Lucifer S2E1 - "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer" Review

The devilishly charming Lucifer (sorry, we had to do it) is back for its second season on FOX and right from the jump we get more of the things viewers loved in season one. Tom Ellis is spot-on in his delivery of the comedic aspects of his character and his chemistry is as strong as ever with Lauren German (Detective Chloe Decker), D. B. Woodside (Amenadiel), and also Rachael Harris (Dr. Linda Martin). But what Lucifer needs to do now is jump into developing more of the serialised plot points and mythology. Season one was a bit shaky in finding the balance between serialised and procedural story-telling. With these cop-shows it's easy for writers to fall into the comfort zone of the crime-of-the-week format. But genre fans have long since established an ability to be invested in longer stories and the writers should explore this more, which it appears they've begun doing with this introduction of Lucifer's mother. One other point that warrants further revision is the show's material for Kevin Alejandro, who has a track record of being criminally under-appreciated in his work. The writers would be better off putting Detective Dan in the know some time around whenever they do the same for Detective Chloe. Then create an ensemble of characters that can band together in fighting the forces of evil, be it supernatural or regular mortal homicide.

Lucifer airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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