Into The Badlands S2E2 "Force of Eagle's Claw" Recap

Bajie's betrayal of Sunny puts The Engineer off, as he doesn't want a "rat" to be one of his Pickers so he sends the pair of them to the fighting pit to fight the current champion Mouse. After defeating him, they are able to escape the unguarded arena through the mine's ventilation system. They come out and find they are in the Outlying Territories with a wall blocking Sunny from returning to the Badlands.

Tilda is learning how to be a Regent from Waldo, who is now working for The Widow. Lydia is living with Penrith and his Totemists, who practice a peaceful, non-violent way of life. When Nomads interrupt a wedding in the community, wreaking violence and murdering. Lydia saves the religious group by fighting back and killing the bandits but her father strongly disapproves of her violence. She is cast out as a result and returns to Ryder who casts her out after he loses his temper at her criticisms of him.

The Master sends M.K. to a room she has filled with mirrors so he can conquer the inner demon of himself. Quinn and Veil are still hiding out in the West Avalon train station. He performs a bloody baptism on her son, Henry, and declares that he is the newest heir to the Badlands.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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