Melodifestivalen 2017: Who Will Qualify From Semi-Final 3?

In semi-final 3, the competitive calibre jumps up in comparison with semi-final 2. The odds-on favourite to qualify is adolescent boy band The Fooo Conspiracy that have amassed a following of teenaged girls in regions spanning the globe. Expect to see a good deal of choreography in their performance, as it's been a large selling point in their brand since the band's conception. Originally a foursome, The Fooo Conspiracy will be competing as a threesome after one of the members left the group. With some slight adjustments on formations, the transition shouldn't be too difficult.

The other favourite to qualify direct is Robin Bengtsson, who was one of the breakout stars of Melodifestivalen 2016 with his entry, "Constellation Prize." Robin has promised his new song will be more sexy and up-tempo than his previous entry, and it was also co-written by previous Melodifestivalen winner Robin Stjernberg who is a friend and co-label-mate of his. Capitol doesn't have the most competitive reputation as far as staging goes but given Robin's success last year, hopefully this year will up the calibre of staging. Also if Robin ups his energy to match the song, he's bound to improve on the overall performance quality.

Watch our full-breakdown of all the acts in semi-final 3 and their odds of qualifying here:


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