without emotional attachments to others so as to not be susceptible to vulnerability.

"What we're gonna learn about Ed is, this commandment that he gave Oswald which is 'Don't have a connection to anyone, cause if you do, you're liable to be hurt. If you don't, nothing can destroy you.' I don't know if Oswald is capable of that, but I think Ed is."

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