Grimm S06E02 Recap: Trust Me Knot

Renard is in position, and poor Nick and Co are sitting ducks. As SWAT prepares to raid Bud's, they actually head straight for the freezer. It's clear of course. Trubel wants to take on the police, when Monroe blurts out that Rosalee is pregnant. Nick is prepared to turn himself in, Eve and Trubel are against it. Hank and Wu swoop in just in time with an arrest warrant for Renard for Rachel's death. They cuff him and haul him off. Nick clears the way to turn himself in. SWAT makes the decision to proceed with the mission and head inside the garage. Nick and Co don't put up a fight. The team leader searches Nick, and finds his magic stick. Upon closer inspection, the stick reacts and takes out all of the SWAT members.

In the back of the squad car Renard continues to make threats. He tells Hank and Wu that they won't come back from that, that Nick is going down. Wu warns that whatever he does to Nick will happen to him.

Outside the SWAT team is getting antsy. There's still no response from the team leader. A diversion is made. Gunshots ring out and a “SWAT” member calls out that Nick has escaped. The police all scatter to catch their fugitive, while Nick and everyone pile into the SWAT truck and make their own getaway. Nick wants Monroe and Rosalee to head back to the Spice Shoppe while he looks for a safe place to hide. Monroe tells him about the hidden door from the tunnels that he found.

Hank and Wu take Renard through a very public walk of shame through the precinct. Renard doesn't think the charges will go anywhere, but Hank and Wu think otherwise. There's a lot of evidence against him. Renard thinks they should rethink their careers, but Hank and Wu have motive for his crime. Renard was running for Mayor, and he wanted to present a happy family, but a blackmailing mistress, doesn't scream happy family. Renard knows the truth Diana killed her. Renard claims that he was with Bonaparte, who left the country AKA he's dead. Renard wants a lawyer. In jail, he calls Adalind. She's apprehensive about taking the call, but she takes it. He wants her to find a sitter, and get him released.

Until Adalind can get him out, he's forced to watch paint dry, literally. The janitor, doesn't think that what's happening is right. He volgs, and tells him that he'll help how he can. Renard wants a phone.

Wu and Hank know that they're not walking away unscathed. Franco tells them what happened at the scene, and he thinks that Nick should turn himself in. They're bound to shoot first next time. Trubel calls Hank, and updates him on their plan to head for the tunnels. Hank gives them the good news that Renard is off the streets for a bit, and they plan to meet up. Bud worries about them finding his wife. Even through the tunnels, Bud worries about his family. Nick and Trubel both promise to help his family. Eve feels sorry for Rosalee to be pregnant at a time like this. She's feeling a whole lot, and none of it spells good. She thinks they need to figure out the stick, before it turns on them.

Rosalee and Monroe head back to the Spice Shoppe, unsure what to do. Ultimately they decide to open up shop like its any normal day. Adalind asks Rosalee if she can watch the kids while she takes care of business. She doesn't trust them with anyone except Nick, and he's a little unavailable at the moment. Rosalee, is of course on board, but Monroe is a little more concerned. He can't be responsible if Diana beams herself out.

Renard gets his phone, and makes a call to his judge friend. He's surprised to hear that Renard has been arrested, but there's too much evidence at the scene. Renard tells him to uncomplicate things. As he sits on his cot, a bullet casing roll to his feet, there's a gun on the cot next to him. He remembers Meisner's death at his hands.

Back in the tunnel, Nick pull out the stick's cloth, but he doesn't think that its a good idea. Eve pushes, and even Trubel thinks that they need to know more. Eve points out the symbols that she sees on the cloth, but no one can see them. Eve tells them that she could only see them after the death grip. Nick cautions her to be careful, she tells him the same. She doesn't think that he should keep it on him all the time. Nick thinks otherwise. He knows that he wouldn't be there if it weren't for the stick. Nick thinks that he should be the one to decide how to use it. Eve pressures him into putting the stick away, pointing out that there is no threat in the tunnels. Nick puts the stick away, to prove he can, and Even and Trubel prepares to leave.

