Eliza Taylor: "I f*cking adore Alycia and Lexa and Clexa" (SDCC 2016 "The 100" Interviews)

Eliza Taylor has amassed herself a large, loyal following for her starring role as Clarke Griffin on CW's "The 100". Over the course of the first three seasons, it has become a target for heated discussions regarding representation. Clarke became wildly popular to many not only for her strength as a leader of a group of teens that fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, but for being canonically bisexual. With bisexuality so frequently misunderstood and ignored in media content, Clarke's loving relationship with Grounder-Commander Lexa (portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey, who now has a starring role on AMC's "Fear The Walking Dead") quickly became beloved. But the controversial death of Lexa left many outraged. In preparing for the fourth season, Eliza has nothing but positive things to say about the love story between Clarke and Lexa, and about Clarke's bisexuality.

"I've said in the past when we were shooting season 3 and when Lexa died, I was like, 'She probably will never love again' but that's not true for anyone. We can go through the most ridiculous heartbreak and years later find love again and I want that for her. As much as I fucking adore Alycia and Lexa and Clexa, I do want that for her, she deserves that. So whether it be this season or the next, I don't know, men or women, it shouldn't be an issue, it shouldn't be a thing. That's what I love about our show. 'Is she gonna have sex with a guy or a girl, or is she gonna fall in love with a guy or a girl?' It doesn't matter and it's not even brought up. That's the beauty of 'The 100' is, you've got Brian and Miller, and no one goes 'Ooh, they're gay', you know? It's just natural and normal and that's the way it should be. That's what I absolutely adore about this and I hope that's our future, without the nuclear apocalypse."

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