Into The Badlands S2E7 "Black Heart, White Mountain" Recap

Sunny has been poisoned and lies comatose after receiving a mysterious blow to the chest from one of the Abbotts he fought. In his dream, he is reunited with Veil and a version of Henry that is already a few years old. He briefly sees a mysterious figure outside their window.

In the real world, Bajie realises the nature of Sunny's injury based on the bruise on Sunny's chest. He has been hit with the Five Poisons, one of the Abbotts' deadliest weapons. Sunny will die unless they find the necessary medicine to cure him. They must return to the monastery and break in to retrieve what they will need to cure Sunny. On the way there, Bajie reveals that he once instructed a girl with a gift similar to M.K.'s that eventually led him to leave the monastery. He used his gift to bring her back to life and freed her from the needle room, after which she ran off. He promised he'd find her but has so far been unable to do so.

Back in Sunny's dream world, he is instructing Henry on fighting before finding that their pigs have been slaughtered and left with strange marks on their carcasses. Later, Henry reveals a hidden sword that he got from a friend named Artemis that he was playing with in the woods. Sunny is concerned for Henry's well-being but frightens him when warning him not to play with her anymore. Later, Sunny finds a strange wound on Henry's back that he claims was inflicted by Artemis, who was angered when Sunny took the sword. When he goes to get some supplies to tend to Henry's wound, he is attacked by Artemis, who asks if Sunny remembers her.

In the real world, Sunny is in a car being driven by Bajie. When the attack makes Sunny struggle to breathe, M.K. finds a mask and puts it on him to help him breathe. When they reach the monastery, they are discovered and end up in a fight with the Abbotts. Back in Sunny's nightmare, Veil ends up dead with Henry being the one to have killed her. Sunny follows Artemis to the woods where he is tormented by the ghosts of all his kills. On the outside, Bajie and M.K. work together to finally cure Sunny.

Quinn and The Widow coordinate an attack on Jade's palace to overthrow her. Many of her Clippers and subjects abandon her, forcing her to flee. The few remaining clippers loyal to her end up dead when Jade is cornered by The Widow and Tilda.

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American Gods S1E1 "The Bone Orchard" Recap

The episode begins with the narration of a group of Vikings arriving in America in 813 CE. But their hopes for great things are short-lived, as the Natives of the land shoot them up with arrows if they dare to come too close from the shore where they landed. They are determined to leave but do not have the wind needed to steer the ships of their sails back home. They carve a statue of Odin and make offerings to him by blinding themselves in one eye to gain wind for their sails. After some time and further sacrifices, including death and bloodshed among their own group, the wind rises enough for them to leave in a hurry. The ones that made it home never set foot on a boat again and never spoke of that land.

The story shifts to present day where Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) is in prison. He calls his wife, Laura, and we learn that he is set to return home in five days. Shadow Moon senses something ominous is coming but Laura reassures him that soon he will be home and she is planning a party with a friend, Robbie. That night, Shadow Moon has a nightmare of himself in a forest being slapped by trees and one offering him a noose. When he wakes, he is informed that his wife died in a car accident and is shortly thereafter released early.

When waiting at the airport, Shadow spots a man named Wednesday home he later meets on his flight. Wednesday turns out to be a con man who scammed his way onto a first class seat in the flight. Shadow is sitting next to him because the overbooking in coach forced the flight attendants to move Shadow up to first class, too. Shadow offers Wednesday a job as a bodyguard but Shadow isn't interested in taking it. Once again, he dreams of the trees but this time, he sees a buffalo-like creature with fire shooting from its eyes that tells him to "Believe." The flight has to make an emergency landing and he decides to drive the rest of the way back.

Bilquis, an Old Goddess of love, seduces a man into sex and tells him to worship her during intercourse. He does as she asks and and consumes his entire body up into her vagina; her physical form remains the same even after consuming a man significantly larger than her.

Shadow stops at a bar and once again encounters Wednesday. He also learns that his best friend Robbie also died in the accident that killed Shadow's wife. This means that he is out of the job he thought he had waiting for him. A character named Mad Sweeney introduces himself to Shadow, claiming to be a leprechaun, and tensions brew between them. Shadow agrees to a reluctant and temporary hiring as Wednesday's bodyguard. The first order of events is for Shadow to fight Mad Sweeney; Shadow wins and earns a gold coin as a prize.

Shadow reaches home in time for Laura's funeral where he learns that she had not only been having an affair with Robbie but the two were messing about in the car when the accident happened. Once the burial is complete, he speaks to her coffin to vent his frustrations over the affair and his grief at losing her. He proceeds to throw his new gold coin at her grave and it disappears into the ground. Audrey, Robbie's widow, tries to proposition him at the graves as revenge for the affairs inflicted on both of them but he turns her down.

Upon walking away from the cemetery, Shadow is plunged into darkness as all the street lights around him go out. He spots some firefly-like bugs that lead him to a humming object pulsating with light. He prods it with a stick and begins to open and mechanically unfold before leaping out and attaching itself to his head. When Shadow wakes, he is in a strange room with the Technical Boy who interrogates Shadow about Wednesday, threatening to kill him if he doesn't answer. Technical Boy orders his Technical men to kill Shadow and delete him. He is flung upward and finds himself back in the read world where Technical Boy's men are beating him badly and proceed to hang him with a noose. The noose snaps before he can die, dropping Shadow to the ground, and Technical Boy's men are killed by an unknown assailant.

American Gods airs on Sundays on Starz at 9PM.


Sense8 S01E09 "Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye" Recap

Riley visits a cave she used to go in as a child. She encounters the woman who has been the voice she always heard as a child. The woman's name is Yrsa and she is also a sensate but not from the same cluster. The reason why Yrsa warned her is because BPO have a facility in Iceland and wanted to warn her away before she would get caught. Riley is angry that she made her believe she was responsible for her mother's death as a child. Yrsa apologises but assures her she was only trying to protect her just like she tries to protect any and all sensates she finds. Yrsa never had children herself as she always feared they would end up like her and have to live their lives being hunted. They recall a time Riley almost froze to death in the mountains, a particularly traumatic memory of hers, and Yrsa was able to sense her and called the authorities to rescue her. Riley says that she wanted to die up there with "him." Yrsa says that now she must go on the run too. Since Riley returned, if they find her then it's only a matter of time before Yrsa is taken too. The technology to find sensates has advanced over the years through science research and developments in technology.

Lito is still heartbroken after Hernando broke up with him. A male bartender hits on him and Lito lashes out at him when some people walk by, still fearful of being exposed.

Will has a nightmare of being pursued by Whispers. When he wakes, a weakened Jonas visits him. Jonas is currently imprisoned at a BPO facility. Jonas explains that if he wants to communicate to Will without being heard by the cameras recording his body he needs to visit Will so he is only taking on the form of a voice in Will's head. If Will is visiting him, then Jonas will be speaking out loud to communicate with him. Jonas doesn't know where he's currently located and says he won't be killed currently since he still has value to BPO. Will has a visit with Riley while she's still with Yrsa. Will says he's talking to Jonas. Jonas can tell Will likes Riley, though he can't see her, just as Yrsa can tell she likes Will back. Yrsa says love inside a cluster is pathological while Jonas says Angelica, whom he loved, believed sensates experience love in its purest form. Yrsa tells Riley to ask when Will's birthday is and learns that they share a birthday. Jonas explains that all members of a cluster are born at the same time, as they take their first breath as one. Yrsa is shocked to learn that Jonas is the one speaking to Will and warns Riley to leave the conversation. Jonas advises Will to not let Riley stay in Iceland since BPO has a large facility there and many sensates have disappeared there. Yrsa tells Riley that Angelica Turring was the one to birth her cluster and says to never be in touch with Jonas again. Yrsa doesn't like them, saying that Angelica and Jonas worked together with BPO to birth clusters to find more clusters. Riley says that Jonas tried to help them but Yrsa says that if Will is connected to Jonas then it's only a matter of time before Whispers finds them.

Wolfgang's uncle comes to visit him and Felix in the hospital. He warns Wolfgang not to try to get revenge on Steiner on Felix's behalf, saying if he is forced to between the two then he won't be siding with Wolfgang.

Kala and Rajan sit together while she answers questions from police about the attack on Rajan's father. Rajan defends Kala from what he feels is an overly aggressive approach and says if they have any further questions that they will have to contact their family lawyer. Kala asks Rajan if he blames her for what happened to his father and he responds that with how many death threats he had received for speaking out against religion to the press, he should've known better than to go into a temple.

Lito sits in a museum and reflects on the first date he had with Hernando and the instant connection he felt to him. Nomi visits Lito and through their first moments speaking, they find that they were both experiencing moments of sadness and longing for the life they once had with their loved ones. Lito wants to be back with Hernando and Nomi wants her happy life with Amanita again in which they aren't being hunted by BPO. This museum was where Hernando took him for their first date. Lito listened to him talk about art for hours until he couldn't take it anymore and pulled him into the bathroom where they had their first kiss and Lito gave him a blowjob in the bathroom. Lito acknowledges that he is the reason things have gone wrong because he was afraid of losing everything. Nomi can relate to the feeling. She opens up about the struggles she felt being trans as a young child. Her father hated that she would play with dolls and forced her to join the local swim club. Nomi wasn't comfortable with her body but was required to shower before getting in the pool. She would always shower with a shirt and swim trunks on and one day some bullies cornered her, removed her shirt, and forcibly held her under some scalding hot water that gave her second-degree burns. Lito is horrified by the cruelty. Nomi says that it was a seminal moment for her because she quit the swim club and also stopped trying to pretend to be who she wasn't. She realised that the true violence was what people do to themselves when they're too afraid to be who they really are.

