Grimm S06E07 Recap: Blind Love

Love has gone wacky with everyone. Monroe is declaring his love for Eve. Rosalee tries to persuade Nick not to say what she thinks he's about to. Adalind stops Monroe in the hallway to announce her passion. Eve tells Nick he's the only one for her.

36 hours earlier.

Eve is awoken by Diana. She asks if her tummy hurts. Diana's tummy hurts when she's sad, and since Nick is no longer her boyfriend she has reason to be sad. Diana misses Kelly, her other mommy, and asks if Eve knows where she is. She does, but its probably better that she doesn't tell her her part in Kelly's murder. Adalind comes to get Diana, to pack up for her dad's.

Monroe guesses Rosalee's morning coffee by smell. She has a great surprise for him, a weekend getaway with their friends.

As Adalind and Nick help Diana pack up, Adalind grabs a moment alone with Diana. She asks the girl to keep a secret for her. To not tell her dad or anyone about the symbols that Eve drew in the tunnels. Diana thinks its an odd request, but she agrees.

Eve enjoys her shower, but afterwards things get a little weird. In the mirror a portal opens up, and a noseless figure with glowing eyes pays her a visit. She calls for Nick, and he comes running. The thing disappear. Eve asks if he saw it, and he did. She asks if that has happened before, and no, its not a normal feature of the bathroom. Nick decides to keep their little experience mum, until they can figure out what the heck it was.

Diana arrives at Renard's. She's famished, and asks if she can make breakfast. Renard oks it, while trying to make small talk with Adalind.

Monroe opens the door for his beloved wife, thankful for the birthday weekend that she had planned. They see Nick, Adalind and Eve while checking in. Hank and Wu arrive shortly after. As Nick and Adalind head to the elevator, an operator comes over to assist them. He gets all weird and stoic when Nick asks how long he's worked there. He answers and gets really quiet. After the elevator ride he calls his mom. Seems like someone has some beef with our favorite Grimm.

Renard takes an interest in his daughter's drawings. They're the symbols from the tunnels. He tries to press her, but she remains mum about it, just as Adalind asked her. A knock at the door takes Renard's attention. It's a delivery man. While Renard deals with him, someone comes in and snatches Diana. Renard freaks out when he notices his daughter is missing. He searches the house from top to bottom with no Diana in sight. He notices a leaf on the ground. He's about to make a call, but has a second thought, and closes his phone, grabs a cookie, and walks out the door.

Creepy Elevator, Randy, guy keeps an eye on Nick and his friends. He gets a call from his dad in prison. His dad was taken down by Nick, and now the son is ready to make him pay. He plans to triple the dose of some nasty wesen stuff that will make the group tear eachother apart. Randyr goes into their rooms and collect hair for his brew.

Nick and Monroe recount when they met eachother. Monroe did a little marking, and tried to scare Nick before getting a drink together. As they head to their table, Randy prepares some drinks, with hair and wesen spit. The group wonders over menus, while Randy rushes to get the drinks to the table. One of his coworkers bumps into him in the kitchen, and her hair gets mixed into one of the glasses. Randy sees it, but there's no time to change courses now. Monroe and Rosalee recount their meeting, falling in love, and first kiss, as Randy finally arrives with the drinks. He passes them out to everyone, except a pregnant Rosalee. Hank is more than happy to take hers.

After dinner, in bed Nick reveals that Randy looks familiar, but he doesn't think too hard on it. He has other things on his mind with Adalind close at hand.

Renard sits on the couch without a worry in the world, looking over his daughter's drawings. He receives a picture of his sleeping daughter, and receives a call from Lt. Grossante. He's a little upset over that whole broken promise thing. He threatens to kill Diana if Renard doesn't go through with their bargain and make him Captain. Renard is a little too nonplussed with the man threatening his daughter. Sure she's super powerful and can take care of herself, but as her father he should show a little bit of worry for his progeny.

The next morning Adalind wakes up in Nick's arms, but everything is different. They're quick to get away from each other. Rosalee wakes up by Monroe's side happy as can be, but Monroe isn't super happy to see her, and he quickly gets out of bed. Hank sees himself in the mirror, and likes what he sees.

Diana wakes up, and she doesn't know where she is. She wants to go home. Grossante wargs on her, and threatens her. She asked nicely, but Grossante doesn't care. Diana has had enough of his crap, and tosses him around like a rag doll.

Nick and Monroe get their breakfast on. It's a little awkward. Wu sees the server who bumped Randy, and he's in love. Randy watches Monroe as he drinks his coffee. Monroe spots Eve and he goes in pursuit of her.

Nick heads back to his room with two cups of coffee. Rosalee asks him if he's seen Monroe. He tells her that he's getting coffee, and she heads off to find Monroe. Nick goes after her.

Hank tells himself how fine he is in the mirror.

Wu asks the server if she believes in love at first sight. She supposes its possible. Wu works to woo her, but she's busy. He's ready to prove his love.

Monroe is waxing plenty of poetry as well. The morning is more beautiful by Eve's presence. He spouts his love for her, for losing Nick, for losing herself. He grabs her hand, and tries to make her feel his heart. She knows something is wrong, and heads off to find Rosalee.

Rosalee can't seem to find Monroe, and Nick tells Rosalee just how special she is. He tells her that they're meant to be, and Rosalee tries to stop him, but he doesn't stop. He tells her that he loves her. Rosalee doesn't know what's going on, but she wants it to stop. Rosalee tells Nick to stay put, as he drops down on one knee. Rosalee makes her getaway, as Eve finds Nick. She's glad she found him before its too late. She pulls him in for a kiss.

Monroe is looking for Eve when he finds Adalind. Adalind found what she's been looking for, and its him. She pulls Monroe in for a kiss, when Rosalee find him. He tells her that its not what she thinks it is. He loves Eve, she's his everything. Adalind is pissed to hear his declaration of love for Eve. Nick and Eve arrive to make everything worse, and they all start bickering.

Hank sings Lets Get It On to himself.

The four continue to fight. Eve takes shots at Adalind for having the baby that should have been hers. Hank heads out to see what the commotion is all about, and stops the fighting for a moment, until he sees himself. Rosalee figures out just what happened, and runs off to fix the problem herself, as poor Kelly cries in his carrier.

Grossante calls to Renard for help, but he doesn't sound like he plans to be very helpful while Diana plays a twisted game of hide and seek.

Rosalee heads downstairs while the fighting continues upstairs.

Wu continues to try to woo the server, but she's resistant to him. He threatens to kill himself in she leaves, but she can't deal with him anymore. She tries to getaway, but Wu follows. Threatening to throw himself off the wall.

Rosalee finds Randy. She knows what he did with the champagne, and she wants him to put an end to things. He refuses, warging. She knows that it can be ended if he dies. She wargs, and prepares to end things herself.

Eve slaps Adalind. Nick does a great Steetcar Stella impression. Monroe grabs Eve for a kiss, and Adalind loses her mind.

Randy grabs server Holly. It stops Rosalee for a moment, but Wu seeing his Holly in danger, wargs himself, and pushes him off the wall. Randy goes tumbling down. Rosalee goes to check on everyone. The spell is broken, and all is well.

Renard picks his daughter up from her playdate. She wants to stay longer, but Renard thinks his daughter has played long enough. She asks if she can have another one soon.

Monroe finally gets to blow out his candles among friends.


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