Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E09 "Sin Bin" Recap

Kilgrave wakes trapped in the hermetically sealed room. Jessica plays the clips of him being experimented on as a child to try to torture him into showing his abilities on camera. The floor inside is also covered in a layer of water so that he can be electrically shocked into being stopped as an extra safety precaution. Kilgrave admits having searched or his parents but was unsuccessful. Jeri arrives and tells Jessica that any confession obtained would be under duress and inadmissible in court. Jessica remains determined to use Kilgrave to save Hope and is shocked to learn that Hope has been offered a plea deal in which she'd serve 15-20 years as opposed to a life sentence and is considering taking it. Jessica visits Detective Clemmons in the hopes of getting him to come witness Kilgrave's abilities so he can testify to their legitimacy.

Trish drives Will to the hospital, as he's still badly injured following the bomb explosion that Kilgrave set up on him at the end of the last episode.

Jeri is watching Kilgrave while she calls Wendy to try to talk her down from her continued rising of the money she wants from the divorce proceedings. Kilgrave gets Jeri to turn on the mic so they can talk (not with his abilities, as the hermetically sealed room prevents that) and he subtly suggests that he could help her with her problem and that Jessica has been lying to her. He tries to convince her into letting him out but she doesn't.

At the hospital, Will will only see a Dr. Kozlov, whom he knows from his time in the Army. Trish is escorted out while Kozlov works, as Will says that he "wants back in".

Jessica has Jeri record her entering the room to try to provoke Kilgrave into using his abilities. She taunts him and beats him. Jeri wants to hit the switch to electrically shock them into being knocked out but Trish allows Jessica to continue until the last moment before hitting the switch herself to stop Jessica from killing Kilgrave. After Jessica wakes and exits the room, Trish suggests to her that they run away together but Jessica is determined to see things through. Trish also tells Jessica about Will being in the hospital. Jessica learns of Kilgrave's parents names, Albert and Louise Thompson, from the tapes of the experiment and decides to track them down, also convincing Hope not to take the plea deal.

Will is given some red pills by Dr. Kozlov that quickly heal his injuries but Kozlov warns him about not overdoing the dosage. After Kozlov leaves, Will disregards the warnings and begins popping more of the pills.

Jessica finds Albert and Louise after a long investigation, in which she realises after tracking down a photograph of them when they were young, that Louise has been attending the Kilgrave support group. They reveal that they didn't abandon Kilgrave immediately after his abilities manifested as he previously claimed. Louise has facial scars from a kid Kilgrave throwing a tantrum and forcing her to put an iron to her face. She convinces them to comes to the base and Clemons arrives to be a witness to Kilgrave displaying his abilities. Albert and Louise are led into the cell while the group, including Trish and Jeri watch the scene unfold. Kilgrave is upset at them for leaving him alone but comes to express remorse for his actions as a child.

Louise embraces her son and Kilgrave apologises for hurting her. She says that he is her responsibility and reveals a hidden pair of scissors which she uses to stab him, saying he must be stopped. Kilgrave commands his mother to pick up the scissors and tells her to stab herself for every year that she left him alone. Jessica hits the kill switch just before she is about to stab herself but it fails to work. Jessica runs inside and stops Albert from cutting his heart out with the scissors, as Kilgrave commanded. Trish had used her gun to shoot the glass of the room to try to stop Kilgrave but it merely allows Kilgrave to escape with a passing command that she put a bullet in her head.

Trish puts the gun to her head but it's out of bullets. Kilgrave orders Clemons to follow him and he breaks his hand to get out of the cuffs Jessica had put him in to make him stay and watch Kilgrave demonstrate his abilities, has he had wanted to arrest them before he could see it. Jessica grabs onto Kilgrave to try to stop him from leaving and he tells her to let go, and she pauses to stare at him before Clemons tackles her which allows Kilgrave to run out of the building. By the time Jessica gets outside, Kilgrave has made his escape with Jeri being the getaway driver whether she likes it or not. Jessica flashes back to the night Reva died, when Kilgrave shouted at her to "get back here" when she was walking away from him due to the shock of killing Reva. Jessica realises from that memory and her most recent encounter that she is immune to Kilgrave's mind control.

Marvel's Jessica Jones is available for streaming on Netflix.


Long Strange Trip coming to theaters on May 26th and Amazon Prime Video on June 2nd

Long Strange Trip coming to theaters on May 26th
and Amazon Prime Video on June 2nd

(March 31, 2017) Amazon Studios is proud to announce that Long Strange TripAmir Bar-Lev’s critically acclaimed documentary about the Grateful Dead, will be released theatrically on May 26th in New York and Los Angeles. Following its release in theaters, the film will come exclusively to Amazon Prime Video on June 2nd at no additional cost to Prime customers.