Sun is summoned by a guard that tells her she has a visitor. When she goes to the holding room, she is shocked to find it is her father. He says he hasn't slept since she came to prison and she says she's never slept better. He continues by saying that he isn't a good person but was a better one when Sun's mother was still alive. He tells Sun that his company, wealth, and reputation is meaningless without his daughter. He wants to tells the truth and free her from prison.

Rajan brings Kala to the hospital to visit his father. Rajan's mother asks Kala to pray with her, saying she was religious before she got married but her husband wouldn't allow her to visit the temple after they got married. Still she believes her husband is a good man and Kala agrees to pray for him with her.

Nomi returns to her old apartment to hide out and Amanita arrives a bit later on and the two have an emotional reunion. Nomi admits she used Will's badge number to put a false sighting of her into the system, claiming she was last seen on a plane to Australia. They ponder where they'll hide out at next.

Riley visits the graves of her husband infant daughter that died up in the mountains. She reminisces sadly about being courted by her husband. Riley and Capheus have a visit. He climbs back in his bus to sit near her. She admits that she couldn't go to the funeral because she was too overcome to be able to say goodbye. Capheus shares a personal story about how his mother had given birth to a younger sister of his but they were unable to continue to properly care for due to their limited resources, namely food or breast milk, so they eventually gave her up for adoption to save her life. Capheus loved her and saying goodbye was the hardest thing he had ever had to do. He never saw her again and cried as if she had died.

Lito cries in agony at his apartment, while eating Ben and Jerry's and missing one of his socks. He repeatedly calls Hernando and leaves sad voicemails pleading for him to come back. Lito eventually acknowledges that he has let both him and Daniela down and tells him again that he misses him.

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Sense8 S01E08 "We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts" Recap

Kala visits Wolfgang while he sits by Felix's bedside in the hospital. He blames himself for Felix's injury, thinking his own need to prove himself led to this. Kala asks how they met and Wolfgang shares the story of them meeting in detention when they were kids at school. They would cut school to watch movies together. Wolfgang was frequently in trouble for fighting with other kids, as they hated him. One day when a group of kids attacked Wolfgang, Felix came back with a pipe and beat them off. Wolfgang says that this sort of schoolyard violence was nothing compared to the abuse of his own father.

Daniela calls Lito late at night to say that she got the phone back and that everything is fixed now. Lito and Hernando are concerned that Daniela is whispering during the call and hasn't returned to them.

Capheus visits Jela and brings him some beer to apologise for ending their working relationship. Jela has been fighting more with his girlfriend because of how much he's been home. Capheus admits he wants to end his working relationship with Kabaka and return to the matatu business.

Sun continues to be helped in learning to sew by Soo-Jin, who is always having her items stolen by a fellow prisoner that likes to bully her. Sun trips the bully on her way to steal Soo-Jin's clothing so the guard in charge orders the woman back to her table. Sun later meets Soo-Jin out in the yard. Soo-Jin has been painting on a mural, and Sun admits she doesn't miss her family but she does miss her dog. The bully comes over and splashes paint on a new work of art Sun had created of herself as a young girl with her mother. The bully tries to attack Sun but given Sun's extensive training, she easily gets the upper hand. The bully's crew also tries to attack Sun but she beats all of them. The bully comes at her with a shiv and injures her on the abdomen but Sun still beats and overpowers her before guards come over and break up the fight. Sun is sent to solitary confinement as punishment.

Riley visits Will, who was worried about her. She shows him her childhood home in Iceland. She shares stories about how her father is a famous pianist. She is still sad about her dead mother. Riley's father comes in and gives her some coffee and says he'll see her tonight. Will is amazed that he takes his coffee the same way as Riley does. Will and Riley talk about visiting one another in person at their respective locations. They grow closer and share a kiss.

Min-Jung, one of the older inmates, visits Sun in solitary confinement and brings her some food as a thank you gift from herself and the rest of their group for helping Soo-Jin.

Kala, Rajan, and his father meet with the wedding planners to begin preparations for a new ceremony.

The bandits Capheus beat before come into his and his mother's home. The leader threatens to kill Capheus' mother unless he brings him Kabaka's daughter Amondi. The man used to work for Capheus but when they fell out, Kabaka killed the man's sister. Now he wants revenge on Kabaka.

Lito and Hernando go to meet with Daniela and Joaquin at an agreed upon location in public. They get the phone back but Daniela has returned to her relationship with Joaquin and all the abuse that comes with it. She even has a new black eye to show for it. Hernando is horrified that Daniela agreed to marry Joaquin if he will leave them alone. Daniela leaves again with Joaquin.

Will shows some surveillance footage of Nyle Bolger to Diego. He had left the nursing home he lived in with a gun. There is also information Will has been looking at on Dr. Metzger and Nomi, who has a BOLO out for her arrest. Bolger shouldn't have been able to leave since he was a vegetable but did so after he received a package. Will shares how Bolger killed Metzger, the same doctor that operated on him, before killing himself. This is connected to Nomi since Metzger was supposed to perform the same operation on her. Will accessed all of this information by using his father's old Captain clearance codes. The company that paid for these surgeries and the cost of living care for Bolger also paid to rent the white van that took Jonas. The company is known as the "Biologic Preservation Organisation" (BPO).

Nomi researches BPO and Will visits to ask her how she's finding information on their financial records. Nomi realises that this is the man who helped her get out of the hospital. Amanita is fascinated by the interaction as it's happening while she's still in the room. Will learns how Nomi was at the shooting the previous night and together they realise that BPO is even more dangerous if they're willing to kill their own people. Nomi finds that BPO has been paying a ton of money for a very particular man to fly around the world and lobotomise people. This has been going on since he was a medical student at the University of Chicago. Nomi recognises him when Bolger killed himself and a different reflection appeared in the mirror just before.

Their conversation is interrupted by Dr. Friedmann ("Whispers") himself arriving at the front door with police officers. Will recognises the voice and warns Nomi not to look directly at him since Jonas warned him that this is how Whispers hunts. Nomi and Amanita escape upstairs where Amanita instructs Nomi on how to sneak out of the house and promises to find her later. Amanita helps to stall the guards pursuing her by pretending she is on her period and throwing a faked bloody tampon at a guard when he bursts through the bathroom door.

Nomi gets cornered in an alley and she pleads for Will to help but he's busy getting reprimanded by his captain so Sun arrives first. Will shows up moments later and helps Sun fight the men off and encourages Nomi to steal a bike which she uses to flee faster. She continues to turns down different streets while cop cars chase her. She manages to steal a car at a gas station and Capheus visits to help next, since Nomi doesn't know how to drive.

Will is suspended from work for disobeying orders. Lito is on set filming but is visited by Hernando between takes. Hernando breaks up with him for not standing up for Daniela. Raja's father visits Kala at the temple she prays at. He is a pragmatic man and not at all religious, now believing that she should call off the wedding and that perhaps she is not the right match for his son. A group of religious fundamentalists emerge and stab Rajan's father repeatedly, leaving Kala horrified and crying out for help.

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Sense8 S01E07 "W. W. N. Double D?" Recap

Nomi arranges a meet with an old hacking acquaintance called Bug. Amanita accompanies her to the meet and learns how Nomi took the fall for one of Bug's crimes because Nomi was a minor with rich parents that would get let off easier. Bug initially doesn't recognise her, having not remembered that she was trans but still accepts her. He provides her with a decent supply of hacking equipment to help her in her investigation of Dr. Metzger.

Sun is transferred to prison where she quickly makes friends with the other women in her cell. The other women there were convicted of killing abusive men in their lives.

Daniela treats Lito and Hernando to a night out at a restaurant. Hernando is posing as Lito's bodyguard but Lito is still nervous about being exposed. Lito wants to leave early but he and Daniela are happy and proud when Hernando successfully berates some photographers into leaving them alone.

Riley flies home to Iceland and is visited by Capheus while on the plane. He is excited, having never flown before. He shares how he wishes he could see his father again but is happy to still have his mother. Riley is worried that something terrible will happen because of her returning home but he tells her something wonderful could also happen. Riley's father Gunnar picks her up at the airport, greeting her with a song.

Lito, Hernando, and Daniela return home to find Joaquin has broken in to threaten them. Hernando continues to play the role of bodyguard. Joaquin demands to know what he's done wrong and Daniela points out that Lito has never hit her. Joaquin demands that Lito and Daniela have sex in front of him so he can "learn from the best." Hernando drags Joaquin out of the apartment and locks the door behind them.

