Ghost Wars S01E10 "The Pain Connection" Recap

The LAMBDA scientist perform an autopsy on the pod they recovered from the house Rev. Dan burned down. Inside is a man, whom they cut open next. The man wakes screaming when one of his organs are removed. Dan has been drinking to cope with the trauma of recent events and tries to confront Marilyn and Val about how there is something insidious going on with their daughter who was trapped in a pod. He also tries to confront Sophia when she is trying to lure a man back for her to feed on. No one seems to believe Dan about his claims regarding those in pods.

Roman meets Dan at the local bar, who tells him about how the pods are being used against the people. Dan also reveals to Roman that he set the house on fire to destroy more pods within but there is still one pod at the LAMBDA institute. The man that was being operated on, originally a Dr. Jones who worked at the institute, is shown to have rapid regeneration. When an organ is removed, it grows back. If he is cut, the wound heals rapidly with no scarring left behind. Daphne wants to further explore this for the scientific progress it offers.

Sophia comes to babysit Abigail and Isabel. Isabel runs off afraid from the pair of them when left alone, and Abigail and Sophia plot together to kill Rev. Dan because he knows too much about the pods and it's only a matter of time before more people start to believe him. Dan goes with Roman to LAMBDA. Roman wants answers about the latest pod and the man inside. Daphne reveals that Jones is psychically connected to his extracted livers and that if they feel pain, he feels pain, and vice versa. This suggests a psychic connection between all pod-people. Dan wants to destroy Jones and the livers but Daphne says these regenerative cell properties are an important scientific development requiring further study. Roman leaves the institute.

On the way out, one of the employees gives Dan a key to come back into LAMBDA to try to destroy Jones. Jones wakes and attacks one employee, draining their life force till they're nearly a mummified corpse. Dan stabs Jones repeatedly with a scalpel but it does nothing to stop him from running through the institute, killing employees, and escaping. Daphne tells Dan she knows someone gave him a key and he tells he knows that she's dying, which is the real reason why she's so hungry to harness these beings for medical purposes.

Jones heads to the local bar and meets his wife Karla, who has been looking for him since he disappeared. The two have sex and Jones feeds from her during the act but she doesn't seem to notice.

Dan goes after Sophia but instead finds Isabel locked in one of the body shelves, frightened but seemingly unharmed. Isabel tells Dan he should be scared of what's going on. Both Abigail's true conscious and Isabel speak to Dan. Isabel says that someone else is in Abigail's body and that Sophia is gone. Dan wants to help them but Isabel says no one can help them, and that they're coming for him.

Sophia attempts to feed on Winston but Dan stops her just in time. He tells Winston to get Isabel from downstairs and to run away. Dan beats Sophia with a shovel to knock her out. The attack has alerted Abigail and Jones, who runs off to come help leaving his wife confused at the bar. Sophia wakes in the cellar of the church with Dan flicking a lighter on and off. Sophia, or whomever is inside her, taunts Dan for his faith and attraction to (the original) her. Sophia also pauses to impermanently self-mutilate herself to draw the others to her location. Dan realises that there is nothing left of Sophia in her body and reveals that he knows the others are coming because of their shared ability to feel each other's pain. When Abigail and Jones arrive, Sophia tries to warn them not to come in but Dan knocks them down and beats them into unconsciousness to tie them all up together. Dan prepares to set them on fire and leave but a ghostly presence locks him in with them. Dan prepares to set them on fire, regardless of the end it will pose to his own life but is distraught when he finds that his lighter will no longer light. Dan says a prayer and then a candle mysteriously lights and the entire room is set ablaze.

Roman arrives at the church, seeing the smoke coming from below. Abigail recovers and emerges from the ashes, escaping just in time before Roman arrives at the scene. He finds Dan's cross necklace in the remains and leaves to sit down and reflect on what's happened.

Karla wakes the following morning and discovers she is pregnant with it having advanced to the third trimester overnight.

Ghost Wars airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


"Sunday at The Savoy" to Present World-Renowned Ballet Stars

Winter Ballet Gala 

January 28, 2018

Kristallin Productions Company presents to your attention a winter gala concert "Sunday at The Savoy" with the participation of world ballet stars who will perform their favorite around the world solo, pas de deux, excerpts of classical ballet repertoire and modern rooms.

The program will be attended by the dancers of the Bolshoi Ballet, Royal Opera House, Theater of Contemporary Ballet of New York (Complexions Contemporary Ballet), the National Ballet of Cuba.

The program will be provided only for one night in the cult theater The Savoy Theatre. 
"The mission of this project is to expand the range of audiences and its assessment of the ballet, both in classical and in modern format. We hope to embrace and creatively engage the audience the theater, which usually are not interested in the ballet "
producer of the project, Catherine Barham 

In addition to the ticket, there is a small amount of champagne & canape package, which can be purchased on the official website of the ATG ( . Viewers who purchase this package will be offered champagne and canapés before a gala concert and during the intermission.

Information about tickets for the gala dinner will be announced later. At the dinner will be dancers and dignitaries. 

