Preview Night Is A Wrap!

Every year Comic Con kicks off with preview night. While the programming is light, it doesn't make it any less popular. What good is a half day at comic con without any programming you ask? More than you would think.

The floor is less crowded than on most other days with fewer people in attendance. So it makes it the perfect time to pick up all your favorite books, comics, and collectibles. While you may not be able to get all of the collectibles you're after, its a great time to get the inside information.

It really is the perfect time to find out when and where signings are happening, and how the tickets will be distributed. It's also a great time to find out who is giving out what swag. Check back after the convention to see what Swag we picked up and which were our favorites!

The one piece of programming that is happening on Preview Night is the Pilots sneak peek. Now this isn't the only time you'll be able to catch some of these pilots, and they're not always amazing, but sometimes, there will be a showing that you'll fall in love. Hopefully, that pilot will make it to air, which doesn't always happen. I'm still a little hurt over Locke and Key never making it past the pilot stage after a very welcoming and enthusiastic showing at a past comic con.

This year's showing included Riverdale, Powerless, People of Earth, Frequency, and Time After Time. We weren't able to stay for all of them, but what we did see looks promising.

First up was Riverdale, which is from the CW. I'm not sure why I'm still surprised by the CW but I am, even though many of the shows we recap are on the CW. Riverdale is based on the Archie Comics series, yes, that Archie Comics series, but its certainly Archie comics with a twist. Riverdale is a town of secrets, and the entire pilot has a Twin Peaks vibe.

The first episode introduces us to our titular character, Archie played by the adorable KJ Apa with a horrendous dye job, new girl Veronica (Camilla Lodge), and Archie's bestie Betty (Lili Reinhart). There's a huge lack of Jugheard (Cole Sprouse) who serves as narrator, but the plot moves along nicely. The town reels from the death of Quaterback Jason Blossom, as his sister Cheryl stirs up trouble. The stand-out from the episode was definitely Luke Perry as Archie's dad. Riverdale is definitely making iit onto the to-watch list.

The other show making it on the to-watch list is Powerless. This one is coming from NBC, and its completely different from Riverdale. Its a short half hour comedy starring Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke. She's just landed her dream job at Wayne Security, and she sets out to make a great impression. Emily is all shiny and new, full of enthusiasm compared to her co-workers and boss. The show promises to deliver Superheroes without the cast donning costumes as they come up with new inventions to help the citizens of the city. Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi also star and are absolutely delightful.


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