Long Strange Trip marks the first time Amazon Original Movies and Amazon Original Series have partnered on an original project to be released in both theaters and on Prime.

Long Strange Trip was acquired by Amazon Studios ahead of its world premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Amir Bar-Lev (The Tillman Story) and executive produced by Martin Scorsese(No Direction Home: Bob Dylan),Long Strange Trip is the first full-length documentary to explore the fiercely independent vision, perpetual innovation, and uncompromising commitment to their audience that made the Bay Area band one of the most influential musical groups of their generation. Artfully assembling candid interviews with the band, road crew, family members and notable Deadheads, Bar-Lev reveals the untold history of The Dead and the freewheeling psychedelic subculture that sprouted up around it. The film also provides poignant insight into the psyche of late lead guitarist Jerry Garcia, whose disdain for authority clashed with his de facto leadership of the sprawling collective that kept the show on the road.

With a soundtrack that captures some of the band’s most dynamic live performances, as well as unguarded offstage moments and never-before-seen interviews, footage and photos, Long Strange Trip explores The Dead’s singular experiment in radically eclectic music making. Much more than the “behind the music” backstory of an exceptionally talented and beloved group of musicians, the film is at once an inspiring tale of unfettered artistic expression, a heartfelt American tragedy and an incisive history of the rise and fall of 20th-century counterculture.

The official soundtrack to Long Strange Trip, featuring rare and unreleased Grateful Dead recordings, will be released by Rhino in conjunction with the documentary premiere and is available on Amazon Music.

Run Time:
242 minutes
Social Media:
Twitter: @longstrangedoc
Instagram: @longstrangedoc


Drama series My Brilliant Friend, based on Elena Ferrante's bestseller, begins production this summer


Saverio Costanzo Directs All Eight Episodes;
Produced By Lorenzo Mieli And Mario Gianani For Wildside And
Domenico Procacci For Fandango

When the most important friend in her life seems to have disappeared without a trace, Elena Greco, a now-elderly woman immersed in a house full of books, turns on her computer and starts writing the story of their friendship. She met Raffaella Cerullo, whom she has always called Lila, in the first year of primary school in 1950. Set in a dangerous and fascinating Naples, their story thus begins and goes on to cover over 60 years of their lives, trying to describe the mystery of Lila, Elena’s brilliant friend and – in a way – her best friend, her worst enemy.

            ROME, LOS ANGELES, NEW YORK, March 30, 2017 – Production is set to begin this summer on MY BRILLIANT FRIEND, an eight-episode drama series from Saverio Costanzo (“Private,” “The Solitude of Prime Numbers,” “Hungry Hearts”), who directs all eight episodes. The show is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Elena Ferrante, which is the first of her four-part series published in the U.S. by Europa Editions.
            Produced by Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani for Wildside and Domenico Procacci for Fandango, the HBO-RAI original series will be filmed in Italian. Adapted for TV and story written by Elena Ferrante, Francesco Piccolo, Laura Paolucci and Saverio Costanzo. The executive producer for Wildside and Fandango is Jennifer Schuur. The international distributor is FremantleMedia International.
            Says Casey Bloys, president, HBO Programming, “We are thrilled to partner with Wildside, Rai and Fandango to bring the powerful, epic storytelling of Elena Ferrante and her Neapolitan Novels to life. Through her characters, Elena and Lila, we will witness a lifelong friendship set against the seductive social web of Naples, Italy. An exploration of the complicated intensity of female friendship, these ambitious stories will no doubt resonate with the HBO audience.”
            Notes Antonio Campo Dall’Orto, director general, RAI, “With MY BRILLIANT FRIEND, RAI brings to TV screens the extraordinary publishing success by Elena Ferrante. This is an ambitious project that satisfies many of the public service’s objectives in the field of TV drama. It is Italian and international; it is universal but complex; it is a huge co-production with a global value. Thanks to a first-time cooperation with HBO, a cutting-edge broadcaster in the field of TV series, and producers now established at the international level like Wildside and Fandango, the Italian TV drama takes another step forward in exporting Italian products around the world. A strategy that looks at quality and the market, playing the cards of Italian creativity and talent and of the high level of expertise reached in the creation and production of TV series.”
            Observes Lorenzo Mieli, CEO, Wildside, “Producing a series based on the incredible work of Elena Ferrante is an exciting challenge. Through the eyes and lives of two extraordinary friends, her quadrilogy describes 50 years of Italian history, touching on universal themes and feelings. We and Fandango are particularly proud of having brought together two partners like HBO and Rai for a series with a strong Italian identity, but aimed at a global audience. A project that can mark a further great step forward for original Italian productions and a confirmation of Wildside’s international business.”
            Notes Domenico Procacci, sole administrator, Fandango, “This is also a good story in terms of production. We’re working very well with Wildside and Rai, a company that is changing, and that now can, editorially speaking, be more daring than before. Having HBO in the production structure now is exciting: They’ve done some of the best series ever, and their presence is a guarantee, for everyone, of absolute attention to quality. This attention is confirmed with the choice of a director like Saverio Costanzo. The objective we all have is to produce high quality for as broad a public as possible. Exactly what Elena Ferrante did with her novels.

