Ukrainian Popstar Alekseev Releases Superpowered "Океанами Стали" Music Video

Ukrainian sensation Alekseev has had a highly successful 2016 in which he broke out big not only in the Ukraine but kicked off a successful series of touring and appearances in Russia and the Eastern European block in general. Alekseev's latest single "Океанами Стали" is another melodramatic power ballad with great energy and momentum and once again he has collaborated with director Alan Badoev to create a superb music video. The narrative consists of Alekseev using telekinetic abilities to rescue his lady-love and escape the facility in which she is held captive with only a single minute to do so. The visuals and special effects are stunning, and overall it's Alekseev's greatest music video to date.

Watch our full review of Alekseev's "Океанами Стали" here:

Watch the full music video of Alekseev's "Океанами Стали" here:


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