Deshawn helps Will and Diego out by getting them access to some of the local criminals that can help with their investigation into Angelica's death. One of the young members of the crew shows Will some photos he took from the church the night of Angelica's death. Men in hazmat suits carried a body bag out of the building, and all took orders from a mysterious older man wearing glasses. This was the same man that appeared to Angelica in the moments leading up to her death that Jonas warned her about. Will zooms in and gets a good look at the face of the man that seems to be behind this threat to their well-being. They also trace the van that was rented to transport the body and when Will opens the back he has a brief vision of Angelica's body lying in it.

Nomi begins her hacking into Dr. Metzger and discovers that he has performed the same operation on other individuals in the Bay Area that he tried to perform on Nomi and two of them died. Another patient named Nyles Bolger survived the procedure and now lives in a nursing home. Despite Nyles still being alive, he has been lobotomised and is in a near-vegetative state. Nomi is overcome with emotion, knowing that she could've ended up like Nyles. She pleads with Amanita to make sure she doesn't end up like that too.

Kala visits a temple and prays to a statue of Ganesha, seeking answers to her dilemma about marrying Rajan without loving him and the visions of this new man. Wolfgang appears behind her and they begin to have another visit. Wolfgang is sitting out in the rain in front of a Berlin coffee shop. She goes to sit with him and Wolfgang notes that the weather is much nicer in Mumbai. Kala says that praying to her gods worked since her wedding was stopped. Wolfgang asks if their connection is some sort of a miracle and she considers the description to be particularly appropriate. Kala opens up to him about how her life in Mumbai, how she grew up hating moments of being alone, and recalls playing as a child at a festival for Ganesha. He is skeptical of her religious beliefs, not being religious himself, and the two have a discussion about science and faith before almost kissing. The moment is interrupted by Felix who has news that Abraham wants to buy the rest of the diamonds. Wolfgang shares how he wants to takes a trip to India.

Riley enjoys reconnecting with her father. He makes her pancakes and tells her he is proud of her DJ work, having seen videos of it online. He has to head out to a rehearsal but the next-door neighbour Sven can drive her anywhere she may need to go. After he leaves, she hears a woman's voice telling her she should not have come back.

In prison, Sun is taught to sew to be part of the labour training the prisoners take part in. Another prisoner steals some finished garments from the woman training Sun and gets to leave early as a result. Sun asks if this happens often and the woman responds, "Only when the sun is out."

Lito wakes Hernando with breakfast in bed but the moment is interrupted by a text from Daniela's phone showing photos of Lito and Hernando having sex. Daniela is distraught to learn that Joaquin stole her phone and promises that she will fix it, running off to meet Joaquin herself.

Nomi and Amanita wait for Metzger at his favourite coffee shop and use the hacking tools to hack his phone and clone it. While Metzger is waiting for his order, he gets a call from someone that frightens him into leaving without picking up his order. Nomi wants to call the contact, a Dr. Matheson, who seems to know that she is the one that called him and says he's looking forward to meeting her. She hangs up and decides that they will break into Metzger's home, as he is leaving that night on a flight to Chicago.

Kabaka brings Amondi and Capheus to a surprise birthday party for her. Kabaka brings Capheus away from the party and shows him a captive man that he was grooming to be his number one runner but watered down the drugs to make double the money. Kabaka wants Capheus to know what happens to those that betray him and cuts the man's hands off with a machete.

Nomi and Amanita successfully break into Metzger's apartment and Nomi begins to hack into his personal computer. She only needs a few more minutes and she'll have copied his entire hard drive. Wolfgang meets with Felix at the lock store and Felix is concerned that Abraham didn't come to the meet. Felix is lured to the locked front door by a woman saying she needs help but when Felix approaches, the woman backs away and a black car drives up. The side door opens and Steiner shoots Felix through the glass of the front door and he's knocked unconscious. Wolfgang rushes to help his injured friend.

Metzger returns home and Nomi has nowhere to escape to so she chooses to confront him. He offers to call an ambulance to finally help her but Amanita threatens him into putting his phone down. Nomi demands answers, asking if Matheson was the one who cancelled his trip. Metzger panics when he learns Nomi has spoken to him. Jonas appears and warns Nomi that she needs to get out of there and that Whispers is coming. Metzger says that she has killed them all. Nyles pops out and he and Metzger begin fighting. Nomi and Amanita retrieve the jump drive of Metzger's hard drive and run off. Metzger is cornered by Nyles who prepares to shoot himself. Before pulling the trigger Nomi sees the reflection of Whispers in the mirror instead of Nyles.

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The Handmaid's Tale S01E03 "Late" Recap

The episode presents an extended flashback that show the rise of Gilead. June finds that her back account is frozen and then is fired from her job along with all the other women working there. Women are no longer allowed to own property and all of their bank accounts are consequently frozen. The women at her office were fired because it's now the law.

Serena brings Offred on a visit to see the new baby and Ofwarren. Ofwarren is revealed to be suffering from delusions and even bit Mrs. Putnam in a fit of rage when she tried to take back the baby while Ofwarren was nursing her. Offred tries to advise her to get her behaviour back in line but Ofwarren appears to be far gone, claiming she and her baby's father are going to take Charlotte and run away together. Offred expresses her concern to Serena that Ofwarren may be losing touch. Serena tells Offred to have Nick drive her home while she will stay to help Mrs. Putnam and the baby.

On the drive home, Offred asks Nick about Ofglen's disappearance. He remarks that it doesn't matter how tough she is but all of this will end the same way. When they arrive home there is a black van waiting for Offred. Nick says he couldn't stop them and apologises, advising her to tell them whatever they want to know. An Eye and Aunt Lydia lead her interrogation, wanting to know what she knows of Ofglen. They are trying to surmise if she knew Ofglen was gay or if they ever had any sexual contact. They ask if she was ever touched by Ofglen and Offred says she wasn't. When Offred reveals that she knew Ofglen was gay and Offred admits that she did. She is shocked by Aunt Lydia with a cattle prod when she refers to it as "gay" instead of a "gender-traitor". They want to know about whether Offred knew about Ofglen being in a relationship with a Martha but Offred didn't know anything about that. Lydia quotes one of the Beatitudes from the Bible and Offred responds by quoting the Bible back: "Blessed are those who suffer for the cause of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." Lydia strikes her across the face with the cattle prod and shocks her more but is stopped by Serena who claims Offred is pregnant and orders them to leave her house.

Ofglen is in custody and tries to seduce a guard to be able to escape but he pushes her back in line when some other guards come for her. She is put on trial for gender treachery along with the Martha she has been in a relationship with. They are both found guilty but Ofglen is given a lesser sentence due to her fertility. The Martha is later hanged while Ofglen watches heartbroken and helpless to stop it.

Nick visits Offred in her room to check on how she's doing. The two share a moment of looking longingly at one another and Nick says he should've just driven away with Offred to prevent her from being assaulted. He gives her some ice wrapped in a washcloth for her injuries and lingers, nearly kissing her before leaving again.

In another flashback June and Moira attend a protest against the new oppressive laws but things escalate between the protesters and the armed officers. June senses what's coming next and retreats with Moira and some others and hurry to get away from the semi-automatic weapons being fired at the protesters.

Offred goes downstairs and tells Serena she's not pregnant, as she's just gotten her period. Serena is enraged and pulls Offred upstairs and throws her back in her room, ordering her not to leave the room. Before shutting the door, Serena warns her that things can get much worse for her.

Ofglen wakes in a clinic where Aunt Lydia refers to her by her old name, Emily. Emily finds some gauze taped on her crotch and Lydia explains that she has been given genital mutilation surgery to prevent her from being able to act on her 'wrong' attractions. Lydia leaves and Emily screams.

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The Handmaid's Tale S01E02 "Birth Day" Recap

Offred continues her existence, as the Commander tries to impregnate her while her head is in Serena Joy's lap. Later while shopping with Oflgen, the pair continue to reveal personal information about one another and their lives from before this regime took over. On their walk they see the St. Paul Catholic Church being destroyed under the regime's orders. St. Paul was where Offred had her daughter baptized. Ofglen says that St. Patrick's Cathedral was also destroyed and the remains were dumped in the Hudson River in an attempt to erase it from ever having existed. Before reaching home, Ofglen invites Offred to join the resistance but Offred is hesitant to get involved with them.

Nick tells Offred that the Commaner wants to see her alone later, which is forbidden but he doesn't seem to care. Nick also warns her not to get too close to Ofglen, as doing so is dangerous. Janine, known now as Ofwarren, is revealed to be in labour so Offred and other handmaidens are sent to the home to witness her birth. On the drive over, June recalls the birth of her daughter Hannah. Given the rarity of healthy births, Hannah is highly sought after. A woman later breaks into the hospital and tries to steal Hannah, claiming it's her own baby alive and well but officers arrive and arrest the woman. Hannah is returned safely to her parents.

At the home, the wife of Warren Putnam, Naomi, pretends to be in labour while the other high-statue women coach her through her pretending that she is the one about to give birth. The handmaids go to see Ofwarren in labour. Aunt Lydia leads them through a group chant to steady her breathing through her contractions. Offred meets with Ofglen in secret and tells her how the Commander wants to see her alone. Offred is still conflicted about going. Serena Joy summons Offred and asks her to update some other women on the status of the birth.

