Into the Badlands S2E9 "Nightingale Sings No More" Recap

The episode opens with a twenty-year-old flashback of Bajie as an Abbott, training a young girl who was brought to the monastery in a large chest. The girl has a powerful "Gift" which she used to break free from the box but Bajie subdued her and subsequently nicknamed her Flea due to her small stature. The girl's name is Minerva and she has the book of Azra, as it had been passed down through her family for generations.

In returning to the present story, Sunny has aligned himself with The Widow. She is made aware of M.K. having lost his abilities and both he and Sunny are given sanctuary at her place. Tilda begins to reconnect with M.K. but her friend Odessa warns her to stay away from M.K., having witnessed his power unleashed when the two were held captive together.

The Widow wants to attack Quinn's bunker, where Veil is growing increasingly emboldened to stand against Quinn, though this proves difficult with him keeping a close guard on her and baby Henry. Quinn sends a young Clipper named Gabriel with a suicide bomb to deliver a message to about Veil, which is how Sunny learns that The Widow had traded her to Quinn who then married Veil and now intends to raise Henry as his own. Following the explosion, Sunny runs and fights his way out to escape. On the way out, he encounters Bajie and tells him to get M.K. out of there and meet him at the bunker.

Bajie finds himself reunited with an adult Minerva but the reunion is tense, as it is when he and M.K. are captured for trying to steal the Azra book.

Tilda confronts The Widow, claiming that she is becoming just as corrupt as the other barons with her willingness to sacrifice the lives and well-being of others in the quest for power. The two fight, with The Widow winning the battle and Tilda demanding that she kill her. The Widow does a fancy spinning kick, knocking Tilda to the ground.

Into the Badlands airs on Sundays on AMC at 10/9c.


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