Emerald City S01E07 Recap: They Came First

The Wizard's guard goes through the town, to collect girls to be checked for witches. One man pleas with the Captain. He's known them for a long time. He warns them to flee, go to their homes, and lock themselves away for safety. The Captain goes to the Wizard with his report. He knows the Wizard is losing the city. But the wizard thinks that the hidden witches are more dangerous.

Sylvie is safe, and Lucas can't figure out why the Wizard's men aren't pursing them. He finds it odd that the Wizard is protecting Dorothy. Dorothy has a connection with him, as Lucas does with Glinda.

Ev is more hositle than normal. She's mourning her father, and she wants Jack to leave. She's having quite the pity party as she demands that the carriage stop, and Jack to leave. She leaves him behind in the screaming forest.

Lucas wants to head to the farm house that Elizabeth mentioned. They should make it by dark. Toto barks, and Dorothy notices soemthing is amiss. Sylvie lies in the grass, unaware of the wolves running towards her. Dorothy yells for Sylvie, but with her shells in, she doesn't hear anything. Dorothy's power manifests, and with a scream, Dorothy flattens everything in the meadow.

Back in the carriage, Dorothy holds a sleeping Sylvie. She thinks that the witches taking her hearing was cruel, but Lucas thinks it was to help her, not hurt her. He's impressed with Dorothy's power. The gauntlets are a part of her. They arrive at the farmhouse, and Lucas goes to look around. Dorothy and Sylvie play I spy for a moment, but then Dorothy wants Sylvie to be able to experience everything. With a little coaxing she removes the shells and helps Sylvie focus, and not fear the noises. Lucas watches it all, and he's afraid for Dorothy. He tells her that she's going to have to give up Sylvie.

West dreams, when the Wizard comes to call. Tipp protects West. One of his guards thinks Tipp is nothing more than a whore, but she's not, and she gives him plenty to think about. The Wizard wants West to help him check out the girls he's rounded up, and tell him which are witches. Tipp pulls West upright to make her decision. West doesn't want to kill any witches. The Wizard claims that Glinda is the enemy, and that he wants to help save the girls. West wants him to give her any witches she finds, and help protect them. The Wizard gives her his word.

Sylvie watches Dorothy prepare dinner. Dorothy admits to Lucas that she doesn't want to give up Sylvie. Sylvie belongs to Glinda he tells her, but Glinda isn't' her mother, and Dorothy doesn't feel that she needs to hand her over. Lucas thought they were on the same side, and they should be. Neither want Sylvie fighting in a war that could kill her, but Lucas isn't sure that makes them on the same side.

West walks among the girls that the Wizard has rounded up. She announces that none of them are witches, that when he finds one he'll know.

The soldiers continue their witch hunt, chasing one girl into a dyeing building. The men search around vats, and when they corner the girl she begins to levitate before blasting the doors off.

Jack makes his way though the noisy forest, squeaking all about. His finds are already rusted from that little trip into the puddle. Soon he finds himself unable to move.

Sylvie asks Dorothy if she has a mother. She does, but she doesn't know her. Her Aunt Em is like a mother, and she loves her dearly. Dorothy tells her one day that she will find her mother. Once asleep, Lucas tells Dorothy that he'll take first watch. Dorothy can't let Lucas continue to sacrifice himself. She tells him that the Wizard Guards aren't coming. He let them go, he wants to help her. Lucas is confused. Dorothy admits that she lied to him, because if he fights for Glinda then they're not on the same side. Lucas softens toward her. He's fighting for her, and she for him. He kisses Dorothy.

The Wizard looks at the aftermath of the young witch's outburst. The Wizard doesn't think they need West if the Witch killed the guards and herself. West doesn't think that the witch is dead. West walks into the fire and gets the young girl out. As the pair emerge, the Wizard calls for the Witch to be captured. A pit like cage traps the witch and she is furious. West does what she can, but its not much. The Wizard pulls away West and Tipp with his guards. West reminds the Wizard of his promise, but amid the angry town, there is no going back for the girl.

The green wave threatens to close in. West reminisces about the death of all her sisters. She did to the young witch, what she did to the others. She made them forget their fear, and it killed them. And now she did it again.

Jack remains frozen as the forest wails around him. Lady Ev has come back for him. She comes on horseback, laughing at his misfortune, but she's come with an oil can. Jack doesn't want her oil, but the alternative is being stuck in the forest. He lets her oil him, and she gets a little frisky. As Queen she toys with him, and he enjoys it, but she stops abruptly. He's atleast back to moving.

Dorothy cuddles against Lucas, kissing him as he wonders what happens next. One option would be to forget the outside world, and just stay in their cocoon. And even though Dorothy has never been happier, she plans on returning home. If Dorothy can keep Glinda from going to war then the Wizard will take her home. Lucas realizes that she already made the deal. She let Sylvie love her, let him love her. But Dorothy is doing this to save Sylvie. She prepares to leave, but Lucas wants her to face her fears first. She's walking out on them before they can do the same to her. She apologizes, but she plans to leave anyways. The door is locked. As Dorothy tries to get the door open, the entire house begins to roll, turning everything upside down. The house finally comes to a stop. Sylvie is all Dorothy can think about. When they find Sylvie, she's shaking. Dorothy realizes that Sylvie is the one doing this. Dorothy asks Sylvie if she would like to come to Kansas with her, both of them could go. Sylvie likes that idea.

Back at the Palace of Ev, it now belongs to Lady Ev. Her father's suite is now hers. She tells Jack that she use to play with the crown, but it was just a game, not what she wanted. He tries to leave as she gets all weepy, but she asks him to stay. Her father was the only one who ever saw her as she truly is. She goes to remove her mask, wanting someone else to see her. But Jack stops her. Telling her that she doesn't need to remove her mask. He already sees her. He kisses her, and she lets him, before she undresses before him.

The Wizard addresses the townspeople. He tells them that he lied to them, and he's deeply ashamed. He releases the girls. He thought that he could control magic, but he was wrong. He wants it extinguished. He tells them that his council made the ultimate sacrifice. That they gave their lives to try to apprehend the threat. In reality he threw them all into the pit with the young witch even though Elizabeth confessed she was the spy. The Wizard announces that the witches themselves are the Beast.

Tipp heads to the pit and sees the aftermath of the council sacrifice. All of the witches are nothing more than ash, and the young witch lies in the center of the pit twitching.

In the meadow, West mourns the young witch, who still lies twitching. The Wizard exhausted her magic. Tipp offers West a dagger. West breaks her vow and sets the little girl free. She sends her magic off. West sees the dagger, and asks where she got it from. Tipp tells her that she took it from where she was raised. West reveals that the king gave it to his daughter, the princess Ozma.

Lucas questions Dorothy's plan. It seems simple. Dorothy will use the gauntlets if she needs to to get home. If she wants something bad enough they will manifest and help her. The trio head into Glinda's home. They're stopped by one of Glinda's girls. Glinda thanks Dorothy for returning Ronan and the girl to her. Dorothy hasn't come to return anything to her. She finds the name Dorothy has given Lucas funny, but she will reveal all to her. Glinda kisses Lucas, and he “remembers.” He's firmly on Glinda's side now, and now she's surrounded by Glinda's girls. Even though Dorothy has saved him countless times, he pledged himself to Glinda first, and that's where he plans to stay.


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