  1. Yana Salenko, Berlin State Opera and Ballet Theater (Stattsballet Berlin) 
  2. Ivan Putrov, Men in Motion 
  3. Igor Tsvirko. Bolshoi Theater, Moscow 
  4. Eugene Savarskaya. Bolshoi Theater, Moscow 
  5. Clifford Williams. Complexions Contemporary Ballet (New York) 
  6. Sarah Lamb, The Royal Ballet Covent Garden 
  7. Steven McRae, The Royal Ballet Covent Garden 
  8. Matthew Golding, The Royal Ballet Covent Garden 
  9. Adiaris Almeida, the National Ballet of Cuba 
  10. Taras Domitro, the National Ballet of Cuba 
(The performance is subject to cast change although every endeavour will be made to retain the original advertised line-up). 
Yana Salenko, prima ballerina of the Berlin State Opera and Ballet Theater (Stattsballet Berlin). 

Winner of the most prestigious German award in the area of Tanzpreis Zukunft Dance (Dance Prize "Future", 2010). In 2013 she made her debut at the Royal Ballet of Great Britain as Kitri in the ballet "Don Quixote" (directed by Carlos Acosta). In 2014 she performed the role of Kitri in the play "Don Quixote" of the Mariinsky Theater. 
Repertoire includes:
"Sleeping Beauty" (Princess Aurora, Princess Florine, fairy Canaries), "La Bayadere" (Gamzatti) directed by Vladimir Malakhov;
"Esmeralda" (Esmeralda) - choreography by Yuri Boatmen and Vasily Medvedev;
"Cinderella" (Cinderella), "Peri" (Perry) - choreography by Vladimir Malakhov;
"Giselle» (Pas de deux), «The Nutcracker" (Marie) - choreography by Patrice Bart; 
Ivan Putra Prime London's Royal Ballet (2002-2010), a guest soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine (since 2001), Honored Artist of Ukraine (2009). In 1996 I won a prize and gold medal of the International Competition Ballet Serge Lifar (Kiev) and won the Ballet Competition "Prix de Lausanne" (Switzerland) - which allowed him to get a scholarship to study in the UK, in the Royal Ballet School. 
Repertoire includes:
The Royal ballet
Pierrot "Pierrot Lunaire" with choreography by Glen Tetley (preparing party under the leadership of choreographer
Lenski, "Onegin" with choreography by John Cranko
Florimund Prince, "Sleeping Beauty"
Nutcracker Prince, "The Nutcracker"
Solor and Golden god, "La Bayadere" staged by Natalia Makarova
Basil, "Don Quixote"
James, "La Sylphide"
Prince Siegfried, "Swan Lake"
Count Albert, "Giselle" 
Igor Tsvirko, the leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater. A graduate of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography and winner of the second prize at the International Ballet Competition and choreographers.

Repertoire includes:
The Nutcracker Prince ( "Nutcracker")
Petruchio ( "The Taming of the Shrew") 
José ( "Carmen Suite" by Bizet - R. Shchedrin, staged by A. Alonso)
Couple in red ( "Forgotten Land" to the music of Britten, choreography I. Kilian)
the title role ( "Spartacus")
Mercutio ( "Romeo and Juliet" directed by Alexei Ratmansky) - the first performer at the Bolshoi Theater 
Clifford Williams, a well-known Ukrainian audience thanks to the leading parts in the ballet The Great Gatsby. . He began his dance education at the secondary school Educational Arts La Guardia. He went to school and the Ailey School of American Ballet, both of which he attended on a scholarship. He received the award of the first degree of the National Arts Development Fund in 1998. In 2004, Williams joined the troupe Complexions Contemporary Ballet (New York, USA). 
He danced in the works of Rodin Dwight (artistic director of the world-renowned troupe Complexions Contemporary Ballet). Since 2004, Clifford assisted by the director and choreographer Dwight Rhoden to work on a variety of projects, including the ballets for the Dance Theater of North Carolina, Ballet Pittsburgh Aspen Ballet Santa Fe Ballet for Vishneva Project, as well as in the TV program "So you think you can dance ". 
Sarah Lamb, prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet, Covent Garden (Royal Ballet London). Winner of the US presidential scholarship in the arts. In 1998 he admitted to the Boston Ballet, where she became a prima ballerina and danced the leading roles in ballets by contemporary choreographers. Especially Sarah, the famous British choreographer Wayne McGregor created his first full-length ballet Raven Girl ( «The Crow"). 
In perertuare:
Party Aurora, Giselle, Nikia, Kitri, the Sugar Plum Fairy, Juliet, Manon, as well as roles in ballets by Balanchine. 
Steven McRae, began studying dance at the age of seven years. In addition to ballet, tap dancing involved, all this you can enjoy in our presentation Sunday at The Savoy. Skills in both types of dance shown in 2003 in the competition "Prix de Lausanne", which brought him a scholarship to the Royal Ballet School in London, where he began working in 2004 
For five years, he managed to climb to the top step in career: in 2009 he was elevated to the rank of prime minister.