Home Box Office, Inc. is the premium television programming subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. and the world’s most successful pay TV service, providing the two television services – HBO® and Cinemax® – to approximately 134 million subscribers worldwide. The services offer the popular subscription video-on-demand products HBO On Demand® and Cinemax On Demand®, as well as HBO GO® and MAX GO®, HD feeds and multiplex channels. HBO NOW®, the network’s internet-only premium streaming service, provides audiences with instant access to HBO’s acclaimed programming in the U.S. Internationally, HBO branded television networks, along with the subscription video-on-demand products HBO On Demand and HBO GO, bring HBO services to over 60 countries. HBO and Cinemax programming is sold into over 150 countries worldwide.

Rai is Italy's national public broadcasting company. The Rai group is to be found in all platforms with an ample free offering, differing by genre and target. Every day in Italy about 39 million persons of at least 14 years of age, equal to 76% of the population, watch, read or listen to Rai contents, looking at one of its TV channels, listening to one of its radio stations or visiting one of its internet portals. Rai’s TV and radio offer includes 13 digital terrestrial TV channels, of which 6 are available in HD, and 10 radio stations. The TV broadcasts are also available on the Tivù Sat platform and on SAT TV channels. Rai Play is the multimedia platform which allows all the contents of Rai to be viewed through all devices connected to the Internet, in both streaming (simulcast of TV channels) and on-demand modes. Rai Fiction – Rai’s TV drama production branch – is leader for TV series in Italy, with a yearly production of some 450 hours, and a partner for international co-productions.

Wildside is one of Italy’s leading production companies, with a solid track record for delivering exceptional content to local and international audiences. Founded in 2009 by Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani, the company has produced award-winning movies with talents such as Bernardo Bertolucci, Marco Bellocchio and Saverio Costanzo, competing in Europe’s most renowned festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin), and has also accomplished a long streak of commercial hits in the comedy market. For TV, amongst other titles, Wildside has produced three seasons of the local adaptation of “In Treatment”, “1992” and “1993” for Sky and RAI’s 2016 hit series “The Mafia Only Kills in Summer.” In 2016 the company has also released its first English-language international co-production: the debut in television of Academy Award director Paolo Sorrentino, “The Young Pope,” starring Jude Law. Wildside is part of FremantleMedia, one of the largest creators, producers and distributors of television brands in the world.

Domenico Procacci’s Fandango was founded in 1989. Since then, Fandango has produced more than 100 films, Italian and international, participating to all international film festivals and winning numerous awards, among them two Grand Prix in Cannes with “Gomorra” and “Reality,” both directed by Matteo Garrone. Nanni Moretti, Paolo Sorrentino, Michelangelo Antonioni, Emir Kusturica, Rolf De Heer, Milcho Mancevski, Emanuele Crialese, Richard Lowenstein, Gabriele Muccino, Daniele Vicari, Luciano Ligabue and Ferzan Ozpetek are only some of the directors Fandango has worked with. Fandango also produces and develops TV series and TV Movies such as “Gomorra,” “Limbo” and “L’Oriana,”


Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E08 "AKA WWJD?" Recap

In a flashback, a teenage Jessica is preparing to go on a trip with her parents and younger brother. She thinks of it when entering her childhood home where Kilgrave hopes to build a life with her. He has a private security guard present named Hank that searches Jessica and confiscates her phone, which she had set up in a plan to record Kilgrave admitting his role in the death of Hope's parents. Kilgrave says he wants Jessica to choose him and she orders that he not touch her, which he says he won't do until he gets her genuine consent. Kilgrave had gone to the effort of painstakingly recreating all the details and decorations to match how it was when Jessica lived there. Kilgrave introduces her to the waitstaff, Laurent Bouchard and Alva Ramirez. Jessica doesn't want to stay in a house with people forced to be there but Laurent says that his salary is twice what he made at his last job, from which he was fired for drinking on the job. Kilgrave leads her to her childhood bedroom. Trish calls to see where Jessica is and what happened at the police station. Jessica tells the truth about Kilgrave showing up but claims to have left town of her own volition to lay low for the time being, leaving out the fact that she with him, and insults Kilgrave to prove she isn't under his control. Trish knows that Will is missing, having taken a leave of absence from work before disappearing and is now concerned that Kilgrave has him. She still doesn't know that he discovered Kilgrave taking up residence in Jessica's childhood home and Jessica joining.

