Emerald City S01E08 Recap: Lions In Winter

Eamonn wants to accompany the Wizard when he meets the witches, but the Wizard wants him to stay behind and watch his city. With the guns from Av, the witches are no match.

West thinks that Tipp has been hiding things from her. She has Ozma's dagger. When the Wizard slew the beast, he killed Ozma and her parents. Or West thinks that maybe they hid Ozma. She would have been about Tipp's age. Tipp was a boy, and that's all she wants to be. West points out that she was hidden for a reason. Tipp wonders what type of a person her parents were. West tells her that they were both born for greater things, they were born to fly. She grabs Tipp, and takes to the skies.

Dorothy paces the room with a pregnant woman. She knows that they have to check on the woman sometime. She's imprisoned for breaking her vows of celibacy, she'll get a trial, but Dorothy wont. She'll be charged with kidnapping Glinda's husband

Glinda sits with Lucas/Ronan. She missed him so much. Shes the one that put the spell on Ronan, to protect him, but maybe she made the spell too good. She asks him how long he was with Dorothy. He tells her that she isn't a bad person. Glinda wonders what he did with Dorothy, and he tells her that he only did what was necessary. She wants him to put his affairs into order, and shows him just what he's been missing.

Lucas/Ronan pays Dorothy a visit. He doesn't want her to call him Lucas anymore. Dorothy tells him that it doesn't matter what she calls him. He seems confused, and wants her to convince Glinda that she isn't a threat, but she can't do that. She's a definite threat to their marriage.

Lucas/Ronan has sex with Glinda, but she 's far more into it than he is.

Glinda walks with Sylvie, telling her that they're going to test her, and help her reach her full potential. She asks after Dorothy and Lucas. Glinda ignores her question. She introduces Sylvie to the others as Leith, apparently they should remember her.

Glinda tells another of the initiates to get rid of Dorothy. The girl goes to do her mistress's bidding, and finds Dorothy trying to help the pregnant woman give birth. The baby is breach, and Dorothy tells her to get Glinda to help with the baby. The girl runs off.

Jack awakens to a pair of servants. They offer him breakfast, a bath, or some oil for his odd places.

West takes Tipp to a secret sacred with spot. They don't keep witches, just pieces of them that hold magic. She gives Tipp the option to ingest one of the most powerful witches, to gain power. It's never been done, but its a way to gain power. Tipp takes the opportunity. She drinks down the contents, and gets the memory of the witch it once was. She experiences her death at the hands of a soldier in lion armor, and West screams out when she can't rouse Tipp.

The butler tries to occupy Jack, but he wants to see the Queen. The Butler refuses, but Jack presses. Lady Av is less than pleased to see him as well. She makes it clear she's busy.

Sylvie sits as the other girls eat. Lucas tells her to eat, and she reluctantly goes to do that. But as she goes to eat, her bowl keeps moving away from her. The other girls think that its funny, but Sylvie doesn't think its funny.

Glinda comes to check on Dorothy and the mother. There are no doctors. Dorothy has some medical training, but not much. Glinda gets the girl to help them deliver the baby. Glinda takes the woman's pain. Lucas comes in to assist, and is quick to be by Dorothy's side. Dorothy reaches in and turns the baby, and the baby is born. Dorothy and Lucas share a look over the baby, that doesn't go unnoticed by Glinda. Dorothy hands the baby to the new mother, and Glinda shouts Lucas from the room.

West has Tipp's body in a pool. She's become another of West's regrets. She was to be protected, and now she will be by the waters and powers of the witches. She releases Tipp to fall beneath the water.

Glinda pulls the petals from a rose, as Lucas approaches. He tells her that winter hasn't taken her roses, and she wonders if its a metaphor. She won't look at him. She doesn't see a point in it anymore. She asks him what he felt before, he felt loneliness. Her spell didn't make him a different person, just his memory. He does love her, but he knows they can't live the way they are. They won't. War is upon them. His life will depend on which side he chooses.

The Wizard splits his forces. Some will head to Av for the weapons, while the others get into position.

Jane works in her shop when Jack pays her a visit. He's now living the good life with the queen. Jane asks about Tipp. Tipp was a friend, and only a friend, and a complicated one at that. Lady Av isn't complicated. Jane is packing up shop, she's leaving because she refused to make weapons. Jack won't let Lady Av fire her, but Jane knows otherwise. He thought he had lost his heart when she found him, but it seems like he's found it.

Glinda and Dorothy walk her white halls. Dorothy doesn't want to be toyed with, but Glinda isn't planning on killing her. She finds it odd, since she thought Dorothy was coming to kill her, but since she's been there she's shown her another side. She knows that Dorothy also saved her husband. She takes Dorothy to a room with broken girls, girls that were pushed past their limits. She's willing to sacrifice every girl she has in the upcoming war if she has to. She wants Dorothy to find a way to fix these girls, to save them. She leaves Dorothy with the huge task and no guidance.

It's dinnertime, and poor Sylvie isn't enjoying it again. Again she tries to eat, and her bowl keeps scooting away. This time, instead of turning her bowl into stone, she uses her powers and steals all of the girls' bowls. This time, the girls all applaud.

Glinda trims her roses. West arrives. She wants to offer Glinda herself, she forgives her for hiding their mother. West is ready to redeem herself and serve her, and her mother. She's finally clear headed, and clean. Glinda tells West that their mother thought West would be her successor, over everyone else. All the light has left West, and Glinda refuses to give her what she wants.

Lady Av has had a long day, and she's ready to hit the sheets. Jack is still upset about Jane, but Lady Av doesn't want to talk about it. Jane had a purpose, and she no longer does. Plus Lady Av doesn't like to be told no. Jack tries to get her to understand that people aren't just there for her pleasure. She pushes people away before they can leave. She tells Jack he's no longer bound to her, and she waits for him to leave her too.

Dorothy looks over the girls, tries to offer comfort where she can. Lucas brings in another girl, who pushed herself too hard. She asks him if he plans to bring Sylvie to her like this broken. Lucas isn't sure there is another way to combat the Wizard. Dorothy has had enough. Her gauntlets come out, and she heads after Glinda. She finds Glinda alone in bed, and wraps her up in her sheets, hanging the witch in a cocoon. Lucas comes and stops her, as she strangles Glinda with her power, telling her that she'll have to kill him first. Dorothy lets her go, and leaves. Glinda is livid that Lucas doesn't hunt her down. She wants Dorothy's head.

Dorothy tries to navigate Glinda's white halls as she searches for Sylvie. She finds the room Sylvie is sleeping in, but Sylvie doesn't want to go with her. She stands behind her “sisters.” Dorothy leaves without her.

Glinda tells Lucas that the man that she loved would have killed Dorothy to protect her. She wants that man back. He tells her to make him that man again then. There is only one spell he can't break, and that's the spell that Dorothy has over him, and his heart. He begs her to use the magic she has to break the spell. Glinda pulls out his dagger, and he asks for death. She wants to free his heart, and to do that Dorothy must die. Dorothy rides away from Glinda's fortress.

Lady Av sits in her throne room. Jack watches everything as the Wizard arrives. He wants his weapons. The soldiers of Av draw their weapons.

Eamonn sits watching the fire. His wife asks if war is coming, and it is. He opens a chest, which holds inside his lion armor.

West paces, talking to herself. Shes reliving her past sins. The screams of her fallen sisters haunt her, as she had them drink away their fears. With her magic she opens both of her wrists, and falls down bleeding on the symbol in the middle of the floor. Tipp finds her there.


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