Eurovision Song Contest Wins The Golden Rose In Berlin

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 tonight was awarded the Golden Rose for best entertainment program. The prize was awarded at a gala in Berlin and among there to receive it was executive producer Martin Österdahl and TV host Måns Zelmerlöw. 
- We are among the winners from all over Europe and honorary laureate John Cleese and have won Europe's oldest television price! It's absolutely magical, and a real reward. This award is for all who have worked to make Sweden and SVT a global leader when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest, greets executive producer Martin Österdahl from Berlin.

SVT's production of this year's Eurovision Song Contest was a huge success and was hailed by the media and the audience, both in Sweden and worldwide. The semi-finals and final were seen by over 200 million viewers and now production has thus won one of Europe's oldest and most prestigious television awards, Gold Rose (Rose d'Or). Other nominees in the category were the concert "Adele at the BBC" and German "Mordkomission Berlin".

To produce the Eurovision Song Contest is a huge apparatus, with hundreds of people involved and tons of technology. Executive producers for the broadcasts were Martin Österdahl and Johan Bernhagen. Competition manager Christer Björkman, Sven Stojanovic as producer.


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