Kilgrave has left Jessica with a gift, a sparkly purple dress, which she tears apart despite his wishes that she wear it for dinner that night. Jessica gets into an argument with Kilgrave at dinner to test the boundaries and discovers that Kilgrave installed a failsafe when the waitstaff emerge when hearing the noise and hold up knives to their own throats. Later that night, Will sneaks into the house and tries to get Jessica out, believing her to be under Kilgrave's control, but Jessica overpowers him and hides him from Kilgrave knowing that he's there. Will has installed a bomb in the house to take Kilgrave out but Jessica is insistent that Kilgrave must stay alive in order to get Hope off. She steals Will's phone for herself and alerts Kilgrave about the bomb, which Kilgrave's security disposes of. Kilgrave knows that it must have been Will that planted the bomb but is pleased that Jessica saved his life.

Jeri is still in her messy divorce proceedings with Wendy, who remains determined to walk away with a significant amount of Jeri's money. Pam interrupts the meeting to tell Jeri that Jessica has texted to say she's with Kilgrave.

Trish spots Will back in the city and demands answers about why he disappeared. He lets it slip that Kilgrave is out of the city and now thinks that they should leave Kilgrave and Jessica alone. Trish refuses to give up and remains intent on helping Jessica but Will thinks that they would only get in the way and put themselves in danger.

Jessica asks Kilgrave if his actions ever haunt him and Kilgrave begins to reveal a bit about his past and that he harbours negative feelings towards his parents. A neighbour, Mrs. De Luca, interrupts their outdoor breakfast and Kilgrave welcomes her to join them when she offers to tell childhood stories about Jessica. When Mrs. De Luca starts to talk about how Jessica would torment her younger brother and how she did so the day before the accident, Jessica forcefully tells her to stop. Perturbed, Mrs. De Luca claims that she sensed something bad was going to happen before the accident until Kilgrave forces her to admit that this is just a lie she told to try to feel more important. Jessica becomes further enraged when Kilgrave touches her hand. They go inside the house where Jessica tells him he raped her by forcing her what to do and Kilgrave yells that he never knows if people want to be with him and that he has to meticulously choose his words in order to be able to interact with people without forcing them to do his bidding. He then shows her the pendrive that Reva had hidden in the box Jessica dug up. On it is footage of Kilgrave's parents performing painful experiments on him as a child until his abilities manifested and he forces them to stop.

Jessica wonders where Kilgrave's parents are now and he speculates that they might still be alive, as they were young when they had him. Jessica realises that nobody ever taught Kilgrave to be good. After seeing a news story of a man holding his wife and children hostage at gunpoint, Jessica takes Kilgrave to the crime scene unfolding, though not before Kilgrave orders the waitstaff to remove the skin form each other's faces if they don't return in two hours. Jessica and Kilgrave use their abilities to get past the barrier and get the wife and children free, with Kilgrave telling them to not tell anyone they were there before they leave. Kilgrave is prepared to command the man to kill himself but Jessica instructs him to have the man turn himself over to the police instead, as it's not his choice to decide whether the man lives or dies. Kilgrave seems to have enjoyed his experience as a hero and is now inclined to become a superhero duo with Jessica. She tells him he can do it without her but he reminds her that without the intervention she gave, he would've killed the man. She is overcome, realising he is right and leaves to go for a walk to clear her head. Kilgrave not so subtly threatens to harm the waitstaff if she doesn't return.

Jessica visits Trish and tells her about having stayed with Kilgrave and her attempts to reform him. She asks for advice on whether she should stay with Kilgrave and put the grueling work in to try to overhaul his way of using his abilities to help the world.

Jeri texts Jessica, wanting her to find leverage on Wendy, and Kilgrave texts her back pretending to be Jessica saying she's on it. Jessica brings back Chinese food as part of a larger plan that ends in her knocking out the wait staff before injecting Kilgrave with some Sufentanil to knock him out. When she carries Kilgrave out, his security interrupts her getting away until Will shoots him. More security arrive so Jessica flies away with Kilgrave's unconscious body. Mrs. De Luca then approaches Will and the remaining security and detonates the bomb he had left earlier. Will is not dead following the attack, but badly injured.

Marvel's Jessica Jones is available for streaming on Netflix.


