"Gotham" Writer John Stephens: "We Always Had The Intention Of Bringing Fish Mooney Back" (SDCC 2016 Interview)

When "Gotham" first reached the end of its first season, word broke that Jada Pinkett-Smith would not be returning as Fish Mooney. Many fans were left outraged by the news that the show's sole WOC lead character would be gone and that the show had seemingly exemplified Hollywood's tone-deaf approach to representation. But now it would seem that in this instance, there was less foul play than usual regarding diversity in media.

Writer John Stephens spoke about the third season of "Gotham" and how a main theme is transformation. While characters like Bruce, Selena, and Jim will each be embarking down notably darker story lines, Fish Mooney and other characters that weren't specified will be cycled in and out of the show's universe. Tune in to the full interview with "Gotham" writer John Stephens here:


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