Into The Badlands S2E7 "Black Heart, White Mountain" Recap

Sunny has been poisoned and lies comatose after receiving a mysterious blow to the chest from one of the Abbotts he fought. In his dream, he is reunited with Veil and a version of Henry that is already a few years old. He briefly sees a mysterious figure outside their window.

In the real world, Bajie realises the nature of Sunny's injury based on the bruise on Sunny's chest. He has been hit with the Five Poisons, one of the Abbotts' deadliest weapons. Sunny will die unless they find the necessary medicine to cure him. They must return to the monastery and break in to retrieve what they will need to cure Sunny. On the way there, Bajie reveals that he once instructed a girl with a gift similar to M.K.'s that eventually led him to leave the monastery. He used his gift to bring her back to life and freed her from the needle room, after which she ran off. He promised he'd find her but has so far been unable to do so.

Back in Sunny's dream world, he is instructing Henry on fighting before finding that their pigs have been slaughtered and left with strange marks on their carcasses. Later, Henry reveals a hidden sword that he got from a friend named Artemis that he was playing with in the woods. Sunny is concerned for Henry's well-being but frightens him when warning him not to play with her anymore. Later, Sunny finds a strange wound on Henry's back that he claims was inflicted by Artemis, who was angered when Sunny took the sword. When he goes to get some supplies to tend to Henry's wound, he is attacked by Artemis, who asks if Sunny remembers her.

In the real world, Sunny is in a car being driven by Bajie. When the attack makes Sunny struggle to breathe, M.K. finds a mask and puts it on him to help him breathe. When they reach the monastery, they are discovered and end up in a fight with the Abbotts. Back in Sunny's nightmare, Veil ends up dead with Henry being the one to have killed her. Sunny follows Artemis to the woods where he is tormented by the ghosts of all his kills. On the outside, Bajie and M.K. work together to finally cure Sunny.

Quinn and The Widow coordinate an attack on Jade's palace to overthrow her. Many of her Clippers and subjects abandon her, forcing her to flee. The few remaining clippers loyal to her end up dead when Jade is cornered by The Widow and Tilda.

Into The Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.

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