Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4E22 "World's End" (Season Finale) Recap

Rodriguez is inside the Framework, having entered to try to bring Mack back to the real world. She encounters Radcliffe, who saves her from being killed by a Hydra agent. He found her due to Daisy planting a trail to lead him there. The Framework is shutting down due to Ophelia working to transfer it into the real world. Ophelia wants to use the Darkhold to make S.H.I.E.L.D. suffer and Fitz in particular. Robbie Reyes, having returned to this world, arrives and fights the Ivanov machines to get to the Darkhold. He is shocked to find that Ophelia is no longer a machine but she is unable to kill him with her abilities so she retreats.

Ivanov brings the Darkhold to a meeting of international leaders at which Talbot is present and the topic of discussion at hand is S.H.I.E.L.D. and all its recent ongoings. Ivanov intends to use the book as a weapon against the Inhumans but the meeting is interrupted with a coordinated attack in which an LMD of Daisy shoots Talbot in the head. Talbot remains alive but is comatose. The real S.H.I.E.L.D. team and Robbie come to save Talbot and Robbie in particular is fueled by the Ghost inside of him wanting to destroy Ophelia, as she is made up of material from the Darkhold too. The military wants to expose Daisy for the crime they believe she commits but Coulson and May get away with the Darkhold. They meet up with Daisy and Robbie who have fought off Ivanov and destroyed the Daisy LMD.

Coulson wants to use the Darkhold as bait to lure Ophelia out but Robbie and the others insist that it's too dangerous to risk losing it. Also, Ophelia teleports away every time she sees Robbie flame on, knowing that he can destroy her as the Ghost.

Rodriguez struggles to convince Mack to leave the Framework, even as things and people are disappearing around them. In the real world, Ophelia stabs Simmons and threatens to kill her, forcing Fitz to offer to hand over the Darkhold. Ophelia electrocutes Simmons and teleports away to Coulson. The Simmons that Ophelia attacked was an LMD. The real Simmons emerges to shoot Ophelia. She heals her wounds but then Coulson grabs hold of her and reveals that he struck a deal with the Spirit of Vengeance to be the temporary Ghost Rider long enough to kill Ophelia.

Back in the Framework, Hope accidentally overhears Rodriguez say she isn't real. Rodriguez tries again to convince Mack to come back. A door reveals itself to give them the opportunity to escape. Radcliffe implores Rodriguez to leave but she doesn't want to leave Mack. The room around them continues to disappear and then Hope disappears right from Mack's grip. Rodriguez returns to the real world and Mack follows her, having nothing left in the Framework to stay for. Radcliffe stay behind, allowing himself to be deleted, as he makes peace with the fact that immortality without Kitsworth wouldn't be worth having.

Robbie and Coulson discuss some secret involving the Spirit of Vengeance that Coulson now knows after being possessed by it, asking Robbie to not tell the others since Coulson plans to tell them at the right time. Mack makes peace with Rodriguez, assuring her there is nothing to forgive, and plans to make a life with her.

Robbie leaves with the Darkhold through a portal, having learned how to open the portal himself since he last saw the team. Fitz wants to take the blame for everything that has happened, still harboring the guilt for what happened in the Framework, but Daisy insists that they are all a team and they will get through everything together. She knows she lost herself when she went rouge and blamed herself for Lincoln's death. They stay together and wait for the government to arrive and punish them for what has happened. But a mysterious group arrives and takes them instead. Fast forward an unknown period of time and Coulson is shown to be working on a space station.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return for season 5 on ABC.


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