David Mazouz on Bruce's relationship with Alfred: "It's better than it ever was." ("Gotham" SDCC 2016 Interview)

David Mazouz is eloquent beyond his years, and highly enthusiastic about his job playing young Bruce Wayne on FOX's "Gotham" series, a prequel of sorts to the more frequently seen Batman mythology. Arriving to the show's press room in a "Straight Outta Gotham" t-shirt, he is eager to talk about the upcoming plot points for Bruce, without giving away spoilers of course.

"There are gonna be some major opponents he's gonna take on in season three."

As the show's writers have a wealth of source material and characters to choose from, fans are often clamouring for their favourite heroes and villains to be the next to grace their screens. The Joker has also been teased, though they have yet to make a permanent casting for the role. Still, Mazouz teased of more foes which Bruce will battle that presumably will be favorites from the comics.

"You're definitely gonna see him develop his playboy persona."

One of the decidedly more adult aspects of Bruce Wayne is the facade he uses to hide himself from suspicion of being Batman. The citizens of Gotham won't be inclined to suspect a spoiled, drunken playboy of being a masked, crime-fighting vigilante. Mazouz teases that season three will see Bruce take the first steps towards developing this reputation, thus brining his version of Bruce Wayne that much closer to taking on the responsibilities of Batman.

"A lot of season two you saw Bruce saying 'I promise Alfred, I'm not gonna put myself in danger', and he does."

This version of the Batman mythology has done far more to flush out the relationship between Bruce and Alfred than those set in Bruce's adulthood. Despite the friction between them during season two, Bruce and Alfred are now set to be closer than ever moving forward. Tune in to the full interview with David Mazouz here:


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