Repertoire includes:
Romeo ( "Romeo and Juliet" by Prokofiev and choreography by K. MacMillan)
Des Grieux ( "Manon" to music by Jules Massenet, choreography K. MacMillan)
Prince Siegfried ( "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky and choreography by Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, F. Ashton, D. Bintley)
Florimun Prince ( "The Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky and choreography by Marius Petipa, E. Dowell, F. Ashton, C. Wheeldon)
Prince ( "Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky and choreography by P. Wright)
Prince ( "Cinderella" S.Prokofiev choreography F. Ashton
The Chosen One ( "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky and choreography by K. MacMillan)
Coghlan ( "Vain Precaution" by L. J. F. Herold, choreographer Frederick Ashton). 
Matthew Golding, who was born in Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada). He studied at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School staff, the Universal Ballet Academy (Washington) and the Royal Ballet School in London. 
After graduation, he entered the company of the American Ballet Theater (2003 - 2008). Since 2009 - in the company of the Dutch National Ballet, since 2010 - the Prime Minister. Matthew Golding - winner of the Grand Prix competition of the Youth American Ballet Theater (New York), winner of the Alexandra Radius Prize (2010). He was nominated in 2011 for the prize Zwaan Dutch theater and concert association in the category of "Outstanding Achievement in the field of ballet."

For the role of the Prince in the film version of the ballet "The Nutcracker" with choreography by Wayne Eagling he was nominated for the Benois de la danse.

Repertoire includes:
Solor in "La Bayadere" Natalia Makarova
Basilio in "Don Quixote" by Alexei Ratmansky
Prince in "The Sleeping Beauty" by Sir Peter Wright 
Adiaris Almeida, choreographic education in the National School of Ballet in Havana. After graduation she was invited to the National Ballet of Cuba under the direction of Alicia Alonso, where he became a leading ballerina.

Almeida was later invited to join the American Ballet Cincinnati (USA).
He won gold and silver medals of the International Ballet Competition in Havana. 
He became the first Cuban dancer reached the final of the International Ballet Competition in the United States. Winner of the International Dance Competition in Japan and participant Gala Ballet in Tokyo.

Later, she was invited to the Boston Ballet, where she danced the main leading roles in theater productions. Currently Adiaris Almeida is a guest dancer of many theaters of the world, including the National Ballet of Cuba and the Rome Opera, and participates in international ballet festivals, and is a welcome party-dancer at the prestigious world ballet gala. 
Taras Domitro, was born in Havana, Cuba. He studied at the Provincial School of Ballet, at the Alejo Carpentier and the School of the National Ballet of Cuba. In 2008 he entered the troupe Ballet San Francisco Prime. He holds the Gold Medal of the International Competition in Orlando, Florida, USA (2008), Grand Prix of the International Festival in Peru (2003) and Havana (2002), First Prize and Prize "Discovery" in the Competition-Festival in Havana (2000). 
Repertoire includes:
Basil ( "Don Quixote", and Thomason Posokhova)
The Snow King and the Nutcracker-Prince ( "Nutcracker")
Mercutio ( "Romeo and Juliet")
pas de trois and Siegfried ( "Swan Lake") 
Executive producer:
Linda Rogers

Produced by:
Catherine Barham
James Skrimdzhor

Event facebook:


The Librarians S04E02 "And the Steal of Fortune" Recap

Gamblers at the Fortune Downs casino and racetrack are having a supernaturally large amount of bad luck, which the Librarians don't know about since they're looking for a new way to detect when new magic manifests. Jake brings Ezekiel to the Fortune Downs racetrack to enjoy some down-time, as Jake has an old friend named Slayton who works there with the horses. Slayton tells about how he had had really bad luck but believes his fortune is about to change. The conversation is interrupted by a crime boss named Bennie and his goons and girl that arrive to take Slayton's favourite horse away.

Slayton has to go to the hospital when a mix of chemicals from regular items combines badly with a bee sting to create an allergic reaction. While at the hospital, Jake and Ezekiel observe a considerable number of other patients that have all been injured due to bad luck and all are connected to the Fortune Downs casino and racetrack. They gather the rest of the team and head back to find the magical source.

Cassandra gets sucked in by the allure of gambling, as her superior intellect should allow her to do well but ends up losing a considerable amount of money due to the magical forces at work that defy all the odds that she has calculated. Jake and Eve decide to investigate Bennie when they learn he is the owner of the casino. They determine he is stealing luck but they need to figure out how. Jake hypothesises that Bennie's pinky ring is the magical artifact. Bennie becomes alarmed when Cassandra is able to turn her losing streak around by ignoring the odds and instead calculating the trajectory of the roulette ball, as her luck should've been depleted. Ezekiel gets sucked into playing on a machine but eventually manages to beat it by hacking the machine.

