Sean Pertwee on Performing Alfred's Action: "They let me do as much as I possibly can." ("Gotham" SDCC 2016 Interview)

"I don't bounce like I used to, I sort of splat now."

Sean Pertwee raves about the Emmy-nominated stunt team of FOX's "Gotham", and how they have allowed him the opportunity to do as many of the show's visceral actions sequences as possible. He sees this younger version of Alfred that is more physically capable as a natural fit to having these fighting capabilities because of the mentoring role that Alfred has for Bruce following the death of his parents.

"Being allowed to give Alfred physicality makes so much sense now because you suddenly realise who taught Batman to become Batman. The physicality came from Alfred. It's an honour to not reimagine, but just slightly redefine and give him a history and an edge which enables young Master Bruce to become the man he later becomes: Batman."

Pertwee teases that the communication in Bruce and Alfred's relationship will improve greatly in season three, as the two will begin training for Bruce to become the rich, accomplished playboy Bruce Wayne as well as the masked vigilante Batman. He also teases the possibility of Alfred possibly having a love interest and is eager to play that out should it indeed come to fruition.

Watch the full interview with Sean Pertwee here:


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