Grimm S06E01 Recap: Fugitive

The end is nearly upon us. Tonight kicks off the final season of Grimm, and hopefully the answers that viewers were promised to wrap up the much beloved show.

After a turmoil season five closer, season six picks right up. Renard has the sword in hand. Nick thanks him. Renard takes in the aftermath, unsure how Nick came away unscathed. Nick doesn't have the answers, and Renard isn't sure why he killed Bonaparte.

Monroe and Rosalee come to the same conclusion that Hank and Wu do, that they shouldn't have left Nick behind. Hank and Wu hear water, and find that their tunnel leads to the city storm drain, and no way out. Monroe breaks through the lock finally, finding a high ladder, and a door to the surface. He heads back down, ready to find the others. Rosalee doesn't want anyone else to know that she's pregnant. A future is the last thing she wants to think about with the odds against them. Trubel is forlorn, she doesn't know what they should do next. Eve keeps her nose to the grind. They rebuild. Eve tells Trubel to wait while she goes for Nick. Eve tries to wolg, with issue. She's feeling again. The whole group meets back, they plan to head back for Nick. But they don't get far, Nick finds them first and he's alone, having taken out everyone except Bonaparte, who Renard took care of for him.

Adalind comforts Kelly, and herself as well, as she worries over Nick. Renard comes home, and Adalind asks after Nick. Nick is fine, Renard tells her, and she's confused as to why he's still alive if Nick survived. Renard confesses that he killed Bonaparte, but he doesn't know how or why. Renard realizes that Adalind isn't surprised since she's responsible. She's definitely not responsible, and they both realize that Diana is to blame. Renard wants to discipline her, but Adalind thinks its a bad idea. Renard instead moves to cover his bases, since Black Claw is going to be a little upset by Bonaparte's death. Renard plans to get a confession and soon, and warns Adalind that she'll regret falling in love with Nick.

Renard makes a call.

Adalind goes to check on Diana. She's still awake. Adalind asks if Diana has been playing with her dolls again. She has, she didn't want him to hurt her again.

The group sees the aftermath of Black Claw's attack. They're surprised by how many attackers Nick took out. Eve/Juliette asks how he saved her. He tells her that it was the magic stick, which is also how he survived the attack. Eve feels different after being saved by the stick. She's definitely sliding back into Juliette, and I could not be more disappointed. Can she just be killed once and for all? Please. They make a plan to get rid of all of the bodies.

Renard tells the judge that he needs search warrants, a lot of them. The judge isn't happy about being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, even if he is the new mayor. They both wolg, before Renard tells him that Nick killed Bonaparte. The judge is suddenly ready to issue him whatever he needs.

Renard heads to the precinct and finds bodies in the hallway. A pair of cops got into it with something while the other officers were out. Nick was never transported, he escaped. Renard tells Franco to put out an APB on Nick, and shoot to kill if necessary.

Adalind calls Nick. She needs to see him, and now, but she can't leave the house with the kids.

At the Spice Shoppe, Rosalee, Monroe, Trubel and Eve start to clean up. One of the bodies grabs Eve, and she falls into a trance. He has a death grip on her literally. Rosalee reads up on the death grip, and cuts off the arm to save Eve. The Death Grip trades an impure soul for a pure one. Trubel wonders if the stick cleaned her soul.

Wu and Hank arrive at the precinct. The bodies are Wu's doing, but Hank assures him that no one will be able to pin the bodies on him. The Franco tells the pair that the Captain is on a rampage, and Nick is on his hit list. He suggests that Nick turn himself in, or get out of town. Hank and Wu spot Renard cleaning out his desk. Renard gets a call from Black Claw. He tells the caller that Nick killed Bonaparte, and he plans to take Nick down. He's not sure what's protecting him. Renard sees blood all over his hands, but its all in his head. With search warrants in hand, he's ready to go after Nick.

Nick arrives at the mansion, and Adalind rushes into his arms. She's thankful that he's alive. Nick worries over the bruises on Adalind's neck. She assures him that it wasn't Renard. She takes Nick upstairs to see his son. He's so happy to see the both of them, and that they're okay. Adalind wants out. She hates Renard, and the whole situation. Nick promises to find a way to free her. Hank calls Nick and tells him that Renard wants him dead, and he plans to find a way to do it legitimately. He tells him that he needs to get out, and no more using his cell phone. Adalind and Nick say their goodbyes.

Eve and Trubel return to Nick's. He's not there. Eve wonders about the stick that saved her. Trubel shows her the cloth, when Hank calls warning them that the police are coming. Sirens sound, the cops are close.

Monroe and Rosalee are thankful that everything is kind of over, and they're safe. But Monroe thinks maybe Portland isn't the safest place. Monroe turns off the lights when Wu calls. He warns them too that Renard put out an APB on Nick. He warns them that they have warrants for their home and the shop, and to not interfere. There's banging on the door, the swat team is already there. Rosalee and Monroe rush downstairs, but not fast enough before their door is broken down. They're looking for Nick, and they warn the pair not to infer drawing a gun on Monroe to drive their point home.

The Swat team searches Nick's home while Eve and Trubel sit in the tunnel. Eve notices patterns in the stick's cloth, but Trubel can't see what Eve is seeing. Eve has seen them before, they were on the scary death grip guy's face.

Renard isn't happy to hear the updates of the Nick search. He hasn't been seen, and his cell phone is no longer working. He knows the drill and he's smart enough to not be where he's expected. Renard has another bloody vision. He's on the losing side and he knows it. Nick's car has been spotted, on Laurelhurst. Renard tells them to start the search there.

Bud finds a fugitive Nick in his repair shop. Bud makes a call to the precinct. Hank and Wu head to the shop where they've lost the cops tailing them. Rosalee, Monroe, Eve and Trubel are also there. They all come to the same conclusion, that Nick needs to get away from Portland. HW is done is Portland, and Black Claw has been disabled too. Even though Renard is on his own, he still has enough power to take out Nick.

The search isn't going great. Nick's phone records have been looked over, and most of the frequent numbers have been investigated, except one. Bud's. Renard makes that the next target for the search. Hank and Wu return to the precinct, both sorta want to take out Renard. Renard knows that they know where Nick is. He knows they know where Nick is, he plans to go after them if they get in his way. They get a call about Rachel's body, and Hank doesn't think he should go to it alone.

The group tries to make a plan. Monroe and Rosalee know their Eve asks about the symbols she saw on the cloth. He doesn't know them. She saw them during the death grip. She doesn't think that he should keep the stick on him at all times.

Hank and Wu check out Rachel's body. They know that she was Renard's campaign manager, and think that Renard may be the culprit.

Bud's shop is under surveillance. Bud is jumpy as ever. Wu and Hank warn Trubel that Bud is now on the list, and Swat is likely coming soon. They put together a quick plan, for Bud to be the distraction. Wu calls Franco on scene, time is running out faster than they had hopped. Franco knows that what Renard is doing is wrong, but he's still in charge, and not someone Franco wants to cross completely. Bud and Monroe load the freezer into his truck as a part of the plan as swat arrives. They're cornered in the shop. Eve tries to wolg, but she's completely useless and unable to. Great time to become completely useless.  


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