Ezekiel manages to swipe Bennie's ring. The team consults with Flynn and Jenkins to discuss the ring and they find that the design on it shows Fortuna, the Roman goddess of Fortune. Cassandra continues to win out in the casino and Bennie orders his men to find his ring and apprehend Cassandra. The rest of the team follows the men that have taken Cassandra to a back room. Bennie attempts to interrogate her for answers on how she was able to keep winning. Cassandra says it was only mathematics she used to figure out how she won. Eve, Ezekiel, and Jake watch the scene from above the room in the vents. Cassandra closely observes Bennie's micro expressions and deduces that he's not a tough guy. Bennie's girlfriend reveals herself to be the one in charge as she's the goddess Fortuna. Fortuna wants to know which god sent Cassandra, and she claims it was Saturn. Fortuna is slowly turning back into a statue, as three of her fingers have already turned back into metal.

Eve, Ezekiel, and Jake determine that Fortuna blowing kisses on the casino's commercials are amplified by the electromagnetic waves of the technology. This is what has allowed her to steal the luck of those that watch the commercials. The trio pursue the guards that have taken Cassandra. Eve and Jake have been infected with bad luck but Ezekiel is immune somehow. Despite the difficulties with the bad-luck-impediment, the trio are able to overpower the guards and free Cassandra.

The team realises that Fortuna plans to blow a kiss on a live television broadcast, the ramifications of which could cause death and destruction to countless innocent victims. Fortuna threatens and assaults Bennie, ordering him to continue to do her bidding.

Jenkins and Flynn call the team and tell them how Jupiter betrayed Fortuna when realizing that she planned to rule the world by luck. Then she was cursed to one exist in the world as a statue. The team is nearly apprehended by a large group of bikers that are trying to hunt them down after a $100,000 reward was offered for the team to be apprehended. Bennie pops up and rescues the team and brings them to his office, where he asks them for help in overthrowing Fortuna. He was just a man with a gambling problem and through Fortuna's help, he began to win enough to own the casino.

There's no easy way to disable the cameras. Bennie reveals that his facial injury was caused by Fortuna hitting him with her bronze hand. She began to turn back into bronze when Cassandra started winning. They realise that the only way to stop Fortuna is to win in the casino, as it steals back the luck. The team works together to cheat and sabotage the system in a coordinated attack. Fortuna tries to get one of her hired goons to turn the camera on her but by then everyone in the casino and racetrack has won, forcing Fortuna back into a bronze statue.

The statue of Fortuna is brought back to the Library. Jake visits Slayton again, who has had his horse returned and his luck has also returned to normal. Without giving anything specific away, he lets Slayton know that he was involved in getting everything back to him as a form of payback for his friend.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


The Librarians S04E01 "And the Dark Secret" Recap

A group of priests are hunting down the four cornerstones of the Library of Alexandria, not caring if they have to kill in order to accomplish their goal. They find the first in a church and the second in a barrel displays at a park.

The Librarians are rehearsing a ceremony that will bond Flynn and Eve to one another as well as tether them to the Library. The ritual is important to ensure the safety and lasting power of the Library. The Librarians get word about the cornerstones being taken so Ezekiel, Jacob, and Cassandra set out to the park. Ezekiel swipes a memory card from a tourist photographer and finds images of the priests on it. They must find the other cornerstones or else the Library can be destroyed forever.

Back at the Library, Nicole Noone is found. Nicole was Flynn's original guardian and has been locked up in a secret part of the library for hundreds of years. She is immortal and was formerly romantically involved with Flynn. She is the one that hid the cornerstones and Flynn had long believed her to be dead. She will talk but only to Flynn.

The group regathers at the Library while Flynn speaks to Nicole. Jenkins tells the others that the heretic Order of Shadows are responsible for what's going on, when he recognises the design of flames in their cross. They want to destroy the Library so that they will destroy all the knowledge and enlightenment it brings to the world.

Jacob determines that Nicole came up with a pneumonic device related to the muses that allowed her to remember where she hid the cornerstones. This allows the team to figure out where the final cornerstones are hidden. Jacob, Ezekiel, and Cassandra head to the Paris opera house. Cassandra calculates that the three of them need to sing a High C to shatter the crystal that has blocked off the cornerstone. They retrieve it and the priests emerge to try to capture it for themselves. A chase ensues while some opera singers rehearse. The trio is caught and brought into a car where they meet the leader of the Order of Shadows, Monsignor Vega (John Noble).

Eve demands that Nicole be released so she can take them to the final cornerstone. They head to a lake with Flynn and are met with considerable amounts of lightening shooting off. Nicole won't got into the field to retrieve it herself due to the lightening that keeps shooting into the ground. Flynn shoots mineral samples into the air to maneuver the lightening away so Eve can reach the stone. Once she gets there, the other two follow and retrieve it together. They are distracted by the sound of Cassandra screaming. When they all run into the barn they find the Order of Shadows and the other three Librarians. With all four cornerstones, they're able to start the ritual to try to destroy the Library.

The Librarians begin to fight the Order. Nicole uses one of the cornerstones to distract Monsignor Vega and throws it into the centre of the vortex created. Without the power from the fourth stone, the vortex is at risk of collapsing. Monsignor Vega has been sucked in and Nicole by accident. Flynn insists on jumping in after her. Cassandra figures out how the Librarians and Eve can boost the signal and they all work together to keep it open long enough for Flynn to retrieve Nicole and the Library is saved.