Ofwarren gives birth to a baby girl whom the Putnams name Angela, but Ofwarren names Charlotte. Ofwarren is tasked with nursing her baby and when they are alone, she sings to her and tells her about her older brother Caleb.

Ofglen warns Offred that no one in the resistance knows why the Commander would want to see her. Ofglen advises Offred to just apologise if she is accused of anything. That night, Offred goes to the Commander's office, weary of what it is he wants. He reveals he simply want to play the board game Scrabble. The Commander wins by just three points but they agree to have a rematch after he returns from a trip to DC. Offred returns to her room and laughs, relieved that the meeting wasn't anything insidious. The following day, Offred prepares to tell Ofglen that the Commander just wanted to play Scrabble and that he is heading to DC but when she reaches Ofglen, it's another woman waiting that introduces herself as Ofglen.

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The Handmaid's Tale S01E01 "Offred" Recap

A man is driving to escape someone that's pursuing him. The car crashes on the side of the road so he helps his woman and young daughter out of the back and gives them bags so they can run into the woods and reach where they are escaping to. While running, the woman hears the sounds of gunshots and picks her daughters up to continue running, assuming that her husband has been shot or killed. They hide behind some rocks. When they think they're safe they are off running but are caught by the armed men. One takes her daughter and the other knocks the woman out.

The woman is known as Offred and was assigned to be a handmaid to Commander Fred Waterford. Offred meets Fred and his wife Serena Joy, who tells Offred to not get in her way or she will punish her. She has been captive for two months and heads out to go grocery shopping with Ofglen, another handmaid. She also speaks with Nick Blaine on the way out, who works as Fred's driver. Offered and Ofglen pass by a school and Offred has a flashback in which she thinks about a time she played at the beach with her husband and daughter.

On the way home, Offred and Ofglen pass by a wall of men that have been hanged for crimes including being gay, working in an abortion clinic, being Jewish, and being a Catholic priest.

Another flashback is shown of different women including Offred being indoctrinated into the handmaid roles by a woman known as Aunt Lydia. She speaks about a fertility plague that has struck humanity and now these few fertile women are special and serve a Biblical purpose from God. Gilled is the name of the government that has established the totalitarian, Christian theonomic government that forces the few fertile women into being handmaids. When Offred and other women are brought into the lecture, she recognises a woman named Moira whom she went to university with. One woman, Janine, speaks back to Aunt Lydia and is shocked with a cattle prod as punishment before being dragged out of the room. Later that night, Offred speaks with Moira later in secret, who advises her to keep her head down till everything is over and then she'll be able to go and find her daughter. Moira is gay and her girlfriend Odette was reclassified as an 'unwoman' and sent to the colonies. Janine is brought back into the room and her right eye has been removed for being insubordinate. Janine is later placed in a circle of the other handmaidens who are instructed to chant to slut-shame her for being raped and claim that God made it happen to teach her a lesson.

Offred bathes to prepare for an important ceremony and wonders whether or not her daughter remembers her. At the ceremony, Fred tries to impregnate Offred while her head lines in the lap of Serena Joy, his wife. The encounter is clinical and passionless. Later that night, Offred walks outside to get some air and observes Nick sitting outside his porch.

The following day, all the handmaids are gathered in an open field. Offred speaks with Alma, another handmaid she knows. They catch up about recent ongoings. Offred enquires after Moira and Janine pops up and says that Moira is dead. Ofglen overhears the conversation and Offred is quietly devastated by the news. All the handmaids are instructed to kneel and are addressed by Aunt Lydia who informs them that a man has been convicted of raping a pregnant handmaid, and as a result the baby died. The punishment for rape is death but the punishment for this man is that all the handmaids are allowed to beat him to death. They gather in a large circle around the man and when Aunt Lydia blows the whistle they are free to do to him as they wish until she blows the whistle a second time. Janine stands at the outer part of the circle as she is visibly pregnant.

In a flashback, Offred tells Moira about how she is pregnant. She is worried that she will miscarry, as many of the women at her work have miscarried far into their term or even carried to term but had the baby die after just a few days. Moira assures her that everything will be okay.

Ofglen walks Offred back after the execution and gives her condolences about the death of Moira. Offred admits she knew Moira from 'before'. Ofglen opens up to Offred, revealing that she is not actually as pious as she presents herself to be, and is just like Offred in that she is pretending just to survive. Offred admits her daughter is now eight, and Ofglen shares how she had a son, Oliver, with her wife before she was captured. Before parting ways, Ofglen warns Offred that there is an Eye (a secret spy) in the house. Offred returns home and observes everyone with a skeptical gaze, wondering who is watching her. Finally, Offred speaks in voiceover about her daughter Hannah, her husband Luke, and that her own name is June. She intends to make it out of this oppressive state and reunite with her family.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4E19 "All the Madame's Men" Recap

Daisy regains her Metahuman abilities and escapes Hydra with May, and break's Ophelia's back on the way out. Her injuries lead to Fitz's promotion to be in charge of Hydra but he is ordered by Ophelia to continue working on their secret Project: Looking Glass, which upon completion will render her Framework body obsolete.

Daisy and May reconvene with S.H.I.E.L.D. where they find the team still in recovery after Mace's death. May has access to her body cam footage from the recent attack on the Enlightenment Centre. Coulson uses the footage as a means of undermining Hydra's propaganda by broadcasting it to the world. An additional side plot is that Daisy gives Ward an ounce of redemption by seeing how willing this version of him is to help them get back to their world, even if it puts himself at the risk of dying by Hydra's hand in the process.

Simmons and Triplett are working together to infiltrate a Russian oil platform, which he believes is the location of the Looking Glass in the real world. This location is where Aida is running the Framework. The platform is empty when they arrive but Simmons realises that Aida is trying to use the technology from the Darkhold to grow real human tissue so Ophelia will be able to move from the Framework into a real human body in the real world.

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Sense8 S01E06 "Demons" Recap

Will and Riley think about one another and another visit between them begins. They're both out at pubs, him in Chicago and her still in London. They get to know a bit about one another, including what they do for a living. Will decides that they can make the experience of visiting less weird and prove that what's happening between them is real by having them speak to each other on the phone. She asks if he's had any other visitors and he tells her about Jonah and how there are apparently eight of them in their cluster. He asks her about her visit to the church and how she seemed scared, wanting to know if she's okay. She merely says she has complicated friends.

Sun addresses the press and says she has acted alone in embezzling money from the company and is detained by the police. At her first court appearance before a judge she is denied bail due to her status, wealth, and consequent risks of being able to flee from the charges.

Nomi and Amanita pick up what's left from their raided apartment. Her laptop, journals, and many other precious belongings have been taken. They consider that they'll never be left alone unless they do something about it. They go to stay with Amanita's highly supportive mother whom they tell about everything Nomi has been through.

Riley returns to Shugs' place and finds Nyx waiting for her with hired muscle. Shugs apologises to her for selling her out before leaving her to be questioned. Nyx demands to know where the money and drugs are and she truthfully tells him that she gave it away. Nyx continues to threaten her, not believing her story. Nyx has one of his hired men hold her while he suffocates her as a means of torture. Will is alerted to Riley's danger when he also begins to struggle to breath. He helps her by using his self-defense skills to break free from her captors and fight them off so she can run away.

Kala wakes after passing out the night before at her wedding and finds her entire family sitting and watching over her. She thanks them for their concern but says she is fine. After they leave her room, she and Wolfgang have another visit. He is still in his bedroom in Berlin, having just woken up still naked in his sheets. Kala scolds him for interrupting and ruining her wedding and he says he only said what she was thinking. She wonders if she's going crazy or if one of the gods has sent a naked pervert demon to torment her. He teases her for having looked at him and then more seriously informs her that he's wanted her since he first saw her and somehow feels that she wants him too. Later, Kala goes to see Rajan who tells her he still wants to marry her and isn't discouraged by her fainting spell at their wedding ceremony.

Daniela accompanies Lito and Hernando to a professional wrestling match.

Capheus visits Kabaka, who informs him that he wants to hire him to be the personal driver and bodyguard for his young daughter Amondi. She is around ten years old and is sick with leukemia but keeps in good spirits. She doesn't know about the power or dangerous things Kabaka gets involved in. He thinks it will be safer for Capheus to be the one to drive her to and from treatment because no one would suspect her of being in his van and won't try to come after her to get back at Kabaka. Capheus then has to inform Jela that he is getting out of the matatu business and will now be working for Kabaka to afford access to the medicine his mother needs. He later drives Amondi to one of her treatments and watches a Van Damme film while he sits and waits for her.

Sun and Lito visit one another when she is being questioned by a prison doctor performing an invasive pelvic exam and Lito is in the middle of an interview. He answers a question about how to be a great lover, all the while thinking about the passion he feels towards Hernando.

Nomi begins to hook up with Amanita while Will is working out at the gym with his partner Diego. Hernando and Lito are also training with each other out on their balcony. Wolfgang is sitting naked in a hot-tub and observes an attractive woman passing by. Lito and Hernando begin to make out and grind while Daniela snaps photos of them before touching herself. Nomi, Lito, Wolfgang, and Will all begin to visit one another and experience a shared sexual gratification with one another. Afterward, Lito notes that it was one of the best orgasms of his life.

