Top 5 Free Swag Items I Got From SDCC 2016

Following the attendance of SDCC, every attendee must go through the process of reorganising their possessions after acquiring a number of new items, whether it be through purchase or giveaways from booths/signings. Personally, I'm not one for enjoying trinkets but more functional acquisitions such as t-shirts are always a favourite since they can justifiably be kept even through repeated moves from one city/country to another.

So I thought I would share my Top 5 favourite acquisitions from this past con that I'm likely to hold onto (this list will not include any autographed items since it creates an unfair bias to judging the more general swag items).

Number 5: "Vikings" Drinking Horn

No, your eyes aren't fooling you. Among the free items the "Vikings" booth was giving out was an exclusive drinking horn. Despite my preference for function over novelty, the pure hilarity and outlandishness of this concept and design for merchandise has earned this alcohol-consumption device a spot on my list. Yes, there's a fair chance I'll be giving this item away if and when I manage to amass a large-enough social-media following to be able to organize a giveaway(s). But for now, I derive a sufficient amount of amusement every time I see the boxed drinking horn on my shelf.

Number 4: FOX Poster Tube

Every year, the FOX booth gives out colourful poster tubes with a plethora of their shows and projects advertised on the design. What I appreciate about this consistency is that whether you're purchasing posters or acquiring them from attending signings, it's often inevitable that you will find yourself in possession of new posters that require a safe place to stow them so they don't get beat up from the wear and tear of SDCC. This poster tube was an absolute life-saver from me in keeping my new posters safe after attending various signings.

Number 3: "Ash Vs. Evil Dead"/"The Walking Dead" Tote Bag

If I remember correctly it was the "The Walking Dead" booth that was giving out tote bags that had a design with "Ash Vs. Evil Dead" on one side and "The Walking Dead" on the other. This proved to be particularly beneficial to me as my camera bag was too small to carry everything I needed when getting around the con so after putting that smaller bag into this tote bag, I had enough room left over to hold everything else, along with any other smaller swag items acquired throughout the day. Can you tell how much I enjoy functional items? This is some A+ adult-ing going on over here.

Number 2: "Man Of Steel" T-Shirt

I find it endlessly amusing how highly sought-after items at SDCC that are treated as highly exclusive can often make a return-appearance at the con some odd years later. It conjures imagined scenarios of studio organisers getting tired of all the extra clutter in their warehouses so they decide to dump their surplus at SDCC so it's no longer their problem. Then again, the "Man Of Steel" t-shirts being passed out at the WB booth this year are also a timely promotional item to return to the con considering how many new DC properties were being promoted. Either way, I love my new Superman shirt, and in particular, the fact that I was able to get one of the navy blue ones instead of the unfortunate white ones that were practically begging to be ruined from brushing up against something and becoming irreparably stained.

Number 1: "Wonder Woman" Shirt

This is by far, my most prized takeaway item (without any signatures on it) from SDCC 2016. This was one of the items being passed out by the DC booth to those that were able to get into the Wonder Woman signing. I am shamelessly, gratuitously excited about the impending release of the "Wonder Woman" film. I camped out all night just to try to get into a raffle to be able to attend this signing so I could get a couple seconds with each of the cast/crew members in attendance. There isn't much else in the clothing department that will make me feel more powerful than this shirt for all that it symbolises.

If you'd like to see a more expansive look at the items I picked up from this con, check out my SDCC 2016 haul video:


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