Eve calls in a favour to have the members of the Order arrested. Nicole runs off while the Librarians and Eve are celebrating. Nicole only stopped the plan to destroy the Library because she wanted to save Flynn. The team contemplates whether Nicole will pose a threat to them and the Library's safety in the future before resuming rehearsals for the ceremony that they only have three months to perfect before the vernal equinox on which it must take place. Flynn admits to Eve that he is worried about the ethical issues with Nicole's captivity but she assures him that an institution is only as good as those that run it and together they can make it something upstanding. Finally, Flynn finds a book left for him by Nicole that holds a picture of the two of them from younger days.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


Mr. Robot S03E10 "eps3.9_shutdown-r" Recap

Santiago tries to take Darlene away. Dom catches him on the way out and questions his actions, leading to him knocking her out and taking her with Darlene. Elliot goes to an amusement park to talk to Mr. Robot and ask for his help in getting Darlene back. He admits that he missed Mr. Robot but had stopped talking to him because he was afraid of the part of himself that is Mr. Robot.

When Dom wakes, she tries to reason with Santiago but he will not be moved from his course. He brings the women to a barn that Irving arrives at, having brought Elliot along with him. Santiago says that Dom needs to be taken care of and Irving initially appears as if he'll kill Dom but kills Santiago instead, believing he has outlived his usefulness to the Dark Army. He informs Dom that she will now be the mole for the Dark Army and threatens her family to force her to comply.

Angela is visited by Price who confesses that he is her birth father. Whiterose is suffering from delusions and only got Angela involved in the destruction to spite him, leaving her devastated that there was no greater, higher purpose to all that is happened.

Whiterose's assistant Grant arrives at the farm, prepared to fill her order to kill the Aldersons, despite Elliot's Dark Army hack. Elliot is able to save Darlene and himself by coming up with a plan that will allow the plant to move to the Congo sooner. Whiterose watches everything from an online feed and has Grant kill himself, promising to reunite with him once the plan has been completed. Leon goes ahead and kills the other agents.

Dom is devastated to be the new mole and traumatised from the harrowing events she has been subjected to but gets Elliot access into the FBI server. Elliot discovers that Romero wasn't behind the encryption keys, but it was actually Mr. Robot that did so because it's what Elliot would eventually want. Elliot decides to work with Mr. Robot in order to go after the people actually responsible, that have now revealed their existence. Elliot sends out the data that will undo Five-Nine.

Darlene is walking to Elliot's apartment with a friend when she is confronted by Vera and her hired thugs.

Mr. Robot will return for season 4 on USA.


R/O Institute Offer Budding Storytellers a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

As Christmas is drawing closer, R/O Institute – Belgium's premier international incubator for new storytelling talent – is busy reviewing dozens of pitches sent in by authors, artists, designers and developers hailing from all over the world. In February, 2018, the institute will reveal which 10 pitches have been chosen and invite the winning individuals or teams to come over for 5 months in order to develop their cross-media projects under the guidance of critically-acclaimed professional coaches. While still in the review process, R/O Institute is accepting pitches which can be submitted at as well as be found on Instagram and other social media through ‘roinstitute'.

Publishing in a Digital Age
A New Age of Storytelling

It was predicted by futurists and SF writers and now we're seeing it in films, sharing the news online and hearing about it in podcasts: a new age of storytelling has dawned! More and more stories are being told through different media, with storylines interconnecting between TV series, theatrical features, shows, novels, comics, games and even newer, immersive experiences.

Still, the number of opportunities now available can be staggering and mastering every single skill needed to create a ready-to-publish project is nigh impossible. Of course, this can keep many talented visionaries from developing new ideas or even trying to pursue their dreams altogether. On top of that, the number of tasks lying ahead can seem daunting: finding great team members; learning how to pitch or sell an IP; attracting producers, investors and distributors; planning every stage of the project; and all other steps that need to be taken in order to nurse a product until its launch date.
That's where R/O Institute comes in.
From Paper to Pixels

What We Do
Every year, we invite 10 individuals or teams who've impressed us with their pitches to come over to our institute, where we help them develop 5 different skillsets, supported by 25 international experts and coaches, as well as the R/O Institute staff itself. During the entire process, participants are given continuous feedback through a high-tech evaluation app that allows talents, experts and fellow participants to communicate with each other and watch the progress on their project.

In short, R/O Institute provides lodging and full support, ensuring that participants are able to focus on developing their projects, without needing to worry about numerous factors partly or wholly beyond their control.

When done, the institute's agents and staff continue to support the project for about 18 months, submitting it to partners and marketplaces all over the planet.
Some Examples
R/O Institute Heps You Create Your:
  • Board Game
  • Card Game
  • Computer Game
  • Console Game
  • Comic
  • Documentary
  • Feature Film
  • Graphic Novel
  • Novel
  • Tabletop Roleplaying Game
  • TV Series
  • VR Experience
  • Web Series
... and More!


