Into The Badlands S2E6 "Leopard Stalks in Snow" Recap

Lydia is captured following her attack on Quinn, who comes across her after the explosion at the transit station. All of Lydia's men are dead from the encounter, while Veil continues her escape into the woods. She is discovered by an older woman that brings her to hide at The Widow's Sanctuary.

Bajie takes Sunny to a healer friend in a Gasper addicts opium den. M.K. is still on the run but after getting into a fight with a Nomad, he seemingly loses his power. He is discovered by Ava, who warns him that they need to keep running or else the Abbotts will find them.

Quinn gives Lydia the opportunity to run a dagger into his heart to avenge the death of their son, echoing the opportunity he gave Ryder before killing him. Though Ryder had hesitated to do so, resulting in his death, Lydia is ready to kill Quinn but he stops her hand from dealing the blow.

Tilda opens up to Odessa about why she calls Minerva "mother" and an intimacy is established between the two.

The Widow visits Quinn at his bunker and forges an alliance with him to get his help to kill the other Barons. It is presumed that the two will try to kill each other then but that is a fight for another day. He agrees to do so but in exchange, The Widow must return Veil and baby Henry to him, which she later does.

M.K. and Ava seek refuge at an abandoned Old World hotel that was abandoned during Christmas. M.K. finds proof that Azra is real and that The Master had lied to them. They are reunited with Sunny there, but end up in a fight with three Abbotts, Cyan, Ramon, and Dury, that are hunting M.K. for his darkness using an Azraian device. They are seemingly defeated by the Abbotts until Bajie shows up to help, revealing that he was an Abbott in another life. Ava dies from her battle wounds and Sunny is also badly wounded.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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