"Salem" Stars Janet Montgomery & Shane West Tease Mary & John's Rocky Romantic Reunion (SDCC 2016 Interview)

Though season two of WGNA's "Salem" saw Mary and John on largely opposing sides, the season finale brought about the return of the devil, the loss of their son, and so John has had to put his quest to kill witches to bed. The chemistry between series stars Janet Montgomery and Shane West has been downright palpable as the on-again, off-again Mary Sibley and John Alden. But after all that time apart and so much heartbreak and conflict, the reunion won't be without its difficulties, as John must come to terms with having been so determined to kill Mary and witches in general, only to learn how abundant they are in Salem. Watch our full interview with Janet Montgomery and Shane West here:

Seth Gabel faces quite the challenge in playing Cotton Mathers in the new season of "Salem". As Cotton is now being magically held as prisoner by his wife Anne, Seth begins the season playing Cotton in a similar manner as how things were when Mary Sibley had her husband captive, with the lack of dialogue and being trapped in his mind. He also shares about how they shot the scene in which Cotton had a live rat shoved down his throat to magically imprison him. Co-creator Brannon Braga also shared teasers of how all the characters will now be united in the fight against the Devil. Watch our full interview with Seth Gabel & Brannon Braga here:

Rounding out our coverage of this year's "Salem" visit to SDCC, tune in to our final interview in which among other things, Elise Eberle discussed the physicality of her portrayal of Mercy Lewis, Iddo Goldberg playing the show's moral compass of the show Isaac, and co-creator Adam Simon shared how the show has always been written and approached as a symbol of the darker side of America. Watch the full interview here:


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