"The Accountant" Spoiler-Free Review

Ben Affleck stars in the latest WB-action-thriller The Accountant which should be treated as more of a character exploration than a go-to destination for the same old action gimmicks that have become a staple to the genre. Affleck performed a great deal of research into the autistic spectrum to bring his character to life and avoid playing out a cliched performance. His character has his rituals, and a high level of intelligence, but is also shown to have emotional vulnerability, and a desire to connect even if he is selective about doing so. He also has a sense of humour if you pay close attention.

The Accountant has an incredibly dense plot with many moving pieces that may or may not appeal to viewers depending on their openness to a more complex 'blockbuster' film. Second to Affleck's performance is that of Cynthia Addai-Robinson, who plays an FBI agent tasked with tracking down Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck's character). A nuanced performance with surprising depth when you see how low her name is credited in the film's billing. Conversely, Anna Kendrick's second-billed performance is virtually indistinguishable from every other performance she's given and her character is little more than a plot device to try to force some almost-but-still-non-romantic plot line for Wolff despite the fact that there are numerous other character-relationships he has that are far superior opportunities for a deeper exploration of his approach to socialising.

A must-watch for all fans of Ben Affleck, high-brow action films, and compelling WOC characters.

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