Sun is escorted to a cell and told that she'll be transferred to prison the next day.

Nomi sits with Amanita and her mother, and discusses what these new experiences mean for her brain and general sense of identity, hoping that these things will not be an actual detriment to either.

Sun and Riley visit one another. Sun says she'd kill for a cigarette but Riley only has hash, offering her the opportunity to experience some through their connection. Sun notes how she can taste it but the experience also feels a bit more like a memory. Sun then wonders if she has made the biggest mistake of her life by going to prison. They are both in trouble because of someone else's crime. Riley knew Jacks was no good just as Sun did about Joong-Ki. Riley opens up about how as a child, she heard a voice that began to sing a song her mother used to sing. She heard the voice several times over the years and it warned her she was born with a hex and bad things would happen to her and the people she loved if she stayed in Iceland. Then Riley's mother died and she blamed herself for it. Sun shares how her mother also died when she was young. Despite not hearing any voices, Sun also blamed herself. Riley wants to go home to Iceland and see her father but is afraid. Sun encourages her to go and not be afraid. When Sun admits she is afraid to go to prison, Riley echoes her own advice back to her. Sun later has a vision of her mother, who tells her she will always love her and to remember to be careful of those that are afraid of her and will hurt her if she finds out what she can do. The advice and vision switches to being from Sun's mother to Angelica who tells Sun she is the future.

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Gotham S03E15 "How The Riddler Got His Name" Recap

Ed Nygma holds a professor at gunpoint in their lab. He asks him a series of riddles and the professor fails to answer any of them correctly. Ed ties him up and shares how he has killed people before but still struggles with how to be himself, though he knows who he is. The professor is still unable to answer Ed's riddles so Ed rigs up some gas tanks and leaves the professor to die in the impending explosion.

Kathryn complete Five's brainwashing in the Court. Five has been designed to be Bruce Wayne's doppleganger replacement but still do the Court's bidding. She then calls Frank to ascertain whether Jim Gordon will be cooperating with the Court's demands.

Ed has taken up residence in Dahl Manor since shooting Oswald and throwing him in the harbour. Ed is hallucinating Oswald due to his partaking of some pills. These visions of Oswald torment Ed for what he has done, not only to Oswald but to all his other victims. Ed decides that he needs an enemy to fixate his attentions on and decides it should be Jim Gordon.

Harvey learns about the recent killings Ed has caused, not knowing who perpetrated them yet, but is unable to launch a proper investigation into them just yet since there is so much else the GCPD must work on first. However, all of the deaths are shown to be of intellectual and artistic backgrounds. Harvey and Fox are given a card delivered to them by a man in a fruit suit. The card is a clue as to who the next victim will be. The clue consists of a pattern that leads them to the Knight's Tour, a chess exhibit in the city. Ed is there waiting for Jim to arrive but Fox is the one that shows up instead.  Ed turns on a device that electrocutes the people participating in his game. Fox solves the next clue hidden in some chess pieces which lead him to a phone number that Ed answers on when Fox calls it. Fox is trying to solve the next riddle but Ed will only give him the message, "Tomorrow, when the pawn's on queen, you'll find my next target in the belly of the beast." Harvey and Fox question a man working in a pawn shop on Queens Avenue. The man, Winston Peters, admits to covering for another employee named Teddy Thirio. Thirio is a Greek work for "Beast."

Alfred is still training Bruce to be a hero. Selina sends Bruce a note asking to meet with him. Bruce doesn't want to go but Alfred convinces him to go. Bruce has a run-in with Sonny Gilzean and his henchmen but when Selina arrives, she tells Bruce that she didn't send him any sort of note and leaves him to fend for himself. Bruce is beaten for a bit before finding his strength and fighting them off. As Bruce begins his journey back to Wayne Manor, he is drugged by Five who declares that he was made to be Bruce. Five goes to Wayne Manor, ready to assume Bruce's life.

Harvey must leave to attend a graduation at the police academy. Ed is still being tormented by visions of Oswald, who demands that Ed admit that he's lost without him. Ed refuses to do so and the hallucinated Oswald proceed to sing "Wake Up Alone". This forces Ed to admit that killing Oswald killed a part of himself as well but he is determined to make his way alone and leave Oswald in the past.

Fox has Lee do an autopsy on Thirio's body and upon doing so, she finds Harvey's badge in his belly. Ed attends the graduation ceremony Harvey is at and drugs him to take his place as the announcer of the ceremony. He uses this opportunity to throw some knock-out gas into the crowd, disarming all of the cadets. Ed tells Fox he needs to come with him and solve another riddle in order to save the knocked-out cadets. When Fox goes upstairs looking for Harvey, they find him tied to chair teetering on the edge of the stairs with just three ropes hanging him in place. Ed begins rattling off riddles with the condition being that each wrong answer will result in a rope being cut. The first two answers are incorrect but Fox guesses the final one correctly. Ed cuts the rope anyway and Harvey nearly falls to his death but Fox manages to save him.

Jim goes with his uncle Frank to a cabin in the woods to ensure privacy to properly talk. Frank says that he returned to Gotham to work out the issues in his relationship with Jim. He introduces Jim to the Court of Owls and how it is a secret society that had maintained control over Gotham for centuries, with its aim always having been to maintain balance. Eventually it became corrupt and both he and Jim's father Peter were in the court. The court had Peter killed when he discovered what the Court's secret plans were. The car accident had been set up by the Court and sent Frank away so he could prove his loyalty to them. Now Frank had returned to recruit Jim to help him take down the Court. After Frank leaves, he reports to Kathryn about his progress with Jim.

Fox leaves the station but is confronted by Ed in his car. Fox has already learned that the other attacks were only there to serve as a charade. Fox wants to know about the other murders and Ed claims that there was someone inside that would cause others to fear him. Ed now considers Fox as his enemy. Ed is ready to rid himself of visions of Oswald and embraces his new identity as The Riddler. The following day, Ed has a final conversation with Oswald at the harbor where he shot him and drops the pills he was taking into the water.

Ivy is shown to be tending to an injured but alive Oswald after rescuing him from the harbor. Oswald declares he needs to kill someone.

Bruce wakes to find himself in a cell and upon looking out the window, observes that he is somewhere up on a snow-covered mountain.

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Documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest debuts May 15th on HBO


            On June 15, 2015, Dee Dee Blanchard was found murdered in her Springfield, Mo. home, and her wheelchair-bound daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, was reported missing. But after Gypsy was tracked to Wisconsin and implicated in the murder, what started out as a grisly tale of matricide morphed into a bizarre story of deception and abuse.
            Erin Lee Carr (“Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop”) returns to HBO to explore another true-crime story in the age of social media in MOMMY DEAD AND DEAREST, a shocking look at one of psychology’s most controversial conditions: Munchausen by proxy syndrome. Featuring exclusive interviews with Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison, the provocative documentary untangles a web of lies, child abuse, mental illness and forbidden love when it debuts MONDAY, MAY 15 (10:00-11:30 p.m. ET/PT).
            The film will also be available on HBO On Demand, HBO NOW, HBO GO and affiliate portals.
            Following the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard and the disappearance of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a Facebook post stating, “That Bitch is Dead,” led investigators to Wisconsin. In the disturbing sequence of events that ensued, Gypsy was implicated in her mother’s murder and it was discovered she had been the victim of her mother’s abuse via Munchausen by proxy syndrome since early childhood. MOMMY DEAD AND DEAREST unravels this complicated tale of a mother whose deception subjected her daughter to decades of unnecessary medical treatment – until she reached her tragic breaking point.
            MOMMY DEAD AND DEAREST includes interrogation-room footage of Gypsy, her boyfriend, Nick Godejohn, and various family members, as well as intimate home videos and family photos, medical records, text messages and courtroom video. In addition to candid interviews with Gypsy from prison, the film features interviews with her father and stepmother, Rod and Kristy; Dee Dee’s father and stepmother, Claude and Laura; Dr. Bernardo Flasterstein, a pediatric neurologist who was one of the few to raise concerns about Dee Dee’s claims; Gypsy’s lawyer, Mike Stanfield; Greene County prosecutor Dan Patterson; Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert on Munchausen by proxy syndrome; and journalist Michelle Dean, who covered the story for BuzzFeed, among others.
            The Blanchards had moved to Springfield after Hurricane Katrina, and Gypsy became known there as a wheelchair-bound girl suffering from leukemia, muscular dystrophy and seizures. The community rallied around the pair, with neighbors and national organizations providing donations, housing and even trips to Disney World. But it was all a lie: Gypsy’s ailments were entirely the invention of Dee Dee, who deceived doctors, friends, neighbors, family members and even Gypsy’s father, Rod.
            At home in Louisiana with his current wife, Kristy, Rod recalls how Dee Dee said their daughter had sleep apnea at three months old, which snowballed into other disorders over the years. When Rod and Dee Dee’s families became suspicious of her claims, she moved with Gypsy to Springfield.
            From prison, Gypsy describes her mom as “unique” and “overprotective,” adding, “I really didn’t think any abuse was going on.” Dee Dee told Gypsy she had asthma, epilepsy, hearing and vision problems, and mental retardation, and convinced her she was younger than her actual age. Gypsy was on dozens of medications, which induced symptoms of illnesses she didn’t have. She also had a feeding tube that had to be periodically replaced through a painful procedure.
            “‘Mind boggling’ is the only way I can put [Dee Dee’s] ability to manipulate people,” says Gypsy’s lawyer, Mike Stanfield. One of Gypsy’s doctors suspected Munchausen by proxy syndrome, but it can be difficult to prove. After Gypsy attempted to run away – only to be tracked down by Dee Dee a few hours later – the pair was visited by police on a tip that Gypsy was being abused, but Dee Dee convinced the officers her daughter was well cared for, and later met with a lawyer to declare Gypsy mentally incompetent.
            However, Gypsy was able to carve out a secret life online, where she met Nick Godejohn on a Christian dating site. A year into their relationship, Gypsy told Godejohn about Dee Dee, and they devised a plan. According to Gypsy, she let Godejohn into the house one night, and he stabbed Dee Dee repeatedly while she hid in the bathroom.
            The couple fled to Godejohn’s family in Wisconsin, but were apprehended after Gypsy’s Facebook posts boasting about the murder. Citing mitigating circumstances, the prosecution lowered the charge to second-degree murder, and Gypsy pleaded guilty. Sentenced to ten years in prison, she will be 32 upon release. Nick Godejohn is still awaiting trial.
            The film had its world premiere in March at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival.
            MOMMY DEAD AND DEAREST was directed and produced by Erin Lee Carr; produced by Andrew Rossi; co-producers, Alison Byrne and Andrew Coffman; editor, Andrew Coffman; director of photography, Bryan Sarkinen; music, Ian Hultquist. For HBO: senior producer, Sara Bernstein; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.