The Mindy Project Renewed for Sixth and Final Season on Hulu

The Sixth and Final Season of
The Mindy Project to Premiere September 2017 on Hulu

  • Hulu has renewed The Mindy Project for its sixth and final season to premiere September 2017 on Hulu. 
  • The Mindy Project first premiered in 2012 and has since aired 107 episodes.
  • In 2013, The Mindy Project was nominated for a Writers Guild Award for New Series. In 2014, Kaling and The Mindy Project earned nominations from the Television Critics Association for Individual Achievement in Comedy and Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. Kaling also earned a Gracie Award for Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy and an NAACP Image Award nomination for her performance on the show in 2014. In 2016, the show earned a Gracie Award for Best Ensemble Cast.
  • The series stars Mindy Kaling (Mindy Lahiri), Ed Weeks (Jeremy Reed), Ike Barinholtz (Morgan Tookers), Beth Grant (Beverly), Xosha Roquemore (Tamra Webb) and Fortune Feimster (Colette Kimball-Kinney).
  • The Mindy Project is created and executive produced by Mindy Kaling. Executive producers also include showrunner Matt Warburton, Howard Klein, Charlie Grandy and Michael Spiller. The Mindy Project is a Universal Television production, in association with 3 Arts Entertainment. 
  • A single-camera comedy starring Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project follows a skilled OB/GYN navigating the tricky waters of both her personal and professional life, as she pursues her dreams of becoming the perfect woman, finding the perfect man and getting her perfect romantic comedy ending.
  • Complete seasons 1-5 are now streaming on Hulu. 


Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E07 "AKA Top Shelf Perverts" Recap

Ruben goes to visit Jessica and deliver some banana bread but he meets Kilgrave instead, who was lurking in her apartment. Jessica is out drinking her guilt and sorrows away. Jessica's still drunk when she follows Jeri's wife Wendy into a subway station and tries to force her to sign the divorce papers, as she promised Jeri that she would do whatever it took to make her sign them. Jessica dangles her over the edge of the subway track and gives a speech about guilt and shame. But since Jessica is still drunk, she accidentally drops Wendy on the track just as a train is coming. She jumps down and throws Wendy back onto the platform and stares at the oncoming train for a moment, seemingly contemplating letting it hit her (we've seen prior indications that Jessica struggles with thoughts of suicide) before jumping back onto the platform herself.

Jessica returns to her apartment where Malcolm finds her sitting drunk in the elevator. He helps her back into her apartment, a parallel to all the times Jessica has helped him back to his place when he was high on drugs. The banana bread is in her kitchen, but she doesn't notice it. She goes to lay on her bed where she finds some blood and turns over to find a dead Ruben with a knife in his hand, seemingly having cut his own throat. Jessica is devastated that there is more blood on her hands, a heavy symbol of the guilt she continues to carry for all of Kilgrave's actions and the responsibility she feels at needing to stop him. Jessica spots a footprint and realises that Kilgrave was there and responsible for Ruben's death. Malcolm considers calling the police till he realises that this is the third death that Jessica is connected to and she'd be blamed for it despite her innocence. Jessica becomes resigned to end things so she devises a plan. If she gets sent to a supermax prison, there will be countless layers of security that Kilgrave won't be able to indirectly send people through to retrieve her so he'd have to come himself and get caught on camera using her abilities. Jessica calls the station in search of Clemmons, the lead detective of Hope's case, and decides to turn herself in as soon as he will come on shift. Jessica tells Malcolm he needs to disappear, as she won't be able to protect him anymore. She only has until 8PM to wrap up all her loose ends.

Jessica calls Trish, who is too busy having sex with Will to answer the phone. When Jessica calls again, Trish ignores it because she doesn't want Jessica to convince her that everything going wrong with their plan to capture Kilgrave wasn't her fault. Trish has devised her own plan to find Kilgrave, which involves tracking the new security detail he hires to protect himself. She informs Will of this lead.

Jessica visits Jeri to get information on how to best strategise getting sent to a supermax prison. Jessica visits Luke's bar but he isn't there. Jessica asks the elderly bartender to tell Luke that the right people will pay for what's been done. Jeri is later confronted by Wendy while Pam is present, and demands 75% of her assets due to Jessica's threatening and nearly killing her. She also has e-mail correspondences ready to use to blackmail Jeri that would expose her of bribing a juror in one of her old cases. Wendy also warns Pam that all Jeri does is lie but Pam claims she already knew, though afterward Wendy leaves she berates Jeri for not confiding all of her dirty secrets to her too.

Jessica pays a visit to Trish's mother Dorothy, who was also Jessica's guardian after her family died. Dorothy was an abusive stage mother that forced Trish into show business to play a child-star character "Patsy" and Trish became addicted to drugs in the process. Jessica is angered by Dorothy's refusal to take any responsibility for her actions, as Dorothy makes excuses for all of what went wrong such as the doctor "overprescribing" medication. Dorothy and Trish haven't had any real contact in three years, save for an accidental encounter in the city or the odd drunken voicemail. Jessica threatens Dorothy to remember their agreement and stay away from Trish, adding that no matter where she is, even if that's behind bars, she will find out and come for her and hurt her. Dorothy claims to have changed but also loses her temper when Jessica goads her with the reminder that she still profits from Trish's royalty checks.

