Into The Badlands S2E8 "Sting Of The Scorpion's Tail" Recap

One of the remaining Barons, Hassans, and all of his remaining clippers are killed by the Widow's Butterflies. Hassans' head is cut off and presented to Quinn, who exchanges it for not only Baron Broadmore's head, but that of Broadmore's wives and children. The Widow is displeased that Quinn murdered innocents but Quinn believes that no one can stay innocent forever and she herself is proof that even women are not to be trusted.

Sunny, M.K. and Bajie reach the final checkpoint before the Wall. Bajie must deliver on his promise to get them through and organises a trade of the car they took from Nos to get them passage through. Sunny and M.K. are not pleased about losing the car but they must immediately board an old school bus that the smugglers are supposed to use to get them through, but the smugglers instead plan to sell everyone aboard to Baron Chau as servants. Sunny picks up on the fact that something is wrong and refuses to let everyone get captured so easily, resulting in a confrontation involving Chau's Clippers. They're outmanned and outgunned so they have to surrender for the time being.

Tilda is ready to defend the Widow but she orders Tilda to stand down and not attack Quinn. Tilda and the Butterflies are ordered to stay behind and keep watch on the situation, resulting in Tilda spotting Lydia and Veil who are now Quinn's captives. Veil is further terrified when she learns that Quinn wants to marry her and raise Henry with her. Tilda tries to apologise to Veil for what the Widow has done but Veil snaps back that the Widow is not so benevolent if she was willing to trade Veil back to Quinn.

Sunny, M.K. and Bajie are put into Chau's cages, meaning that they are now back in the Badlands. Sunny eventually convinces a Clipper into letting him meet with Chau and once she sees all of his kill tattoos, she's more than happy to have him join her ranks. Sunny quickly learns of the new alliance between Quinn and the Widow, and how the pair have been killing the remaining Barons and Chau is likely next. She offers Sunny the opportunity to be her new Regent but he instead proposes that he will help her to lure the Widow out and she can be used to locate Quinn. In exchange, he will be granted his freedom. Sunny knows that the Widow wants M.K. for his dark abilities.

Tilda confronts the Widow for her actions regarding Veil and the Widow says that it was done out of revenge for Veil trying to turn Tilda against her. Though the argument has yet to be resolves, one of Chau's Clippers is escorted in, claiming to have defected, and says that Chau plans to trade M.K. to the River King. The Widow decides to intercept the deal and take M.K. back for herself.

Sunny goes to retrieve M.K. and slips Bajie a metal bookmark that he'll be able to use to pick the locks of his restraints and escape with his freedom. Meanwhile, Veil is forced to marry Quinn when he threatens to kill her and raise Henry alone if she doesn't. Veil is distraught at the thought of having to marry and consummate that marriage with Quinn but Lydia assures her that it is all for Henry's safety and promises that once everything is over, she will help to find a way out for them.

Sunny, M.K. and Chau's Clippers reach the exchange point, and unbeknownst to all of them, Bajie is following behind on a stolen motorcycle. The Widow and her Butterflies attack but this was all part of the plan. Sunny is thrown off when she offers to give up Veil and Henry's location but only if her life is spared. Sunny feels he has know choice but to align himself with her, which results in all of the Clippers being killed. She then offers that they work together to also kill Quinn.

Veil is anxious about having to consummate her marriage with Quinn but the wedding night is interrupted as a result of Sunny and the Widow's new alliance. Lydia had been attempting to escape with baby Henry but then she comes across a messenger that came with news of the two working together. Veil had been preparing to kill Quinn with a razor she'd had hidden to use before any consummation could take place. Lydia interrupts them before anything can transpire, and Quinn leaves to deal with this latest development, while Veil is shaken and relieved to learn that Sunny is still alive.

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