Marvel's Runaways S01E06 "Metamorphosis" Recap

Fifteen years ago, Jonah gave Geoffrey and Catherine the mansion with the secret room in the basement. All of the same adults are there, including Molly's still-alive parents. Leslie is already a leader and aware of the sacrifices just like Victor and Tina who have already been blackmailed into helping keeping everyone in line. All of the adults were offered help and in exchange Victor forced them into performing these sacrifices that convert people into a form of pure energy that can be consumed by the human body (Jonah's, to be exact).

In the present, Jonah presses Leslie to let him meet Karolina as he is actually her father. He wants to pose as an anonymous billionaire donor to the church and plans to attend the upcoming fundraiser for the school at which he'll be able to meet his daughter. Leslie is weary of the risks of being at an event her husband Frank will be at, as she's concerned he'll be suspicious.

Nico agrees to help Alex break into her mother's private server during the fundraiser event so they can find the surveillance footage of the sacrifices. Tina begins to train Nico to help her understand how to use the staff. She also shares how the staff was created in the lab and was designed to respond to Tina's DNA alone and the genetic similarity between mother and daughter is similar enough that she can access it. Tina also says that she would've let Nico read Amy's diary if she had asked. Tina is still saddened at not understanding why Amy would've killed herself.

Karolina bonds with Frank, who admits his failed attempt to go Ultra has him thinking he was pursuing something that wasn't his and she expresses her interest in the drawing of beings of light done by her grandfather.

Victor is revealed to have cloned his wife's phone and uses it to spy on her as she speaks with Robert. She admits that it's harder to have an affair now that Victor has been a kinder husband and been getting along with Chase. He admits that he knows Victor had been abusive in the past and gifts her a gun to use as a precautionary device, encouraging her to finally tell Victor about them.

The teens decide to take a single limo to the fundraiser and launch their plans to get access to the surveillance footage. They all dress up in their fancy clothing and it's more directly revealed that Karolina is romantically interested in Nico. Karolina reflects on having to re-evaluate who she is now that she sees her religion as a lie and that perhaps now she'll be able to be honest about both who she is and whom she wants to be with.

The teens and adults all arrive at the fundraiser. Jonah reunites with Leslie and Frank becomes suspicious. When the two walk off together, Frank has flashes of a memory that seems to have been erased at one point of him catching Jonah and Leslie together in bed.

Molly becomes concerned when she realises that by sending the parents away to prison she won't be able to get the information Catherine promised to give her about her parents. Molly begins to text Catherine, pressing for her to give her the information immediately, alerting Catherine that something is amiss.

Gert asks Karolina if she's interested in Nico, saying she's supportive if it's the case. Karolina is uncomfortable with speaking about the issue so she points out Gert's interest in Chase, which Gert denies. Karolina asks Chase to get a drink for her just to retaliate against Gert. The pair point out to each other that they're not being honest about who they like, before splitting off.

Karolina grabs a bottle of vodka and heads to the roof. Chase sees her walking out of the main party area when he is approached by Leslie who is looking for Karolina so she can introduce her to Jonah. Chase denies knowing where she is and follows her out. Molly follows Chase to see where he's going. Karolina is drinking her sorrows away and sits on the building's ledge, alarming Chase. An emotional Karolina fumbles the bottle and begins to fall off the ledge. Chase tries to grab her but only ends up pulling her bracelet off. Karolina falls off the ledge but stays suspended as her powers are activated and she's able to float back onto the ledge where Chase puts the bracelet back on her. He kisses her and she appears surprised and unresponsive but doesn't say anything to him to clarify that she's only interested in him as a friend. Molly witnesses the exchange.

Gert flirts with a low-level security guard to keep him distracted while Alex and Nico head up to access the server needed to get the surveillance footage. They realise they need to head to Nico's mother's office to get it. When Alex and Nico take the elevator upstairs, the guard tries to call it in to ask who is accessing the restricted area. Gert begins to play on a vintage video game which distracts the guard further into telling her it's not supposed be touched but her flirtatious charm prevents him from taking any real actions to make her stop. They are interrupted by the PI/security man Tina had contracted to dig up information on the Yorkes when they were trying to run away. Gert charms him into playing on the game with them.

Chase and Karolina get back into the party in time for the main address to be given. Victor begins to struggle with the nanobytes in his head that are supposed to be treating his brain cancer. Tina is giving a speech and thanks Robert for all his support and loyalty to the family. When Victor is given the opportunity to speak, he exposes Janet for having an affair with Robert. Victor collapses due to his cancer and Tina excuses herself, humiliated at Robert's betrayal. Victor is brought to a back room where Chase lets it slip to everyone present, including his mother, that Victor has brain cancer. Janet tries to comfort him but Chase tells her to leave. Dale offers to call 9-1-1 but Leslie says she has a better idea. She updates Jonah on Victor's illness and says she has it under control, despite Jonah's skepticism but he agrees to help.

Tina passes by Gert and the two staff playing on the vintage video game. They are apologetic and complimentary towards her but she says nothing, only giving them a judgmental stare. Gert texts Alex and Nico to warn them she's coming up. They hide behind her desk and Tina comes in and cries to herself. Nico is shocked, having never seen such vulnerability from her mother. Tina returns to the party afterward and Alex and Nico both sneak back shortly thereafter. Nico ponders how it doesn't make sense for the heartless killers they believe their parents to be to break down crying in their private office. Chase updates them on how Karolina can fly and that his mother and Nico's father are having an affair. Nico realises that this is the reason her mother was crying.