Will has been following Kilgrave's security detail and updates Trish with lies, claiming not to have found any trace of Kilgrave all while watching him instruct movers at Jessica's childhood home. Trish goes to visit Malcolm after he called her. He shows Trish Ruben's dead body and informs her of Jessica's plan to get sent to a supermax prison. When Jessica returns to her apartment, Trish is waiting for her. Malcolm had already gotten rid of Ruben's body and now Trish is ready to confront her about her plan. Jessica and Trish come to an impasse, as Trish won't be able to stop Jessica from going through with her plan. Jessica then tracks down Malcolm at the docks where he has disposed of Ruben's body. She dives in and retrieves Ruben's head and heads to the station where dumps it on Clemmons' desk, insisting that she be arrested. She fires Jeri when she arrives and tries to get Jessica off from these charges. Jessica wants to push through the usually drawn out process of getting charged while Clemmons wants to keep questioning her. She breaks free from her restraints and folds up her chair to demonstrate her strength and push Clemmons to put her into supermax. Another officer comes in and undoes Jessica's cuffs still dangling from her wrists and tells her she is free to go.

Jessica storms out into the main area of the station, believing that Jeri has interfered and gotten her off from her charges only to find the entire station full of people frozen with their weapons pointed either at each other or at themselves. Kilgrave emerges and tells Jessica he's been keeping an eye on her but doesn't want to control her. He wants her to come with him of her own free will and claims to love her. Jessica confronts him about killing Ruben and Kilgrave claims that Ruben was annoying and interrupted him while he was leaving Jessica a present that she didn't even find. Jessica offers to go with Kilgrave but he doesn't like that she is only offering to save the people in the station as opposed to out of genuinely wanting to. Kilgrave says that Jessica leaving him to die was the first time someone he wanted walked away from him and gave his his first experience of yearning. Now Kilgrave wants her to choose him just as he chose her and claims that they are "inevitable". He has the police station erase the security footage indicating that either of them were ever there. He leaves the station with Ruben's head and tells everyone in the station that in thirty seconds they'll all realise this was all a big joke and will allow Jessica to leave. He tells Jessica to look for his present and claims that he'll see her at "home".

Jessica returns to her apartment and discovers the box that Kilgrave forced her to dig up the night of Reva's death. Inside, she finds a black book with a post-it bearing the message "Start at the beginning".

Jessica packs a bag and is prepared to leave but is interrupted by Robyn who demands to know where Ruben is. She is apologetic for her disagreements with him and highly worried about Ruben's well-being. Jessica has nothing to offer her about Ruben's whereabouts and leaves to catch a taxi to her childhood home. Standing outside, she recalls a flashback of her with Dorothy Walker as a teenager right after the accident. Teenage Trish is shown to have a large bruise on her neck, presumably from the abuse of her mother. In the present, Kilgrave emerges from the house and welcomes her inside while Will is shown to be spying on the entire encounter.

Marvel's Jessica Jones is available for streaming on Netflix.




Doc set as Cleveland International Film Festival opening night film Wednesday, March 29, 7pm.

CLEVELAND (March 28, 2017) — Gravitas Ventures has announced the acquisition of U.S. rights to California Typewriter, which is set to show tomorrow evening at Tower City Cinemas as the Opening Night Film of the 41st Cleveland International Film Festival. The critically acclaimed documentary launched at the 2016 Telluride Film Festival. It will open theatrically in Los Angeles, New York and a dozen additional markets in the late summer.

California Typewriter is named after one of the last remaining typewriter shops in Berkeley, Calif., which plays a major role in the film. Run by Herbert Permillion III and his family, the business is depicted trying to balance financial security with its decades-long passion for selling and restoring typewriters.

“The film was a real labor of love for everyone involved and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Gravitas and their team,” said Director Doug Nichol, who made the self-funded film over a period of five years.     

With the rise of computers and smart phones, typewriters are teetering on the edge of obscurity — much to the chagrin of nearly everyone profiled in this emotionally moving and entertaining documentary. The film masterfully interweaves stories including artist Jeremy Mayer, whose “typewriter assemblage sculpture” uses typewriter parts to assemble intricate, human-like works of art, and expert Martin Howard, who's collected typewriters for nearly 30 years and is on a quest to add a legendary, rare Sholes and Glidden machine to a collection that holds typewriters dating all the way back to 1880.

Nuanced typewriter testimonials from super fans Tom Hanks (who has over 250 machines in his collection), musician John Mayer, playwright Sam Shepard and author David McCullough add incisive perspective. California Typewriter is a love letter to the enduring societal, historical, creative, and artistic value of these machines.

“In exploring the history and fondness people still carry for the typewriter, we are forced to confront an even larger question of how technology factors into our lives and what it’s pushing away,” stated Gravitas Founder and CEO Nolan Gallagher. “It is timely in this age of growth in tech to bring these thought provoking stories to the big screen.”