Sense8 S01E05 "Art Is Like Religion" Recap

Sun is on her period and the consequent aches and bad feelings begin to effect Lito at work on set. They begin to visit each other, confused by seeing other in their trailer/apartment.

Will is formally reprimanded for going after Jonas on his own without following proper protocol.

Wolfgang visits his uncle, from whom he stole the diamonds. His uncle implies some threats towards Wolfgang, as he is suspicious of him being the one that cracked the uncrackable safe. Wolfgang stays calm and denies any involvement.

Capheus and Riley visit each other briefly but then some bandits show up and steal the package that Capheus was guarding for Kabaka. Capheus pleads with the "spirit" of the "Korean Van Damme lady" (Sun) to consider that nothing is more important for him than this. He then takes off to find the bandits and get the package back.

Lito becomes emotional during filming due to Sun's hormonal issues. He is just a upset when driving home and being stuck in traffic. He briefly visits with Sun again while he is still stuck in traffic and she is outside training. Lito ends up in a fender bender but no one is injured.

Kala asks her mother about she felt about Kala's father before they were married. They had an arranged marriage and her mother says that Kala will be the first in the family to marry for love. Kala looks sad and pensive over her circumstances.

Capheus catches up to the hideout of the bandits and steals the package back before taking off running with it. He returns the package to the address given to him and finds that Kabaka is waiting for him. The package was merely a test to his abilities and commitment to how far he would go to protect it. Kabaka gifts him with more medicine for Capheus' mother and the promise that he'll be in touch.

Will and Nomi visit one another while Will is calling Nomi's mother to try to update her on the search and find more information on her. Will defends Nomi when her mother misgenders her. Nomi opens up to Amanita about the visions she's been having of other people and Amanita believes her entirely. They discuss how if Dr. Metzger lied to her, there has to be a reason for it and they need to find out what it is.

Wolfgang goes out with Felix and while in the bathroom, he and Kala hear each other and exchange words without seeing one another. Kala recognises his voice as the man that was singing to her in her dreams.

Will and his partner Diego pursue a lead from the CCTV footage of what happened in the church the night of the suicide Will saw. There was a local kid named Clete that may have been a witness. He is being protected by a local gang. While on the way and upon arriving at the gang home, Will and Lito visit each other. Lito is in the middle of shooting a big action scene while Will is in an actual police pursuit with Diego to try to catch Clete.

Sun and Capheus are walking through their respective cities when they begin to visit one another. They inform one another of where they are and ponder how it is they're able to understand one another even though they don't know each other's languages. Capheus realises that Sun is the 'spirit of Van Damme' that helped him when he was in need. Sun wants to be alone but Capheus doesn't know how to leave their visit. Sun opens up about having to decide between letting her brother go to prison and let the company be ruined, as revenge for how cruel they've been to her throughout her entire life, or to be the bigger person and go to prison to save them. Capheus is also in a dilemma about putting himself in danger but wanting to help his mother. They both have a lot of love for their mothers and ponder whether it is up to themselves to make difficult choices, or if it's these choices that make them. Sun later visits her martial arts teacher and gives him her dog to take care of while she is away, having finalised her decision to go to prison.

Nomi and Amanita's apartment is raided. They seek help from some friends in the LGBT+ community who meet with them discretely to give them resources to stay hidden and safe.

Kala prepares for her wedding and is surprised by how heavy the formal wedding attire is. She arrives at the wedding where an enormous party is underway. Back in Berlin, Wolfgang swims naked at a pool. Kala and Rajan continue through their wedding ceremony. Kala still appears hesitant about what she is doing. Will and Riley briefly visit one another, seemingly drawn together by the words of love. Lito is spending a night in with Hernando and Daniela, while Capheus has dinner with his mother. Sun tearfully says goodbye to her dog. Wolfgang emerges from the pool, still naked, and appears to Kala just as she is about to complete the wedding ceremony. She is shocked to see a naked man in from on her. Wolfgang asks her what she's doing and why she's marrying a man she's not in love with. It all proves too much form Kala, who faints.

Sense8 is available for streaming on Netflix.


Into The Badlands S2E6 "Leopard Stalks in Snow" Recap

Lydia is captured following her attack on Quinn, who comes across her after the explosion at the transit station. All of Lydia's men are dead from the encounter, while Veil continues her escape into the woods. She is discovered by an older woman that brings her to hide at The Widow's Sanctuary.

Bajie takes Sunny to a healer friend in a Gasper addicts opium den. M.K. is still on the run but after getting into a fight with a Nomad, he seemingly loses his power. He is discovered by Ava, who warns him that they need to keep running or else the Abbotts will find them.

Quinn gives Lydia the opportunity to run a dagger into his heart to avenge the death of their son, echoing the opportunity he gave Ryder before killing him. Though Ryder had hesitated to do so, resulting in his death, Lydia is ready to kill Quinn but he stops her hand from dealing the blow.

Tilda opens up to Odessa about why she calls Minerva "mother" and an intimacy is established between the two.

The Widow visits Quinn at his bunker and forges an alliance with him to get his help to kill the other Barons. It is presumed that the two will try to kill each other then but that is a fight for another day. He agrees to do so but in exchange, The Widow must return Veil and baby Henry to him, which she later does.

M.K. and Ava seek refuge at an abandoned Old World hotel that was abandoned during Christmas. M.K. finds proof that Azra is real and that The Master had lied to them. They are reunited with Sunny there, but end up in a fight with three Abbotts, Cyan, Ramon, and Dury, that are hunting M.K. for his darkness using an Azraian device. They are seemingly defeated by the Abbotts until Bajie shows up to help, revealing that he was an Abbott in another life. Ava dies from her battle wounds and Sunny is also badly wounded.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


Sense8 S01E04 "What's Going On?" Recap

In Berlin, Wolfgang and Felix meet with a buyer to sell some of their newly stolen diamonds. In Mumbai, Kala and Rajan meet with some of the wedding planners. Raman wants to use wedding rings which isn't common in India for Hindu ceremonies but he wants to have a display of his commitment. Kala later goes to Ganesha's temple and finds that people are praying for the death of Rajan's father because he is a prominent atheist politician and fear he will religiously persecute them.

In Seoul, Sun puts some cover-up on her bruises from her kickboxing match. She remembers being a young girl with her sick mother who asked her to look after her younger brother Joong-Ki despite her father favouring him instead of her. This was her mother's dying wish. She later confronts her father about how Joong-Ki has been embezzling from the company and the auditors know. Someone will go to jail for it. Sun leaves and goes to a local sex club to retrieve her brother Joong-Ki, needing to beat up the guard first when he refuses to let her in.

In Nairobi, Capheus is hailed as a hero for fighting off the bandits and as a result he has many customers waiting to be driven on his Van Damn bus. Some armed men pull the bus over and demand that Capheus comes with them. He is led to a black car in the woods where a high-ranking gangster named Kabaka is waiting for him. Kabaka offers him some AIDS medication that is guaranteed to be authentic if he agrees to protect a bag and deliver it to a particular address by midnight.

Nomi is told by the doctor that her condition is worsening and that whomever set the fire that interrupted her surgery is not doing her any favours. She tells the doctor that he isn't helping her and he responds by bumping up the surgery to that night.

