Into The Badlands S2E5 "Monkey Leaps Through Mist" Recap

Following the murder of Ryder, all the surviving Barons retreat to hide underground. Jade is the only remaining successor and thus is sworn in as Baron by her Regent, Merrick, and promises that Quinn will pay for what he has done.

Bajie leads Sunny to Nos, the Commandant of the Mechs (metal traders) in order to trade Silver Moon's sword for a way into the Badlands. Through this encounter, Sunny learns that Quinn is still alive.

M.K. is able to break out of the Abbotts and uses the clothes from a hanging corpse as a disguise.

Jade asks Lydia for her help to find Quinn on the condition that she will be the one to kill him.

Sunny is visited by a Doll names Portia who asks him to kill Nos so that her daughter will not have to grow up to become a prostitute too. He doesn't want to get involved, and turns down her offer for sex, which later results in Nos mutilating her face. This leads Sunny and Bajie to steal a ride and bring both Portia and Amelia with them.

The Widow disregards Waldo's advice to align with the other Barons who tried to kill her or risk losing everything she built by aligning with Quinn.

Lydia and her Clippers go after Quinn by attacking his bunker but the Clippers die from the booby trapped bunker doors. During the attack, Veil is able to escape the transit station with her son and get away from Quinn, who has been hallucinating his dead son Ryder.

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