California Typewriter was directed by Doug Nichol (Sting: Ten Summoners Tales) who also photographed and edited the film. Nichol produced with John Benet (All God’s Children Can Dance). Executive Producers are Charlotte Chatton, James Redford (Paper Tigers) and Dana Schwartz (The United States of Detroit). The deal was negotiated by Nolan Gallagher for Gravitas and Kevin Iwashina and Zac Bright from Preferred Content on behalf of the filmmakers.


Gravitas Ventures is a leading all rights distributor of independent cinema. Founded in 2006, Gravitas connects independent filmmakers and producers with distribution opportunities across the globe. Working with more than 500 content partners, Gravitas Ventures has distributed thousands of films into over 100 million homes. Recent releases include Katie Holmes’ feature directorial debut, “All We Had,” Jonathan Hock’s “Fastball,” Colin Hanks’ “All Things Must Pass,” “Being Evel” from Academy Award® winning director Daniel Junge and producer Johnny Knoxville, “Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What Youre Made Of,” and “For The Love of Spock” from Director Adam Nimoy. 

For more information, please visit, and sign up for the e-newsletter, follow @GravitasVOD on Twitter and @gravitasventures on Instagram.


Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E06 "AKA You're a Winner!" Recap

Kilgrave plays in a high-stakes poke game where he tells everyone to go all in and then fold, meaning Kilgrave wins the million dollars on the table. When one of the players tries to stop him, Kilgrave tells him to put his head through a nearby post.

Jessica and Malcolm throw around ideas of how to stop Kilgrave. Luke arrives, telling Jessica he wants to hire her to help find Antoine Grier, the missing brother of a woman named Serena. Serena had tried to pay off the money that Antoine owed to some loan sharks. Jessica later gets a call from Jeri, who informs her that Hope was attacked by one of her fellow inmates but is refusing to identify her attacker. Jeri paid off one of the guards to get the name of the inmate, Sissy Garcia. Hope won't ask for isolation and refuses to speak to Jeri about it. Jessica visits Sissy and uses her strength to threaten Sissy to stay away from Hope. Sissy reveals that Hope paid her fifty dollars and some cigarettes for Sissy to beat her. Jessica visits Hope in the infirmary where she learns that Hope is pregnant with Kilgrave's child and hoped that the beating would cause her to miscarry but it didn't work. Hope has every intention to keep on getting beat, even if it means risking her life, until she miscarries.

Jessica has a timer set to remind her to send Kilgrave a daily selfie, as part of their agreement for him to leave Malcolm alone. She continues her investigation into the whereabouts of Antoine while Kilgrave looks at real estate listings. Jessica determines that Malcolm ran away as opposed to being taken, based on certain missing items that indicate he packed a bag before leaving. Jessica calls Antoine and leaves a voicemail claiming he has won an Xbox and must call back to set up receiving it but some time later, she and Luke are confronted by some men working for the loan shark. Luke strikes a deal with the men so they'll leave him and Jessica alone as they continue their investigation.

Malcolm confronts Luke, concerned that Kilgrave might have gotten to him and not wanting anything to happen to Jessica. Luke tells Malcolm he doesn't know who Kilgrave is, but it's implied he wants to know.

Jessica calls Jeri, saying they need to meet at the prison the following morning. Jeri proposes to her secretary Pam, who will only accept after Jeri has finalised her divorce. Jessica is visited by Luke, who has learned all about Kilgrave and what he did to both Malcolm and Jessica. He is apologetic for how cold he was when she broke their relationship off out of concern for his safety. He wants to make it right but Jessica tells him he didn't do anything wrong. The two resume their relationship. Jessica is called by a Puerto Rican man claiming to be Antoine wanting to claim his prize but Luke tells her afterward that Antoine doesn't have a Puerto Rican accent. A time and place to meet is arranged and Luke reveals that Serena had information on the circumstances surrounding Reva's death. Her information led him to a construction site where he dug to search for something but there was nothing there. In a flashback, we see Jessica digging up a box at that same location under Kilgrave's orders with Reva present. Immediately afterward was when Jessica killed Reva and Kilgrave was hit by the bus. There was some sort of important proof in the box but neither Jessica nor Luke know what it is. Jessica panics when she realises it's three minutes after 10am and hurries into the bathroom to take a selfie and send to Kilgrave. He responds and tells her not to be late again.

Jessica encounter Malcolm in the hall she tells him not to share her history freely with others. She doesn't want to join him at the Kilgrave group meetings because she feels that no matter what her trauma is that there are always others that have it worse. Jessica meets Jeri at the infirmary where Jessica gives her an abortion pill. She orders Jeri to stay with Hope in exchange that Jessica will et some leverage against Jeri's wife, even if it means "dangling her over a ledge". Jeri is pleased by this and agrees.

