Grimm S06E03 Recap: Oh Captain, My Captain

Monroe peeks out the windows of the Spice Shoppe. A flashlight shines from outside, the cops are searching. Downstairs, the crew plot their next step. Renard is cleaning house at the precinct. Diana's drawing is left behind so Rosalee can continue to research.

Adalind looks at her ring. She's still not feeling it. Renard tells her to get with the program. He's in full douche mode, and he expects a lot of support from his first lady.

Nick takes a peek at the stick down in the tunnel, and Eve notices that he's still drawn to it. Nick admits that he's reluctant to leave it. It saved his life. Eve points out that it saved hers too, and then she robotically blurts that Nick loves Adalind. A big duh on that part.

Hank types up his resignation. Renard collects it, and when Wu protest, Renard threatens to have them escorted out. Wu hands over his resignation, even though he doesn't feel its right, and he struggles to get control of his inner beast. Hank helps him get back to himself, and they get their stuff.

Eve points out the symbols she saw on the guy's face in hell. Nick is surprised that Diana saw so much more. Eve remembers what his mother told them. Diana's powers are very special, and she's destined for great things. Hank and Wu arrive with supplies. They're newly unemployed, and not wanting to live in the basement forever. Nick has a plan though. He wants to stop Renard before he takes office and becomes even more powerful. Nick wants Eve to turn him into Renard.

At the precinct, Jeremiah demands an audience. He has a little problem, namely Rachel's death. Renard points out that the charges were dropped. Jeremiah was close friends with Rachel, and he was there both before and after Renard. He's the one that found Rachel, and he loved her, but his silence can be bought. He gives Renard 24 hours to decide how much its worth.

Nick calls Adalind. She's at the park with the kids. He tells her that he has a plan, and he'll use the hat. Adalind can't help with that part, but Nick eases her mind, Eve will. Adalind is eager to help, she'll get the hair. Nick doesn't want her to take any chances, but she doesn't want to stay with Renard another night.

Renard looks into a replacement in Grossante. He's ready to assume the position

Monroe worries over Rosalee handling the ingredients, and what happened the last time that they used the hat.

Renard heads to Jeremiah's with a ton of cash. This cements Jeremiah's thought of Renard's guilt. Renard isn't actually guilty and he's got other plans. A volged Grossante slashes Jeremiah's throat, solving Renard's problem, and earning the Captain position. Renard leaves his new Captain to clean up.

Back at Renard's house. Adalind gathers the hair needed, and Monroe sneaks in get the hair. She wasn't able to get much, but it'll have to do. Adalind supplies him with a suit, shoes and even a tie. Monroe tells her to keep Renard at home and have him watch the move. Renard is home early, and he's headed straight for the closet that Monroe is hiding in. Adalind diverts him from the closet, noticing the blood on the shirt, and claims there's blood in his hair. He tells her he killed a blackmailer, and wonders why she's being so nice to him. She claims she's getting with the program. He heads to the shower, and Monroe makes a quick break.

Rosalee brews the potion, just needing the final ingredient. Luckily Monroe arrives with it, telling them all about his close call. Rosalee quickly finishes the brew, and Nick gets to the inhaling of the hat smoke. Rosalee is worried over the effects of the spell on a grimm, but there's no time. Nick takes it all in, and falls over. The change begins, and Nick becomes Renard, kinda. He's volged, and he's not sure how to make it stop. Rosalee walks him through letting it go, and Nick as Renard returns to normal.

Renard gets ready to head back out, and Adalind tries to stall him. He's set on leaving, but Adalind throw a million things about Diana and her education at him. He's ready to listen.

At the Spice Shoppe Nick gets tips on being Renard. He needs to be a little more confident, and lot more wanting to kill Nick. Nick nails it. Hank arrives, and presents himself as the perfect test subject. “Renard” tells him that he asked for his resignation, and Hank loses it, yelling back that he already turned it in. Nick's disguise is working perfectly.

Renard admits that he hasn't thought much about Diana's education, and he will, but now he has to go. Adalind moves to block him from leaving, even resorting to cooing over his great fathering skills. He hears himself giving a speech on television, abdicating the mayor position, and even thanking Nick for his undercover work. Renard is furious, and he threatens to make Adalind pay if she had anything to do with what they just witnessed.

Nick and Hank head to the precinct for a little clean up. Wu stands guard. Grossante pulls “Renard” aside for a little chat. He's a little upset with the fact that he's no longer getting his job. Grossante more than proved his worth, and he murdered the man for him, but Nick tells him that he got blood on his shirt, so the deal is off. Grossante volgs on him, but Nick doesn't back down, threatening him right back. Grossante leaves, and Nick gets cramps. He's sure he's about to make the change back to his beautiful self, when the press closes in with plenty of questions about his bombshell announcement.

Wu meets Renard in the garage, and warns him not to head up, since he's already upstairs, it may make things awkward. “Renard” continues to make statements, about having to step down as Mayor since the police force needs him, and how Nick, Hank and Wu were all working hard on a case. Renard confronts Nick, unhappy about what he's set into motion. As the press make their way downstairs, Nick, Hank and Wu make a getaway with Renard's computer. Renard tells the press that he has no plans to leave the position of Mayor, and the press are left baffled.

Nick, Hank and Wu make it back to the Spice Shoppe. They're all on cloud nine over the current events, but there's a problem. The cramps that Nick felt were the spell wearing off, only it didn't. His Grimm DNA maybe preventing it from doing so. Renard notices his briefcase, and computer are both missing, and he's really not happy about that. He calls Nick, and is surprised to find that Nick is still him. Nick, at Eve's prompting, tells Renard that he's remain Renard until they reach an agreement. Renard agrees to meet with him.

It's Renard vs “Renard” in a confusing showdown. Renard, doesn't plan on fighting fair, but Nick can also volg, so its a fair fight, which doesn't stop Renard from grabbing a pipe and using it as a weapon.

Rosalee and Eve look through spell books for finding a way to get Nick back to himself. Monroe has found anything in the grimm journals either. Adalind arrives, and she's surprised to hear that Nick hasn't turned back.

Renard and Nick both want their lives back. Black Claw and HW are both dead in Portland. Nick has a plan for them to get back to semi-normalcy. Renard stepped down to complete his investigation. Bonaparte and his crooked cops get blamed for the North attacks, Nick, Hank and Wu get their jobs back. Both men get to raise their own children, and Nick gets Adalind. Renard accepts the deal, but warns Nick, that if he sees Nick wearing his face again the deal is off, and he'll kill him. It's not perfect, but it'll work.

Nick returns to update everyone on the deal, but they arent't sure its really Nick. Adalind asks him where did they share their first kiss. And Nick gives the correct answer. Adalind is overjoyed, she just can't bring herself to hug him in his current form, and Nick can't get back to his form. Diana wakes up, and talks to her “daddy.” Nick plays along, but Diana sees right through it. She blasts him before Diana can stop her. Nick turns back into himself.

Renard arrives home, looking slightly defeated, but he's not alone. Meisner has returned! He warned Renard that he was on the wrong side, and it looks like he's going to prove it.


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