Monroe worries about having Diana in the shop. Adalind arrives with the kids. Diana makes acquaintances with Monroe and Rosalee. Rosalee and Adalind take Kelly into the back room to put Kelly down, leaving Monroe alone with Diana. She surprises him with her powers to grab down a jar. Adalind admits to Rosalee that she's headed to get Renard out of jail.

Nick has second thoughts about leaving the stick, but back in his hands, the pull is too strong, so he decides maybe he should leave it hidden for awhile.

Rosaless fawns over Kelly, when Monroe comes to get her. He has something he wants her to see. Diana has multiple items floating in the air. Rosalee keeps her calm, and convinces Diana to place the jars back. Trubel and Eve arrive. She knows Trubel as a friend of Nick's, and that Eve is different now. The girls run off, leaving poor Monroe alone with Diana again. She's ready to play.

Adalind is a little too happy to see Renard in the hot seat. He doesn't have an alibi because he was busy murdering Bonaparte. He wants Adalind to be his alibi, but she refuses. She won't put her children in jeopardy, and she'll see him in jail before she sees herself or Diana.

In the tunnels, Nick and Bud hide. Hank and Wu meet them, and wonder how Nick got out of the garage. Bud gushes over the stick, and the pair are a little shocked. Hank and Wu update Nick on Renard. He's a little shocked over the turn of events. Nick hatches a plan. He wants them to release Renard, and have him get the charges dropped. Neither want to go to jail. Nick calls Adalind. She's worried about him. He needs to make a deal with someone he doesn't trust. She suggests a trust me knot. Adalind offers to make one for him. She asks where she should meet him. He tells her to go where she first told him she loved him.

Hank and Wu head to get Renard ready for his meeting. Nick can give him an alibi, but the real one complicates everything. Nick has another ideal. Adalind will be his alibi, and he will drop all the charges against Nick. Renard tells Nick that he already tried that, but Adalind refused. She didn't refuse Nick. There's a little distrust on both ends, but Adalind reveals herself with her Trust me knot. Both parties take hold of the rope, and Adalind makes the contract, sealing it with her own blood. If the pact is broken, the knot will kill.

Rosalee, Trubel and Eve try to figure out how to read the cloth without destroying it. Adalind arrives to see what the ladies are up to, they tell her that they're trying to read the cloth. The first concoction they use eats away the cloth. Diana sees the cloth and wants to help. She uses her powers and she can actually see lots of stuff on the cloth, she can see everything. She tells them that she sees little pictures and some writing. Nick arrives, and they tell him that Diana can see stuff on the cloth. Diana finally meets Nick. She tells him that she likes Kelly. Trubel gets a call from HW, while Diana draws what she sees. Trubel is set to leave in 4 hours, and they want Nick to come with her, but not Eve. Monroe and Rosalee look up the symbols.

Wu worries that their case is too strong against Renard. Hank is sure that Adalind's look and testimony will be enough to get him off. They get a call, Renard's case is being fast tracked, like super fast. They have just two hours.

Trubel's time table gets moved up too. She's being called away immediately. She wants Nick to come with her, but he says no. He's staying put. Hank calls to get Adalind down to the court house. Because of who Renard is, they want him off and now. Adalind rushes down to the courthouse, a little nervous.

In court, Renard's pocket judge comes through. He throws out the case. Renard tells Adalind since she didn't testify the deal is off. Renard tells Wu and Hank to turn in the resignations in the morning. He plans to do a little housecleaning, and fast.

Adalind, Wu and Hank recount the happenings at the courthouse. He didn't choke on the knot since she never testified. Nick is still screwed. He tells her to move back in with Renard to keep her and her children safe, and Nick prepares to go back on the run.

Renard makes a call to have Nick found and fast. There's a little too much pep in his step.


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