Emerald City S01E05 Recap: Everybody Lies

Dorothy wakes riding a horse, with a bag on her head. Shes brought through the city, to West. West looks her over, wondering if shes a good witch or a bad one.

Lady Ev arrives with her father and tin man with much fanfare. She notes that the Wizard wants sometihng. Her father takes a notice of Jack. He's indentured to her for the price of his metal.

The Wizard's guard, Eamonn returns home with Liam, and the girl. His daughter is surprised to see him, and Liam is suspicious. Eamonn knew him once. He was once a great soldier. All Liam knows is that he was found in limbo, and left for dead. Eamonn is sure that he did not betray the other soldiers. He urges Liam to stay put while he looks into things, and then he falls over from his wounds.

Ojo tells West that Dorothy is the one that killed her sister, and he wants what she promised him. He wants his wife free. West tells him that her magic can do many things, and she will return him his wife tomorrow. She sends him away. West tells Dorothy that it really doesn't matter if shes a good or bad witch. West thinks Dorothy is lying when she says that she isn't a witch. She tells West to look into her bag. West finds the gun, holding it on Dorothy. West isn't easily loved, and Dorothy murdered the only person able to love her. She pullst he trigger, but lucky for Dorothy, West had dropped the magazine, and theres not a bullet in the gun. Feeling lied to, West cold cocks Dorothy.

The Wizard proposes a toast to August, but really to himself. He pats himself on the back for his vanquishing of the Beast. He needs the Kingdom of Evs help to build weapons and kill the beast. Lady Ev asks about expert council surrounding the Wizard. Anna tells her account of the signs, but Elizabeth is clearly against her. Lady Ev toys with their emotions, goading them all.

West contacts her sister, and tells her that she has their sister's killer. Glinda wants her to wait, but West is a bit impulsive. West yells at Tipp, and Tipp gives West a little bit of insight, which West appreciates. She upgrades Tipp's status, and tells another girl Miranda to take over her former duties.

Miranda heads to check on Dorothy, who is trying to get free. Miranda doesn't try to hide the sewer entrance, but she does drive the glass Dorothy was attempting to reach into her foot.

Liam is surprised by the little girl. She tells him that Dorothy is near. He asks how she knows, she knows by her heart.

West pays Dorothy a little visit. When Dorothy rises to attack her, West uses her powers to restrain her. West wants answers before Glinda arrives. She wants to know what her sister was planning on coming to tell her before she died. Dorothy doesn't know. West asks about K. Chapman, but Dorothy doesn't know much about her either. She was her mother, and that is all she knows. West is surprised she knows nothing about her mother. Her own mother birthed all the witches of Oz, and still she knew her. She muses how awful she must be for her mother to throw her away. When Dorothy falls to the ground, the gauntlets appear. West tries to take her sister's gauntlet, but they react against her.

The Wizard asks if he can count on August to assist him. August wants his dog back. He died, maybe last year, and he wants him back. The Wizard heads straight to Lady Ev. He asks how long shes been ruling. She doesn't remember when the beast last came. The Wizard saved Oz, but he left her kingdom to drown, her mother to die. She wants nothing more than to see Emerald City and the Wizard himself destroyed. When the beast returns all her dreams will come true.

Dorothy tries to escape with no luck. Dorothy pleas with Tipp for help. Tipp tells her that she doesn't recognize her. Dorothy helped Tipp when she had nothing to gain from it. Tipp isn't grateful, she blames Dorothy for what happened. She does what she wishes Dorothy had done and walks away.

Liam and Sylvie go walking though the city, in search of Dorothy.

Its not too long before Dorothy gets company, someones she least expects, her mother. Dorothy is a smart girl, and surely, she sees right through West's disguise. Dorothy wants to believe her mother. She tells her that if she just tells West what she knows about her sister's death then she'll let them both go. She shares her memories with her “mother.” Once satisfied, West slaps her and leaves.

Lady Ev orders Jack about. Jack doesn't want to play with his crazy masked mistress anymore. He wants to know what she wants of him. She wants a friend, but she doesn't know how to be one. He puts it in simple terms, by earning it. She wonders if a festival could be the start of their friendship.

Eamonn goes tot he Wizard with his story of Dorothy felling him. He's unsure of the magic she used on him. The Wizard looks at the bullet that was removed from Eamonn's body.

Tipp changed her mind about helping Dorothy. She doesn't want to be responsible for someone else's death. Miranda catches the pair as Dorothy prepares to leave. She's more than happy to turn them in to West, after she kills them.

Glinda finally arrives. She wants to know about Dorothy, and how long she's had her. Glinda claims to harbor no secrets from West. She claims that she hadn't seen East in years, which West is surprised to hear. Miranda is the only one in the room. Glinda leaves in a huff. Miranda blames it all on Tipp, but West doesn't believe her. She tosses Miranda's dead body down the sewer.

Jack tells Lady Ev that he's sorry about her father, but Lady Ev isn't. She asks if this is what it feel like to be normal, but she won't reveal why she wears masks until they're friends.

The Wizard comes to Anna gleefully. He shows her the bullet. It is something that can kill the beast forever, and really give them something to celebrate.

Dorothy makes it to the festival, where she dons a mask and disappears into the crowd.

Liam and Sylvie are finally discovered. Some Wizard guard close in on him. He draws his sword on them. One claims that they tried to get a peek into his box, and he cut down 10 until he was stopped. Sylvie runs back to him. He realizes that hes done a lot of bad things. He asks her to let him go, to do no magic and let him go.

Lady Ev reaches for Jack's hand as they continue their walk. Some hoodlums come to grab Lady Ev's mask. Jack steps in to defend her, but gets roughed up until he remembers that he's a tin man now. He takes down all her attackers, and Lady Ev looks at him differently. He wonders if shes scared of him, but shes not. She kisses him. He tells her that friends don't do that. She decides she wants to do something else.

Elizabeth shows West the day that her sister died. West has seen all she wants to see.

The Guards take Liam to Eamonn. He tells him to release him, but Liam doesn't want to be released. He commited the crime, and he wants to pay for it.

Ojo comes for his wife, he wants what West promised him. She has not intentions of making good on her promise. Everyone lies.

Toto finds Sylvie.

Dorothy slips into the Wizard's palace. Gun drawn she looks around the Wizard's room, and finds things are not what they seem. Pink Floyd plays on the walkman. Dorothy realizes that they are from the same world, and the Wizard reveals that he knows her.


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