American Gods S1E3 "Head Full of Snow" Recap

Somewhere in America, a Muslim woman is alone in her apartment preparing a meal and talking out loud to her pet cat. There is a knock at the door and she thinks it's her son. Instead, it's a man named Mr. Jacquel who informs her she has died and it is time to come with him. She thinks he is a robber but becomes convinced when she turns around and sees her dead body on the floor of her home. Mr. Jacquel leads her to a desert where he removes her heart and weighs it on a scale against a feather to determine if she was a good or bad person. She lists some of her misdoings but the scale determines her to be a good person. Mr. Jacquel leads her to a set of five doors and tells her to choose where to go. She asks him to choose for her, saying he is a kind person, and she enters the door of his choosing.

In Chicago, Shadow is visited in a dream by one of the Zorya sisters. She brings him to the roof where they look at the stars. She asks for a kiss, having never had one, and offers him the Moon in exchange. She pulls it from the sky and it turns to a silver dollar which she gives to him and warns that he must never get rid of it or give it away, adding that he once had the sun but got rid of it. Shadow wakes and manages to convince Czernobog to play him once again with the same wager. Shadow wins the game and Czernobog says that when they go to Wisconsin, he will still hit him with the hammer.

Mad Sweeney hitches a ride with a stranger but a car accident leaves the driver dead. Afterwards Mad Sweeney begins dumping out coins and becomes upset to realise a particular coin is missing.

In New York City, an Omani businessman named Salim has a failed business meeting. He later speaks with a taxi driver that is later revealed to be an Ifrit. When they arrive at his hotel, the two have sex. The following morning, the Ifrit leaves and the taxi license is left behind for Salim.

Wednesday instructs Shadow to think hard about snow and expanding the clouds to become bigger and darker. When Shadow does so, he is amazed to find that not long afterwards, it begins to snow. Then, Shadow is confronted by Mad Sweeney, who demands to know where the coin is that he mistakenly gave to Shadow. Shadow tells him the truth, that he threw it on Laura's grave. Following this, Mr. Wednesday is successful in his scheme to steal money from bank customers through the use of a closed ATM and Shadow's assistance.

Mad Sweeney travels to Laura's grave and exhumes her coffin, only to find that both the coin and her body are gone. When Shadow returns to his hotel room, he finds Laura there waiting for him.

American Gods airs on Sundays on Starz at 9/8c.


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