Into The Badlands S2E3 "Red Sun, Silver Moon" Recap

Sunny is with Bajie trying to find a way through the wall surrounding the Badlands. Bajie claims to know a smuggler that knows a way through. They find a bridge that leads into the Badlands but it's guarded by a strange man armed with a sword. Sunny and Bajie have a bounty placed on their heads and many bounty hunters have followed them so the stranger fights them off with Sunny and Bajie. The stranger provides shelter.

The Widow asks Waldo to be her Second as they attend the Baron conclave instead of Tilda, who is upset to be excluded but she is put in charge while The Widow will be away and ordered to blow up the oilfields if anything happens to her.

Veil switches out Quinn's x-rays with healthy ones to hide the fact that the malady in his head is still present and killing him.

Sunny and Bajie determine that the stranger is the legendary Clipper Regent Nathaniel Moon, also known as "Silver Moon," who left the Badlands in order to live a life free from violence. He fell in love with a warlord's daughter and they started a family that ended up murdered. He proceeded to hunt fugitives, thus returning to the life of violence he had tried to escape. He implores Sunny to understand that me like them never change.

M.K. finds that the Abbotts are doing something ominous after discovering his friend Tate has been experimented on so that his abilities are drained.

Moon is searching for his 1,000th kill mark and sees Sunny as a worthy opponent and challenges him to a fight to the death, begging to be put out of his misery and have his life ended. Sunny does not want to be his executioner and leaves to continue his journey. Bajie decides to accompany him.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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