Emerald City S01E04: Science and Magic

Creepy lab setting, the patient gets a shock.

Tipp, distraught over what she did to Jack prepares to jump off a bridge. The Captain of the guard tells her that no one deserves that fate. Tipp isn't sure he's right. She offers to kill for him if he lets her join him. With no family, he may have a place for her.

Lucas and Dorothy move slowly through the woods. Dorothy thinks that they should head back to the yellow brick road, so they can move faster. Lucas points out that the Wizard's guard are monitoring the road. Toto barks, and Lucas wonders what he wants with him. Dorothy tells him she thinks he's just grateful to have him. Lucas points out that it was Dorothy who saved him. A little girl runs for Lucas for protection.

The Wizard's Captain is brought to the pool.

Elizabeth wants to travel forth, but the Wizard denies her. She tells him that at the least he still needs council, but he doesn't want hers. He goes to free Anna, she has work to do.

The patient is Jack. He wakes with Tipp on his mind. The woman looking over him gives him something to calm and knock him out, as she pulls out her big saw, claiming that what she's about to do won't hurt a bit.

The Captain takes Tipp to her new home. The mistress of the house pays the guard well, she's in Glinda's house now, and she's about to become one of her girls whether she wants to or not.

Dorothy tries to talk to the little girl, but she doesn't seem to understand her. The little girl seems to know Lucas. Dorothy isn't willing to leave the little girl behind, no matter the consequence. Dorothy wants to take the girl back to the village.

Jack awakens again. The woman introduce herself as Jane. She tells him that he was quite alone when they found him, they thought he was dead. And they had to make a few changes. Jane unveils his body. I think we've just found our tin man.

Dorothy crosses the fence with the little girl in tow. Lucas stays behind with Toto. Dorothy promises her that if they cannot find her parents she'll take her back to Lucas. She notices that there is something in the girl's ear. She removes the shell, and the girl hears too much. She gives the shell back.

Anna wonders over the turn of events. She thought that the Wizard was displeased with her. He's not anymore. She tells him what she thinks about the beast. They know its past, but Anna thinks that it will come from sky. That it will have a heart, and mind and unrelenting strength. The Wizard thinks that means that he has no way of winning, but Anna knows that means it can be beat.

Jack struggles with his new limbs. Jane pushes him to keep trying, to keep going, but this isn't what Jack wanted. He thinks she should have left him to die.

Glinda talks with her new initiates, when Tipp's outbursts draws her attention. Tipp doesn't want to be there, the Captain lied to her.

Dorothy finally finds where the little girl belongs, but she's not quite ready to let her go yet. She wants to see where Sylvie lives. Sylvie's “parents” reluctantly lead her to their home, but don't let her go much further. Lucas rushes to get Dorothy before the guard can find her, but she's not ready to leave Sylvie. Lucas pulls her away as Dorothy tells him that the people that have her aren't her parents. Dorothy hides from the guard, drawing her weapon in case. Lucas warns her that if she shoots the gun, then she'll end up caught. Lucas cautions her to think. Dorothy asks for his clothes.

Glinda and West fight over the orphans. West offers Tipp a position as a chance to feel, to be loved, to be a courtesan. Tipp doesn't like her choices to be a nun or whore.

Jack is still trying to get his wits about him, when he meets a new person. She's unlike anyone she claims, unwilling to give him any help. She looks over a cache of masks, wondering which she'll don today. She chooses another mask, and leaves.

The villagers are unhappy over the turn of events. They've all lost someone, and they're blaming the Wizard. The Wizard claims that there is no magic, but Anna finds something that may prove otherwise. She touches it, and it bursts out, knocking her out. Whatever was there is no more.

Dorothy heads back to Sylvie's house in Lucas's clothes. She lets herself in, and finds Sylvie shaking, her parents turned to stone still holding her hands. Could this be our lion? Dorothy wonders how she did this, but she still wants to save the little girl, and take her back to Lucas. She asks the little girl if she can help her, and Sylvie agrees. Dorothy breaks her free, literally.

The Wizard takes Anna to recover. She tells him that he has others capable of counseling him, but he's quite enamored of her. She chose that path that she's on, but she cannot stray she tells him. There may be other villages with those not following him. The Wizard asks if he should kill the man, but Anna sees another way. Not to make him a martyr, but to earn his trust.

Tipp tries to enjoy her bath, but its hard to do that, she has a bath mate. The girl thinks that getting adopted should be the goal, and Glinda would be a good keeper. Tipp reveals that West wanted her too, and the girl tries to sway her over to West, with good reason. The girl is West.

Dorothy makes her move with Sylvie in tow, when she's stopped by the Wizard's guard. They see through her disguise, as Lucas looks on helplessly.

Jack continues to make progress. Jane asks about the girl that was in the lab earlier. She asks if the girl was cruel. She wasn't cruel, just unusual. Jane has brought clothes for Jack, they're going on an outing. Jack knows something is wrong, but Jane doesn't reveal what.

West looks out the window. Tipp confronts her. She knew she was the one in the water. West isn't looking for another scolding. Tipp asks her if what she said was true. It was, but she has to work for it. Tipp doesn't want to forget, she wants Magic.

The Wizard goes to talk to Jeremiah about the magic. He wants to know where the tunnel led. The Wizard knows that they lost people, and he understands that fear. Jeremiah tells him that Oz is a land of Enchantment, and Magic is its heart. The beast comes because it must, it comes to purify the land. He wants to know if Science can save his grandchild.

The guard charges Dorothy with killing East. He pulls the sword that Dorothy carries, demanding to know where the owner is. He goes full My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father. Prepare to die on Dorothy and she's forced to pull out her gun when he grabs Sylvie, who immediately starts shaking. Dorothy tries to calm her, and diffuse the situation. Lucas comes and grabs the girl, as the guard calls after him. Dorothy shoots him so that they can get away. In the aftermath, Lucas is surprised that someone knew him.

Jack struggles up the stairs, lots and lots of stairs. Jane helps him up one step at a time, and they finally make it to the top. She takes him to the King of Av and his daughter, the weirdo in the mask. Lady Av excuses Jane, and Jack is to be left alone with her. She's less than happy at Jack's protest of staying. Lady Av paid for his procedure, and she took a liking to him. Now she owns him.

Lucas finally realizes how different Dorothy's world is. Dorothy introduces Lucas to some “magic,” namely her phone playing some music.

The Wizard has convinced Jeremiah to his side. And Jeremiah faces his village calling for them to embrace the Wizard's teachings.

The Wizard travels off with a recovering Anna.

Dorothy tells Lucas that the guard didn't know him. He knew the man that Lucas was, not the man that he is now. They share a kiss under the moonlight. In the morning they awaken to the sound of someone coming. Lucas sends Dorothy off. She runs through the woods as he gathers up Sylvie. They're apprehended by the guard. Dorothy is knocked out by someone else.


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