Former Melodifestivalen Contestant Samir Badran Premieres New YouTube Channel

Samir Badran has premiered a new YouTube channel, having closed down and deleted all the former content of his previous one, ready to start fresh. On this channel, Badran posts all the types of content frequently seen on blogger-channels, from vlogs, Q&As, and Storytime videos. There's even a few pranks thrown in made all the more amusing by Badran's one-of-a-kind charisma and energy. After Badran pranked his father by making him believe he'd crashed the family car, Badran's father enacted revenge by making Samir believe he needed to marry a Palestinian girl. Needless to say, it caused quite the ruckus.

Badran is also carrying on with making music, and is set to release a new single in collaboration with his friend/S&V-songwriter Kevin Högdahl entitled "Vet att du vill ha mig" (Know that you want me). Watch the song's teaser here before it's full release on December 14:

Watch our first exploration of Samir's YouTube channel here:


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