Emerald City S01E10 Recap: No Place Like Home

A man gets new skin.

In the Emerald City, war preparations continue. Eamonn sees the witches approach. He orders that the kingdom be protected at all costs, even if they have no weapons against magic. The monkeys take flight, spelling Ozma in their wake. A door bursts open. Ozma and her witches have arrived. West is by her side. Ozma doesn't like that the people are afraid of her. West asks where the Wizard is. The guard doesn't know, and West beings to kill him. Ozma orders her to leave him, using her title to halt West's hand. Once released the guard goes to kill Ozma, and West kills him first. She warns Ozma to figure out her rule and quickly.

The Wizard make plans in his camp to win his war. Enclosed in chambered tent, Dorothy awaits. He realizes that it was Dorothy who wielded power, not him. She was the one who got to Nahara to help, to raise the giant. He realizes that Dorothy did no do what he asked her to do. She said that she would stop a war, not kill Glinda. The Wizard shows Dorothy his plan. He's going to gun down the girls. Dorothy is horrified, the witches are just doing as Glinda tells them.

The Lion, Eamonn, approaches Ozma. She cowers in fear, but he lays down his sword at her feet. She unmasks him, and faces the man who killed her parents. She asks why, and he admits it was to save himself. He let her live because he has a daughter her own age, and couldn't kill her. West tells her that he made his choice, that she should make hers. Ozma calls for his family to be brought forth. Eamonn's family is brought to Ozma, while Eamonn begs for their lives. Ozma doesn't kill them, she makes them forget him. He took away her family, and so she took away his. She strips him of everything, and curses him to be the beast. The witches hiss at him, and the people look at him with distaste as he leaves Oz. West admits that when Ozma's father died, she thought justice died with him. She gives Ozma her crown, and calls her queen. Ozma places her crown on her head, and all the Emerald City bow before her.

In the Wizard's camp they practice their shooting skills. Jack comes to kill the Wizard. He takes out the Wizard's men, and has the Wizard in hand. He begs for his life, he wasn't the one who killed Lady Ev. The Wizard tells Jack and Jane that Jane's daughter is near. Dorothy is here. Jane finds Dorothy in the field, but before they can have a reunion, the witches arrive. They bees to swarm the camp, engulfing Dorothy until she lashes out with the gauntlets, freezing them all in place. Glinda appears in the center with Dorothy, noting that she's still there. Dorothy tells her that there doesn't have to be war. Glinda thinks otherwise since he awoken the stone giant. She admits that she woke him. She wants Glinda to return to the North, and take her girls. Glinda brings forth Sylvie. Dorothy loved her and saved her even though she knew what she was. Sylvie begins to shake, to kill the giant. Dorothy uses her own power, to try to save the giant as Glinda mocks her. Dorothy uses the Giant to knock back Glinda's power, exposing all of the witches in the meadow. The task is too great for Sylvie. The Wizard kills Sylvie, and the war starts. Witches are shot dead. Glinda blames it all on Dorothy. She chose the wrong side. Dorothy fights her way over to the Wizard, threatening him to end it all. The girls begin to rise again. None of them were killed by the bullets. Only a witch can kill a witch, Glinda tells him. They are not the Beast Forever.

That Beast has risen, doned his skin. He screams out as wings spring from his back.

Glinda leads her girls into the city. She's not so happy to see West already in the throne room. West tells her that there is no fight left in Emerald City. Glinda brought the witches back from extinction, and shes come to get what is hers. West asks her if she remembers the King she served, she does. West presents her with Ozma.

Dorothy brings the Wizard inside, she wants him to help her get inside.

West wants Glinda to help guide Ozma, but Glinda doesn't want that. West fears that Glinda will divide Oz, as the Wizard did. She pleas with her sister to take her hands to do the right thing.

The beast takes flight over a broken tin man.

The Wizard and Dorothy climb the stairs. She doesn't want to go home, she wants to send him home. He pretends to know what he's doing, but the Wizard doesn't want to go back. He had nothing in the other world, his life left no mark. He tries to get Dorothy to see that her life had no meaning back in Oz. The Wizard has a complete breakdown as he tells her that her mother isn't back in Kansas. He tries to break his machine, and Jane shoots him. Dorothy wants to know why Jane interfered. She admits that she gave Dorothy to Karen, and it was a mistake. Jane tattooed Dorothy when she was a child, and she knows Dorothy has questions, but there's no time. Jane made a promise to protect Dorothy, and that meant sending her away.

The Beast flies over the lion.

Jane gets the machine up and running. She made the machine before the Wizard took it from her.

The Beast flies over the Scarecrow.

Jane tells Dorothy to get into the machine made vortex, that they have to go. Jane promises to be behind Dorothy. She closes the door as Dorothy screams for her mother. She's protecting Dorothy as she always has and she will until the day she dies. The tornado spins wildly.

The beast passes over Glinda, Ozma and West.

Dorothy wakes up ruins. Shes back home. She heads down into the storm shelter and finds Karen bleeding. She covers her and waits as sirens approach.

Dorothy looks out the window as she picks at her bland lunch. She looks at the scarecrow in the field, and she has to get moving. She says shes going to check on Karen. Aunt Em stops her, tells her to sit. She needs to take care of herself. The sheriff wants her to make a statement. She claims to not remember much. She went to get help for Karen, and she got swept up, and ended up in almost the same place as she left. She was only gone for ten minutes. Dorothy notices her aunt's fingers are black, Em claims its from the walnuts. Dorothy takes a walk, and she sees Toto. She approaches her dog with hesitation, since she left him in Oz. She pets him, and finds Lucas behind her. Dorothy keeps telling herself its just a dream, but Lucas insists that he's not there to hurt her. Her mother sent him. She asks where Jane is, and he breaks the news that her mother is a prisoner of the Beast Forever. He's come to bring her home.


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