Jonah injects Victor with a special serum that cures his ailing health. Afterward Victor is shown to bed in good spirit and no longer angry at his wife. Jonah encounters Karolina and introduces himself to her as one of her mother's old friends that's new in town. Frank offers to drive Karolina home and she heads off to find his car. Frank stares Jonah down suspiciously and is about to follow after Karolina when Jonah stops him, saying he admires all the work he has down for the church. Frank says he failed to go Ultra and Jonah assures him he was successful but simply doesn't know it yet, guiding him to walk off and speak in private. Leslie watches the encounter from afar and Dale ponders how Frank should have no memory of Jonah since he took care of that problem himself. She says Frank doesn't remember him, leaving the pair to ponder what insidious things Jonah has planned for Frank.

Gert catches up with Molly, asking where Chase is. Molly shares how she followed Chase up to the roof where he kissed Karolina. Molly is apologetic but says she didn't want there to be any more lies. Gert is hurt but appreciates her honesty on the matter. Molly approaches Catherine and stresses her need to know about her parents and lets it slip that she 'didn't see a thing' and heads home with Stacey. Catherine tells Geoffrey she messed up and now believes Molly saw everything.

Marvel's Runaways is available for streaming on Hulu.


The Gifted S01E10 "eXploited" Recap

Two months ago, Esme was working on the campaign re-elect Senator Montez, who runs on a campaign that stresses security, human right, and a society with no mutants. Esme was working under the name Stacy. She had just asked to sit in on one of his important meetings and gets permission but is forced to flee when she receives a telepathic warning that Sentinel Services is coming. They raid the area, having been tipped off that Montez's campaign has been infiltrated by mutants but Stacy has already gotten away.

Resuming the present day plot, Polaris wants to go back and attack Sentinel Services but Reed and Caitlin want to form a practical plan that won't risk the lives of their children. John tries to get everyone on the same page but struggles to get things truly cohesive.

The Strucker children consider trying to use their combined power to escape but are still weary about doing so. Meanwhile Turner berates Sonya for manipulating his memories and causing him to forget that his daughter was dead and have to re-experience that trauma. She is apologetic but he doesn't care what she has to say on the matter. He brings the prisoners to Campbell, who wants to test the Strucker kids in particular for their abilities.

Reed and Caitlin, after speaking with Esme, head to Turner's home and hold him and his wife at gunpoint to talk about securing the release of their children. Esme relays the news to the other mutants at Underground and try to form a plan to break the kids out.

Campbell orders the Strucker kids to use their powers for testing. When they refuse, he shoots Sonya dead so they can see the threat he pressing. He then threatens to kill Blink so they relent and join hands to unleash their power for the first time within an adamantium holding cell. The monitoring scientists warns Campbell that the censors in the cell are reaching their limit but Strucker orders that they keep going. They end up causing a bit of an explosion but Campbell is still pleased with the display and orders them to be sent back to their cells and given something nice to eat for their great contribution.

Reed implores Turner to understand what's wrong about his children being tested on. Caitlin apologises for coming into their home, noting how when Turner did that to her in her own home, she was terrified. Turner's wife Paula is shaken by this information, not having realised how unethical her husband was being and horrified to hear what Caitlin shared about the experiments done on mutants that result in them being pumped full of drugs, psychologically tortured into being compliant slaves to Sentinel Services. Reed and Caitlin leave in peace and Paula stops him from calling in the authorities and pushes him to reflect on what exactly he has done in their daughter's name.

Campbell's scientists isolate an important amino acid in the Strucker kids that has been in the other Strucker siblings. Campbell believes it will serve as an important and permanent solution to the 'mutant problem'. Turner arrives at Sentinel Services with other agents and declares he'll be taking back the mutants, also learning of Sonya's death though Campbell merely claims it was an 'incident' that took place during one of the experiments.

The Underground learns that Sentinel Services has shown up to Trask Industries with many transportation vehicles and see it as the opportunity needed to free the mutant prisoners. Esme offers herself up to come along and be a key player in the plan by using her telepathy to monitor the security of the situation.

Jace and Caitlin are shocked when they come back and find out that Esme manipulated the entire situation. Esme was the one that suggested they go convince Turner to release the prisoners and agreed that they wouldn't attack but claimed to Underground that they ran off to force them to release the prisoners. They realise Esme is a danger and it's then that she uses a taser on Marcos, declaring that she has a plan of her own. She uses her telepathic powers to make the various guards kill themselves and Turner is forced to sit back and watch the destruction and horror, having been shot but not killed. Two of the prisoners are shown top e identical to Esme and get off the transport vehicle to join by her side and force the remaining guards to kill each other and themselves. Marcos wakes to see the shoot-out and runs back to the other Underground leaders and warn them what has happened. The other prisoners get off the truck and the Esme-trio tell them it's time to go and that the fun is just starting.