Kilgrave goes to a suburban home and wants to buy it from the current owner. The man doesn't want to sell it at first and Kilgrave appears to consider using his ability to force them out but instead tells the man that he has calculated the house to be worth approximately $600,000 and offers him a bag of $1.26 million cash, his earnings from the poke game. The man is confused as to why he would be so determined to buy this house for above what it's worth but agrees to have lawyer look over the paperwork Kilgrave gives him, though Kilgrave says that the deal is only good if they move out by the end of the following day. Kilgrave wants this deal to be above board but he still wants it finished quickly.

Jessica and Luke track down Antoine but refuses to hand him over to the men that are after him. She and Luke fight off all the henchmen. Jessica returns Antoine to Serena and demands to get the information that she intended to give to Luke regarding Reva. Luke arrives and takes the file for himself, though Jessica tries to tell him that it won't make things better. Inside the file, Jessica believes Luke will learn that she was involved in Reva's death but instead there is a name of the bus driver. He had been drunk while driving and Luke now blames him for Reva's death and wants revenge. The MTA had covered up the incident and now that driver is still working that route.

Luke gets on the route and watches the driver from his seat till they reach the last stop and all the other passengers have exited the bus. When Luke reveals who he is, the man apologises, saying he's been sober since the accident and wants to make things right. Luke throws his through the front window of the bus and Jessica arrives, telling Luke he can't kill the bus driver. Jessica then reveals that she was the one that killed Reva, sharing how Reva had something Kilgrave wanted and made her tell him where it was and then forced Jessica to dig it up before killing Reva. Luke is outraged and disgusted at Jessica for lying and for starting an intimate relationship with him in the process. Jessica and Luke both realise that Jessica would never have told him the truth if Luke hadn't found out about Charles the bus driver himself.

Malcolm meets with the Kilgrave group and ponders who he truly is. It's unclear if Kilgrave changed who he was as a person, if he unleashed something he already had in him, and whether or not these negative attributes are now an inseparable part of him.

Jeri arranges to take the remains of Hope's miscarriage for herself for some unknown reason.

Kilgrave finalists the deal to buy the house he was after, which is revealed to have been Jessica's childhood home.

Marvel's Jessica Jones is available for streaming on Netflix.


THE WALL starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena - Check out the poster!


Directed by Doug Liman
Written by Dwain Worrell
Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena

 Studios & Roadside Attractions will release THE WALL in theaters May 12, 2017

“The Wall” is a deadly psychological thriller that follows two soldiers pinned down by an Iraqi sniper, with nothing but a crumbling wall between them. Their fight becomes as much a battle of will and wits as it is of lethally accurate marksmanship.  Directed by Doug Liman ("Mr. & Mrs. Smith," “The Bourne Ultimatum,” “Edge of Tomorrow”), “The Wall” stars Aaron Taylor Johnson (“Nocturnal Animals,” “Kick-Ass,” “Savages” “Godzilla,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron”) and WWE star John Cena (“Trainwreck,” “Sisters,” “Daddy’s Home”), and is written by first-time screenwriter Dwain Worrell from his Black List script.  “The Wall" is produced by Amazon Studios. 

Watch the trailer:

For more info:

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Marvel's Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. S04E17 Synopsis: Identity and Change (4/11)


“Identity and Change” – As Daisy and Simmons struggle to discover an escape route to the real world, the identity of the Inhuman leader of the Resistance is revealed, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, APRIL 11 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” stars Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson, Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May, Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Henry Simmons as Agent Alphonso “Mack” MacKenzie and John Hannah as Holden Radcliffe .

Guest starring are Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Jason O’Mara as Jeffrey Mace, Frances Gregg as Amy, Jordan Rivera as Hope, Randall J. Bacon as lead Hydra agent, Brandon Walter as person in line, David Landry as Hydra special agent, David Weiss as serious man and Patrick Cavanaugh as Burrows.

“Identity and Change” was written by George Kitson and directed by Garry A. Brown.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HDTV format with a 5.1 channel surround sound. A TV parental guideline will be assigned closer to the airdate.

Twitter: @AgentsofSHIELD
Hashtag: @ABC_Publicity


Big Little Lies S01E07 Synopsis: You Get What You need


            Episode #7: “You Get What You Need” (finale)
            Debut: SUNDAY, APRIL 2 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)
            After yet another fight, Celeste (Nicole Kidman) makes a bold move. Before the school’s long-awaited fall fundraiser, Madeline (Reese Witherspoon)deals with fallout from her past, while Jane (Shailene Woodley) learns who’s really been hurting Amabella (Ivy George) at school.
            Written by David E. Kelley; directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.

            The show is also available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand and affiliate portals.


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