Special appearances at Comic-con 2016 by NFL Simeon Rice (Buccaneers) and Israel Idonije (Chicago Bears)

Indican Pictures will host two NFL, All Pro, Super Bowl Champions and Hall of Fame Nominee at Comic-Con 2016.

Hall of Fame nominee Simeon Rice (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Israel Idonije (Chicago Bears) will be making guest appearances at the Indican Pictures Comic-Con booth 4136 to promote the release of Simeon Rice’s upcoming film ‘Unsullied’ and Idonije’s comic book 'The Protectors'.

Simeon Rice has had an outstanding entertainment career since retiring from the NFL with ventures in music producing and other art forms. A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Simeon Rice has now ventured into filmmaking and will be debuting his  feature film, ‘Unsullied’, through Distributor Indican Pictures, which is set to release the film August 9th. Among other Comic-Con exclusives, sneak previews of ‘Unsullied’, Comic-Con attendees will have the opportunity to Play-the-Pros in Madden NFL Xbox at the Indican Pictures booth.

Idonije is the founder of Athlitacomics a comic book publishing house. Athlitacomics publishes Idonije’s comic book brainchild - The Protectors: a story about a group of future athletes who learn of their life saving super powers, which they use to protect humanity. The idea was something Idonije came up with a few years back,  which has garnered the attention of many major athletes, all of whom dream of being featured in the innovative comic book, which combines the two idols of children worldwide, superheroes and sports.

Both Rice and Idonije will be available for Comic-Con exclusive interviews about their intriguing, post NFL, careers and other exciting endeavors.

For advanced scheduled interviews - please email Candace Rich at: CRich@indicanpictures.com or call to the office (323) 850-2667; otherwise, if attending Comic-con, please stop by booth 4136.

Indican Pictures is a boutique distribution company specializing in feature films. Additional information on the company can be found on the company website www.indicanpictures.com | facebook.com/indican.pictures | twitter.com/indicanpictures.


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