Grimm S06E04 Recap: El Cuegle

Renard is a little shocked to see Meisner. He doesn't think he's real, but Meisner doesn't think it relly matters, and he's not going to leave just because he's asked to. Renard reaches out to touch Meisner, and finds him to be very solid. Renard gets a call from Black Claw, and they're not really happy about Renard stepping down. Renard explains that it was a spell, turning his back on Meisner. Meisner disappears.

Diana is in a little bit of shock over what happened. She's not really happy about Nick impersonating her daddy. Everyone tells her that Nick had to pretend to be Renard for a little while, to do what he couldn't, but he's better now. Diana wants to see her dad, but they tell her its time for them to stay with Nick for awhile, so Kelly can see his dad. Diana notices Rosalee, or more accurately, her stomach. She announces to everyone that not only is Rosalee pregnant, but that she's having multiples.

Someone is looking up new babies on the internet, and he settles on one. The new parents are a little photo crazy about their baby. When night hits, the baby's cries wake up the parents, and the mother, Haley goes to check on the baby. The man has the baby in his hands. He wolgs into a El Cuegle and knocks the mother down. Her husband rushes in and she tells him that a man stole their baby.

In the tunnels, Eve explores. Diana, Adalind, and Kelly return to Nick's loft. Diana asks where her room is. Adalind explains they have a little less space. Diana looks at the ground sadly. A lot of people died in their home. She wants to see her daddy. Adalind promises her daughter that she will take her to see her dad tomorrow. Eve hears everyone upstairs. Nick goes over the shocking events. Diana has abilities that not even Adalind or Renard understand. They have to protect her. Eve starts up the ladder to the surface until she hears Nick confess that he was going crazy without Adalind. Her emotions are starting to get to her, and she goes back down with the stick in her sights.

Nick makes his triumphant return to the precinct to a little bit of fanfare, but Renard isn't planning on letting he, Wu or Hank bask too long. Renard wants to make things clear. He's in charge. Metals aren't coming forthwith. The trio leave, but Meisner is there. Renard fully argues with Meisner, but he's not really there. Renard is really just having a full fledged freak out. Meisner is just playing on his guilty conscious.

Wu goes over the case details, and the monster baby snatcher. Haley is distraught as she recounts the baby snatching. She's a little combative in her panic, but she eventually gets to the monster part of the story. The husband is upset, thinking that his wife hit her head and hallucinated the suspect's description. While Haley draws the suspect, Nick and Hank take Paul to where Auggie disappeared. Paul thinks Haley is a little obsessive, but really she's just a new mom.

Meanwhile the El Cuegle is having a few issues of his own, and poor little Auggie is left crying. He wolgs, taking the baby into his arms, and calms him before turning back into himself. He knows the baby is sick, and plans on getting the baby medicine.

Eve makes the decision to uncover the stick.

Nick looks over Haley's online account. He notices that she does post a lot about the baby, and every post is tagged with their location, likely how the baby was found. Wu brings over more similar cases. Nick stands up, and is instantly dizzy, as Eve touches the stick. It wounds her hand, obviously warning her off.

Hank and Nick do a little research at the Spice Shoppe to find its suspect. They find their wesen, and Monroe wants to stop the baby eating bastard.

The El Cuegle shops for some baby medication, while having a PTSD flashback and seizure. He involuntarily wolgs as a store clerk steps in to help the fallen man. The monster runs out of the store.

Hank and Nick see that similarities in the monster cases. Wu tells the that there has been a sighting.

Rosalee asks Monroe the hard question. How will can they stay in Portland, near Nick. They've been through a lot. She never wanted the white picket fence, never knew she wanted it. And now that she has it, she can't lose it. Monroe completely understands her feelings. They can't live their lives in fear, they have to live prepared.

Hank, Wu and Nick look over the security footage. He only took infant medicine. The clerk thinks it may have been a mask. A look at his getaway, shows his car plate, and its clear enough they can trace it.

Eve is still in pain the the tunnel. Her zap from the stick has turned into a symbol. She puts the stick away, and begins to carve on the wall with a rock.

Adalind makes good on her word, and takes Diana to her dads. She promises to pick up her daughter the following day, or when she's ready. Renard informs both of them that he's moving because he won't be mayor. When Adalind leaves, Diana asks why Renard doesn't love Adalind. He claims that its Nick's fault. Diana notes that Adalind said he'd say that. Renard tells her that he loves her, and Diana is satisfied. Everyone loves each other in a way.

Hank wonders why the El Cuegle wolgs at all. Something doesn't add up. He isn't stealing adult medicine. Nick notes that baby Auggie was a little sick before he was snatched. But Hank questions why he would heal the baby before eating him. Wu comes back with information on the rental car, and the men prepare to rescue the baby. The El Cuegle wolgs and attacks. Nick and Hank finally get him down and cuffed. The baby is fine, as the El Cuegle tells them not to take the baby.

At Renard's, Diana does a little cooking by magic. He laughs that it must be fun being her. Renard asks what happened to his friend Bonaparte. Diana tells him that he killed him. She tells him that he did it because he hurt mommy, and men shouldn't hurt mommy. Renard tells his daughter that she doesn't always have to protect everyone, that she could come to him, like if Nick ever hurt her mother. She tells him that Nick would be very sorry.

Haley is overjoyed to get her son back, even if Paul doesn't believe her. Nick and Hank head back to talk with their suspect. He asks about the baby. The El Cuegle doesn't do what he does because he wants to, but because he has to. He gets visions about children who do monstrous things. He sees the past, present and future. Auggie will do horrible things if he grows up. His parents marriage will fall apart, and he will murder them with he turns 19. Hank doesn't plan on letting him go. The El Cuegle begs them to look at another case that he didn't follow through on. The baby grew up to kill 10 people just last year. He begs them to let him stop the monster before its too late. Hank looks over the case of Kenneth Slater as El Cuegle asked, and Nick thinks that he is actually telling the truth. In the interrogation room, El Cuegle's vision hit him harder. Auggie kills his parents as they beg him not to. El Ceugle froths at the mouth in a seizure. The guard comes to to check on him, and he wolgs, knocking the officer out. Hank uncovers the information he needs. El Cuegle was near where Kenneth was. He's telling the truth.

Haley coos over her baby, happy that he's been returned. Paul wants her to see a psychiatrist, to talk about what she saw. Nick calls the parents and warns them that their son's kidnapper may be coming after them. Paul goes to lock the windows, but its too late, El Cuegle is there. He knocks out Paul, as Haley runs up the stairs with the baby. Hank and Nick arrive in time to save Haley and Auggie. He's killed in the process, saying the bears as he dies.

Eve continues her tunnel art.

Paul continues to fight with Haley about being crazy. Nick tries to intervene, but Paul doesn't let up.


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