Will has a brief visit with Sun when she is walking through the club to help her disarm the armed guard that was sneaking up behind her. She pulls Joong-Ki out of the room he is partying in and drags him back to the company. Their father berates Joong-Ki for his criminal activity and that he was only ever supposed to bend the rules, not break them. He is ashamed when Joong-Ki breaks down crying, worrying only about himself and not anyone else. Sun volunteers to go to prison for her brother, as she believes it's the only way to save the company and honour her mother's dying wish. Since her father rarely ever publicly acknowledges that he has a daughter, the company should be able to survive the scandal. Joong-Ki breaks down crying and begs her to save him.

Will tries to call in a favour to be able to see Jonas, who is still in custody, but fails to gain access. However, Jonas visits him through their connection and explains that all sensates can visit one another once they've made eye contact but the members within a cluster can do it instinctively. While visiting is possible between any sensates, sharing is something that can only happen within one's own cluster. This entails being able to access and use one another's knowledge, language(s), skills, etc. Jonas tells Will's cluster is comprised of eight members in total, including Nomi who needs Will's help to be saved. Jonas is moved and Will is left more scared and confused than ever.

Nomi is prepped for surgery and begs the people treating her to not do anything. Naomi pleads for help and Will hears her crying out. Will is able to visit San Francisco and sees Nomi being carted towards the operating room. Naomi is shown to be sitting in his car and asks him again to help.

Sun remembers being a young girl crying at her mother's funeral. Her father came over and shares a moment of being emotionally open in their shared grief.

Riley listens to a voicemail from her father who tells her he's been invited back to play with the symphony. He invites her back home to see him play and tells her he loves her.

Wolfgang goes out partying with Felix and Kala is woken by the sound of love-making that Riley hears from Shugs and his girlfriend as she's still staying at their apartment. Riley puts on the song "What's Up?" and Wolfgang begins to sing the song at a karaoke bar. All members of the cluster hear the song and sing along. Wolfgang is taken aback when he and Kala begin to visit one another and sing to each other while smiling flirtatiously at one another.

Will visits Nomi and uses his skills to pull out the IV of their arm and pick the locks to get out of the handcuffs. Will further helps Nomi get up out of the bed and begins waling through the hospital hallway before he sits up in his own room and is amazed by his successful visit. Nomi steals a coat and begins walking through the hospital trying to get away. She is momentarily questioned by a receptionist but Amanita pops up with a wheelchair and wheels her out. They are again questioned by a security guard but are able to rush outside and catch a taxi that's just pulled up and get away. Naomi is comforted by Amanita and begins to sing "What's Up?" to herself while also visiting Riley in London where the two sit and sing together.

Sense8 is available for streaming on Netflix.


Sense8 S01E03 "Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch" Recap

Will has a vision of himself as a child being warned by a young girl not to look at "him" since that's how he got her. Will wakes in the hospital after the car crash and learns that Homeland has captured Jonas. The nurse doesn't want him to leave but Will is determined to head out and get back to work on the case.

Riley is walking through the tube station and sees a piano-playing busker that reminds her of her father. She puts all the money from the drug deal in his case and throws out the drugs in a nearby rubbish bin. She goes to stay with Shugs, an old friends of her, and his girlfriend Bambie. Her cover-story is that Jacks kicked her out.

Lito is uncomfortable with Daniela presuming that she can move in as his resident beard. Daniela admits that the other reason she didn't want to go home the previous night is that she has an abusive gangster ex-boyfriend that wanted to get back at her for sleeping with his best friend.

Sun is having problems with the finances of the company. Angry clients are calling and Sun has not been able to reach her father, the CEO, despite repeated attempts to do so. In an angry outburst, she punches a desk and leaves a significant crack in it. She is revealed to fight in an underground kickboxing ring as a way to vent her rage. Her opponent in the ring is sexist and underestimates her skill.

Will begins to investigate the disappearance of Sara Patrell, who was 10 years old when she disappeared and Will had began having visions of her. The most horrific vision was of her being lobotomised by a mysterious man (the same one that Angelica and Jonas were frightened of) and she was asking for Will to help her.

Lito is working on set when he's visited by Daniela's ex-boyfriend, Joaquin, who used his connection to the film's producer to get invited on. He throws his weight around to try to intimidate Lito into leaving Daniela alone.

Nomi is about to be operated on but Amanita starts a fire in the hospital that forces an evacuation of the building and saves Nomi for the time being. When Nomi wakes groggy from the anesthesia, she recalls how Amanita had promised to burn the building down before letting anyone harm Nomi's brain and is overjoyed to have someone looking out for her.

Capheus goes with his business partner Jela to a local drug dealer to buy some expensive AIDS medicine for Capheus' mother. When driving home, bandits rob the matatu and take the drugs and rob an elderly passenger of her ring. Capheus is devastated by the loss but has a surge of bravery and decides to go after the bandits. Jela reluctantly comes with him, as does the elderly woman whose ring was stolen, as she says it was gift from her husband and is important to her. When he catches up to the bandits, he attacks them with a pipe and manages to disarm one. Will visits him and helps him understand how to shoot efficiently. Capheus appears to Sun while she's in the boxing ring and begs her to help him, as he's being beaten by the bandits. Sun helps Capheus fight the bandits while also fighting and beating her boxing opponent. The leader of the bandits drives off, determined to get revenge on Capheus another day and all the locals that witness Capheus revere him as a hero.

Sense8 is available for streaming on Netflix.


Sense8 S01E02 "I Am Also a We" Recap

Nomi is revealed to be a hacktivist. She goes out for coffee with Amanita and talks about the visions she's been having of Angelica.

Will waits for Deshawn at the hospital, checking in on him after he was shot. Will shares how Deshawn sharing about his father being shot and killed reminded him of his own father being shot and the consequent injuries ended his career. Will shares how as a young boy his father would have to come pick him up for petty crimes such as shoplifting. A flashback of one case of this shows Will as a child in the back of his father's squad car picking the lock to his handcuffs with a paperclip and running off. Deshawn tells Will he doesn't owe him for saving his life but won't ever forget it.

Nomi records a video diary speaking about how her parents are religious and didn't accept her when she came out as trans. She wanted to go to Pride so badly as a youth and now she intends to go and march at Pride for all the others that are too afraid to live freely and honestly. Nomi and Amanita head to Pride and Capheus has a brief vision of the festivities. Nomi is riding behind Amanita on a motorcycle at the Pride parade when she spots Jonas, Angelica's lover, on the street and faints as a result. When she wakes she is at the hospital with her sister and transphobic mother at her bedside. Her mother refuses to call her "Nomi," instead referring to her as "Michael," the name she was given at birth. Amanita isn't able to see her because she isn't legally considered "family". Nomi wants her mother to leave. Her sister is the one that is accepting of her as trans but can't control their mother's bigotry. Nomi's mother pushes her to wait and listen to what Dr. Metzger has to say and then she can decide if she wants her to leave.

Will and his partner Diego look over the surveillance footage outside the building Angelica died in, as Will is determined to find the truth about her suicide. They find the footage is missing of when she died.

Dr. Metzger tells Nomi she is sick and requires a brain operation to cut away the growth. Without the surgery, she will be dead in approximately six months. Nomi's mother claims that with the cost of the surgery, she will need to use their family insurance. Nomi orders everyone to leave the room, feeling devastated by the news and utterly alone.

Lito attends a film premiere with a fellow film star, Daniela, who is his date. The media and fans love him and are all curious about this apparent budding romance. After the premiere, Lito walks Daniela back to her apartment building where she makes a pass at him. He politely declines, saying he has an early call tomorrow. Lito returns home where he wakes his boyfriend Hernando. Lito is sad that he isn't the one that gets to come out and be Lito's arm candy but Lito stays closeted for professional reasons, not wanting the backlash of homophobia in the entertainment industry to interfere with his ability to book jobs. Lito and Hernando are woken up later by Daniela who is ringing his buzzer, slightly drunk and demanding to come up. There are photographers that have followed her and are photographing her outside. Lito feels there is no choice but to let her upstairs. He tries to send her away when she's at the door but is forced to let her in. She barges in and runs upstairs. She takes her top off and tries again to convince Lito to have sex with her. She takes her pants off, left only in her bra and underwear. She runs to the upper level where she discovers Hernando in bed and realises Lito is gay. She is not upset or offended, but excited instead. She is eager and more than happy to be Lito's beard. She gives them glasses to toast to this new arrangement.

Kala attends an engagement party for herself and Rajan, with all their family members in attendance. Rajan surprises her by dancing an elaborately choreographed Bollywood number with several other dancers that is from a movie she loves and they saw on an early date together. Kala and the other women join in on the routine. Back in Berlin, Wolfgang has a one-night stand. Kala begins to perspire at the party, as her body temperature has risen considerably. Wolfgang tells the woman in his bed that he's hungry and craving Indian food. Kala appears to still have reservations about the engagement due to her not loving Rajan. Wolfgang and his hook-up go out for Indian food. She asks to see him again but he tells her he's not looking for a relationship. She asks what he's looking for and he gets distracted by seeing Kala walking by him and also seeing himself watching her in India. Wolfgang's hook-up asks if there's someone else and he says no. Raman asks Kala about the hesitation he senses from her about their engagement. He assures her that regardless of the differences they have in upbringings, he wants to be with her. He kisses her goodnight and Kala appears more conflicted than ever once he walks away. She stares momentarily at the spot where Wolfgang had telepathically appeared.