The Gifted airs on Mondays on FOX at 9/8c.


Heartless S01E07 "Episode 7" Recap

The morning after the confrontation in Just's office, the students gather around and take in the disarray. Emilie visits Sofie in her room and slaps her, accusing her of attacking Ida. When Sebastian comes in after Emilie leaves, he poses the theory that someone else must be after the heart as it wasn't either of them that tried to steal it in the night.

Emilie and Headmaster Just sit with Ida who is lying concussed in her bed. Emilie wants to call for medical help but Just thinks Ida will be fine without treatment and pushes Emilie to reveal who in the school is cursed. He is thankful that they didn't get a hold of what they were looking for.

Sebastian asks Nadja if she has ever known anyone 'strange' like him, hoping to discover who else is cursed and might have attacked Ida. She claims not to know of anyone else like him but does put him on the path of questioning Gustav, saying he is often roaming the halls alone at night.

Just pushes Pieter to find answers about the attack on Ida and also encourages him to ask Emilie out, hoping to push Emilie towards a more heteronormative standard. Pieter agrees to ask Emilie out.

Sebastian and Sofie follow Gustav to a random location where he meets with another cursed person who feeds on Gustav with his consent. After Gustav leaves, Sebastian and Sofie confront the man, saying they are like him. The man's name is Mikkel and his background is similar to theirs. He never knew his parents either. When it first started, he had a girlfriend that happened but things ended between them. Sebastian shares the quote Emilie shared and Mikkel shares how these were the words Ane said when she was burned at the stake and her off-spring continued on through the Justs. Mikkel claims to know where Just keeps the heart and is willing to share the location, saying he couldn't get the heart on his last attempt.

Sebastian has another encounter with Josefine in which she presents herself to him nude after showering. He struggles to keep from kissing her on the lips but affirms his feelings for her.

Sofie tells Emilie that neither she nor Sebastian were the ones who attacked Ida. Emilie still doesn't trust Sofie and their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Pieter whom Emilie has agreed to go on a date with. Sofie and Sebastian observe the pair walking off together, shocked by the sight of it before heading off to meet Mikkel. Pieter and Emilie go for a walk in the woods. He offers her a drink from his flask and she only has a little. Their time together is pleasant but when Pieter prepares to drive her back, he becomes aggressive in trying to kiss her and push her towards sexual activity. She gets out of the car and runs off. When Pieter comes driving after her, she uses her powers to knock a tree down to block the road.

Sofie and Sebastian meet with Mikkel, who instructs them on where to find the heart necklace.

Emilie doesn't tell her father about Pieter's aggressive behaviour but does chide him for pushing Pieter towards asking her out in the first place. Just becomes angry when Clara uses her own powers to play with her dinner food. Ida becomes alarmed over dinner, warning Just once again that someone is going after the heart. The two head out together while Emilie and Clara are left at home. Sebastian and Sofie search the building to find the heart while Emilie looks through photos of her with Sofie. Meanwhile Clara uses her powers on some flowers.

Sebastian, Sofie, and Mikkel continue to search for the heart when Sofie gets a text from Emilie warning her to get out. She shows Sebastian the warning message while Mikkel closes in on where the heart has been hidden. He wants to push the cabinet that has been recently moved while Sebastian and Sofie run off once they see Just drive up. Mikkel stay behind, determined to find the heart and successfully does so. Just is armed with a shotgun and fires it into the building. Upon getting inside with Ida, he discovers the open cabinet and then Mikkel on the floor, recognising him from having been at the school. Mikkel has been shot in the chest and Just knocks him out before taking the heart necklace back. Just tells Ida to keep an eye on him while he searches the rest of the house.

Just ties Mikkel up in the kill room and Mikkel wakes only to be interrogated and tortured by him. Mikkel is revealed to have been a student at the school five or six years prior but Just is intrigued by how Mikkel was able to make it through his time at the school without being caught, only to now be caught years later. Just wants the names of whomever is cursed at the school currently but Mikkel won't give up the names.

One of the janitors goes to confront Josefine again, demanding answers about Pede's death. She refuses to answer any more of his questions, standing her ground. The janitor attacks her and forces her against a cabinet, even choking her continuing to press her to answer. She relents and gives up Sebastian's name.

Sebastian ponders how they shouldn't have come to the school but Sofie shifts her tone and thanks him, saying that before they came to the school she was only existing without living. She promises that they will stay at the school no matter what.

Emilie discovers Just's kill-room and is angered by Just's violence against Mikkel. Ida has arrived with Clara in tow. Just brings them all to see Mikkel and Just presses his younger daughters to not see a tortured human but simply a predator looking for its next meal. Just claims that this kind are what killed their mother. The argument is interrupted by the janitor Henrik who wants to tell him what he has learned but Just instead uses him as a sacrifice to Mikkel's need to feed to shock his daughters into siding with his ideology against the cursed ones. He presents Ida with a blunt object, pressing her to end it. Ida takes the object and slowly approaches Mikkel. He whispers to her that he loves her and she hits him in the head till dead, shedding quiet tears for the loss of her love.

Heartless is available for streaming on Netflix.


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