Melodifestivalen 2017: Who Will Qualify From Semi-Final 1?

With Melodifestivalen 2017 drawing nearer, the speculations are flaming hot as to who will qualify from the four semi-finals and even more so who could win the whole contest. Among a line-up full of large, competitive names, semi-final one is undoubtedly the overall strongest of the bunch. Similarly to last year's strong start (which also kicked off in Göteborg), another bloodbath is about to commence.

Ace Wilder: In her third Melodifestivalen attempt, Ace is returning with a "Love It Or Hate It" entry that she co-wrote with "Stupid" collaborators Peter Böstrom and Thomas G:son. Ace always delivers a strong performance with an original staging concept so the odds are high that she will deliver another edgy pop banger - regardless of whether Sweden finds it palatable.

De Vet Du: Swedish internet-phenomenon De Vet Du have a highly original concept of fusing commercial, catchy club pop with comedic concepts. It's unclear what method they will take in transferring the narratives created in their numerous music videos (yes, that's right, a Swedish act that has actually consistently released music videos) to a live Melodifestivalen stage but they'll be tough to beat, both in this semi-final and on the Spotify charts once their song gets released.

Dinah Nah: After being robbed of her returning spot in Melodifestivalen 2016, Dinah 'Queenah' Nah is returning to the contest with a song she has co-written with her close professional associate Dr. Alban [who also co-wrote "Make Me (La La La)"]. With an upgraded label and the promise of a new pop-banger, hopefully Dinah will deliver one hell of a show-stopper that will impress Swedes enough to get her one of the four qualifying spots.

Boris René: After following up a respectable Melodifestivalen/Swedpop debut with an even more impressive single, "Mon Amour," Boris is returning to the contest with the same song-writers behind both "Put Your Love On Me" and "Mon Amour" but after being a surprise Andra-Chansen-To-Finals hit, hopefully Warner Music Sweden will up the budget on his staging to increase his competitive odds.

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