Riley returns home and prepares to shower following the deal gone wrong with Nyx, Jacks, and all the other now-dead men. Will is shaving at his own apartment and the pair momentarily see other's faces reflected back at them in the mirror. Will heads into work where he and the other officers are briefed by Homeland Security about a man that is wanted for murder. That man is Jonas.

Nomi tries to check out of the hospital but is being kept there against her will. Dr. Metzger is the only one that can release her. She is told by a nurse to take her designated pills. Jonas visits Nomi telepathically in the hospital. He warns her that Metzger's operation is designed to lobotomise her and that she has sensed this from the beginning. She ponders that she needs to find a way to escape but is also torn by Metzger's claims that she would begin to hallucinate. She is frightened by the sound of knocking at the door but it's the sound of Riley's door being knocked on. Riley slips out of her apartment to get away from whomever is knocking, later shown to be an armed criminal. They are after her purse which she finds is full of Nyx's money and drugs.

Will becomes suspicious that the ongoings related to Angelica's suicide are related to something that happened in his youth with a girl named Sara Patrell. Will's father advises him to stop talking about such things and let it go.

Amanita uses the connection she has with a friend that works at the hospital to call into Nomi's room and promises her that she will help her to escape, not caring about the claims that Metzger has made. Nomi tells her about how she had a vision of a man at the parade and doesn't know if what she's seeing is real or not. Amanita tells her pictures from the parade show that she's really there and promises to get her out.

Will is out to buy sleeping pills when he is approached in person by Jonas. Will is alarmed that Jonas is there in person and already seems to know him. Jonas explains that he has been reborn as a "sensate" and the migraine he's had since Angelica birthed them will go away after a while. Jonas doesn't have much time as he needs to catch a plane. He tells Will there is a woman in San Francisco named Nomi that needs help, just like Sara Patrell did. Will tries to apprehend Jonas but is unable to stop him from leaving. Will pursues him in his car and Jonas visits him telepathically while also driving in the other car. Will manages to telepathically visit Jonas in his car but nearly crashes as a result. The episodes ends with Will crashing into Jonas' car.

Sense8 is available for streaming on Netflix.


Sense8 S01E01 "Limbic Resonance" Recap

A woman named Angelica is lying on a dirty mattress in an abandoned building. She is psychically visited by her lover Jonas who comforts her as she struggles with tremendous pain. He coaches her through 'birthing' the psychic connection between a cluster of eight people around the world. She appears to them momentarily, startling all who don't understand why they'd have visions of a random woman staring knowingly at them. Angelica pleads with Jonas to protect them and he warns her that 'they' are here. She is visited by a mysterious man who also visits her psychically. Jonas advises her to tell him nothing and she tells him to leave. The man can't see Jonas and vice versa, as only Angelica can see them both, but says he is looking forward to meeting him. Jonas leaves and Angelica shoots herself in the head to prevent being physically captured by the man who had just walked in with an armed team. He is unsuccessful in stopping her suicide.

Will Gorski is a police officer in Chicago. He has a bad dream of being a child running through the woods hearing the sound of a little girl calling for him. He also has a vision of Angelica shooting herself in the head before he jolts awake. Will hears loud rave music so he knocks on the door of the apartment next to his to try to get the people to quiet down. When he gets inside, he finds it empty.

The music Will was hearing is coming from a rave that Icelandic DJ Riley Blue is spinning at in London. Her boyfriend Jacks and her are no strangers to partying hard and taking illegal drugs. They meet a powerful drug dealer named Nyx.

Spanish actor Lito Rodriguez is filming as the lead of an action film in Mexico City, where he is based professionally. He struggles with his lines after feeling discombobulated by having a vision of Angelica. Lito heads to his dressing room to try to get re-focused so he can effectively film his scenes. His female costar comes to check on him and makes a sexual advance which he politely declines, saying that his heart already belongs to someone else.

Sun Bak is a business woman working at her father's corporate company in Seoul. A male client refuses to close a big deal with her due to his sexist attitude and will only take the meeting when her brother Joong-Ki arrives.

Kala Dandekar is an Indian woman in Mumbai and overhears rain but it's not from her own location, but at a funeral in Berlin, where Wolfgang Bogdanow is attending the funeral of a crime lord. The deceased's grandson promises to do great things with taking over the family business. Wolfgang doesn't react much as he walks along with best friend Felix. Wolfgang's mother encourages him to visit his father's grave. Wolfgang does but when he gets there, he urinates on it.

In Nairobi, Capheus tends to his sick mother while running a matatu business. The matatu is a large bus he drives locals around in. His bus is decorated in homage to Jean-Claude Van Damme, with it being called "Van Damn". He and his friend struggle to get enough customers, as many prefer to ride on the rivaling Batman-themed bus. They finally get a customer but they pay with a chicken instead of cash. Sun is startled by a brief vision of the chicken on her office desk.

In San Francisco, trans woman Nomi Marks has sex with her girlfriend Amanita. It's Pride Week.

Jacks pressures Riley to come with him back to a get-together Nyx is having, as he wants to get involved in the drug business. She has a momentary vision of herself at Pride where Nomie and Amanita are enjoying the festivities at Pride. Some strangers offer them some pot brownies, which is similar to their first Pride. Nomie reflects on how when Amanita first introduced her to some friends, one of them was transphobic to her and Amanita stood up for her. It was a seminal moment in their relationship, as Nomie realised she would always love Amanita.

Kala visits a temple to pray, wanting answers about her upcoming nuptials to a man named Rajan Rasal. He is nice but the marriage has been arranged and Kala does not love him. She is undecided on whether she is making the right decision to go through with it. Rajan's father owns the pharmaceutical company where Kala works. She knows the marriage will make her parents happy and she knows Rajan is handsome, well-off, well-mannered, and by everyone's standards would make a good husband.

Wolfgang and Felix work as locksmiths as their legitimate job but Wolfgang is also a skilled safecracker when being part of organised crime heists. They head out to do a job and the clicking from the safe Wolfgang is trying to crack is overheard by Riley, who then hears sirens from Will's cop car. He and his partner pull over in a rough neighborhood when they hear some shots fired. Will discovers a young boy who's been shot. The boy momentarily pulls a gun of his own on Will but he immediately lets it go and asks Will to help him. The boy's name is Deshawn and when Will's partner says that calling an ambulance to this neighborhood means they won't arrive in time to help, Will picks up Deshawn and heads out to drive him to the nearest hospital. On the drive there, Will tells Deshawn how he used to be in the back of cop cars quite often because his father was also a police officer and Will had his fair share of teenage rebellion. When Will gets Deshawn to the hospital, the woman working there tries to deny Deshawn access because he's from the rougher neighborhood but Will convinces her to treat him.

Wolfgang takes a break from trying to crack the safe at a heist to turn on a nearby TV and watch a singing competition show, telling Felix it relaxes him. Wolfgang recalls being a child at a talent show and suffering from strange fright. His father observes this from the audience and laughs cruelly at Wolfgang's vulnerability. Wolfgang resumes work on cracking the safe but Felix warns him that Steiner, the grandson of the recently deceased crime lord, has pulled up outside. Steiner wants to rob the safe with his own team. Wolfgang finally cracks the safe and finds a supply of diamonds hidden inside. Felix commends him on being able to crack a safe that was supposed to be uncrackable and they snatch the diamond, close the safe, and run out.

Riley sits quietly, listening to music through her headphones while Jacks tests some product with Nyx and some other men. Nyx comes over to speak with her and Riley is revealed to have scars on her wrist, either from self-harming, a suicide attempt, or both. Nyx compliments her and says she is too good to be hanging around such lowly men. He relates to her reclusive nature and how despite the safety it can bring, it goes hand in hand with loneliness. He offers her a sample of the drug and it effects her quickly. She has a vision of herself psychically visiting Will in Chicago and then remembers being a little girl in Iceland.

Will orders his partner to stop the car in front of a run-down building. Riley also sees the building and they both realise that this is where Angelica killer herself. Will rushes out to go inside and his partner Diego follows after him. They find the open area and the mattress where she killed herself. Will finds the drugs nearby that belonged to Angelica but Diego tells him there's nothing for them to do unless he can prove actual evidence of a crime. Diego heads back to the car and Will stays behind to touch the mattress. He turns and sees Riley standing there. She realises that Angelica died and doesn't know her but says she saw it. Will asks where she lives and Riley tells him London. Will asks why she's there and she says she doesn't know why or where she is. He tells her they're in Chicago and Riley tells him she's never been to America. Riley panics and is pulled back to London where Jacks and his partners in crime are attempting to rob Nyx. Will also has a brief vision of the robbery in London. Riley tries to leave while the robbery is underway but Jacks implores her to stay, saying this is the break they've been waiting for. Nyx pulls out a knife and stabs Jacks' partner and one of Nyx's men shoots Jacks. Through a series of gunshots, all of the men in the room end up dead while Riley stands petrified with blood spattered on her face.

Sense8 is available for streaming on Netflix.


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